Friday, November 6, 2009

Shall We Sit on the Porch?

Oh Good Lord Almighty. My older relatives have often sat on my Grandparent's porch and talked about all their ailments. It has happened to me. The discussions I have... the stuff I tell people about... YIKES!!! Even on this here blog!

Well, I'm on my porch. Grab yourself a mason jar full of sweet tea and pull yourself up a rocking chair. My mason jar is full of ice water... Why?

I got called into the doctor's office yesterday... Pre-Diabetic. Gotta live like a diabetic so I don't become diabetic. That includes going to classes at the hospital, monitoring my blood sugar (yeah, gotta stick my finger 1-3 times a day!), medication, diet and exercise.


So, go ahead. Tell me what ya got. At this point, I don't even care if it is hemmrhoids.


Just Me said...

I got me some palpitations. Probably only stress related. but really annoying. I get blood work, a stress echo, and an event monitor next week. Wheeee!

(I love this photo, by the way!)

And get thee a monitor that doesn't require finger jabs.

claudia said...

My only ailment was a broke puter. I cannot pay my bills, but you can be assured that I found the four hunfdred dollars it took to get me a new one! We will not be eating the rest of the month, and possibly next month too! Oh well...I missed everyone and I had to get back online. I am spoiled.
Soory to hear about the pre diabetic. That can't be fun. Hope all goes well for you in the future!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I found out that I was diabetic about 3 years ago but the doc is proud of how well I have it under control. I'm trying very hard to lose weight & I have a lot to lose. You wouldn't necessarily get that from my blog because I do love to cook/bake. Luckily I have family that likes to eat what I make. Good luck to you, especially the sticking of the fingers. I HATE that part. Oh, and Arthur-itis lives in my knees too. Another reason to lose weight. The doc gave me some little white pills that are a true MIRACLE med. I could tell an almost immediate difference only one day after I took the 1st one.

Melody said...

Oh man! Your pre-diabetes totally beats my irritable bowel. I could tell you that I've spent the whole day in the bathroom, but that just wouldn't be very proper.

Since April, when my son got diagnosed w/ diabetes, I have learned quite a bit about diabetes! Some of the things that I suggest are: 1)exercise(walking is wonderful) 2) eating low glycemic food (I don't know if you drink soda, but that stuff will spike blood sugar!) 3) eat homemade foods, especially whole foods, as often as you can.

Good luck!

Sandi McBride said...

Poor baby...I'm on the porch, look at the rocker to your right. I'm way diabetic...on Byetta...yep, take the needle and while I'm not skinny, I'm not hefty either and from what I understand it's a genetic thingy...actual sugar has not crossed my lips in years but I have to fight myself over bread! I should only eat whole wheat and mostly do...but sometimes I back slide...okay, often I backslide...but I've promised everyone to do better...hope you get it under control...I mostly have!

Chris H said...

I don't have anything wrong with me... right now~! I hope you can avoid diabetes... eat better, get more exercise... bla bla bla. lol

Laura ~Peach~ said...

be sure to keep good records on those sugars... and I am diabetic... blah blah blah... and fat ... more blah blah blah...
and i have bradley so alls good!