Friday, November 20, 2009


I didn't get very far in the office yesterday. It overwhelms me because I don't know what to do with all the stuff. We need a filing cabinet!!! I wanted a nice looking wood one but that's not going to happen until kids are out of college. If then. Have you seen how much those cost? YIKES!!! I decided that if I had to have a metal one I, at least, want it to be a black one. Metal filing cabinets are expensive too! I've been watching Craig's List but everytime I inquire about a black filing cabinet they are already gone. At office max you can get a four drawer one for $165 but it seems pretty flimsy. Sigh...

This was my corner of the office in November of last year. I wish I took pictures of the whole office that day. There's my little lap top... that died. Now Mr. Macchiato and I share the main computer. No fun.
We moved my stuff to another part of the house. Double Shot had his computer in his room and we had a lock on it. We only let him on when we were home. Unfortunately, our son possesses some hacking skills we weren't aware of. We moved his computer and desk down to this spot at the beginning of the school year. The office has never recovered.

We had a storage unit that we decided to get rid of. Initially, all the boxes sat stacked in our garage until we needed it for the cars once it started snowing... which was the last day of summer this year, which is a CRIME! I put many of them in the spot I had cleared for the filing cabinet I want to buy... and just left them there.

This atrocity is obviously the closet. Those boxes are empty which is why they were thrown in like that. Just. Awful.

I managed to clear that wall yesterday. Funny thing... one of the boxes fell over and everything came tumbling out. It had a bunch of Frappy's homeschool work in it. There was a cursive tablet full of scripture she had written out and I flipped through it admiring her younger handwriting. Then... I came to a page where she wrote out how much she hated doing her school work in the basement and how she hoped everything would just rot down there. It made me laugh.

Shoving the stuff in the closet really isn't making this better. If Mr. Macchiato asks me to find some paperwork... Either I will jump off the nearest cliff... or he will be killed. That laundry basket precariously perched on top of that printer... is full of filing yet to be done... with phone books and empty boxes dumped on top of it all... Lord, help me!
So, I'm not even going to try.
I would rather have shown before and after pictures. Before and during pictures are depressing.
So, back to it.


MUD said...

Is there a surplus store near you. The State and feds both have a surplus depot where you can pick up used cabinets fairly cheap. They'll probably need a coat of paint but nothing's free. MUD

Oklahoma Granny said...

"The longest journey begins with the first step." Looks like your a few steps into your journey to an organized office. After that, could you come organize my closets? LOL!

Flea said...

I got my filing cabinet from CraigsList for ten bucks. It's not pretty, or black, but it does the job. Try Freecycle, too. It rocks. AND go online to your local newspaper's classified section.

Chris H said...

Why don't you just make some cheap shelving to go in the cupboard or up the wall.. and still use your boxes with labels on them?
Simple planks of wood with bricks or concrete blocks as spacer works just fine! Cheap. But effective... otherwise bite the bullet and buy some filing cabinets!

Kathy said...

Try a thrift store. I too have messes to around here. Scary Halloween creatures are hanging in the spare bedroom instead of dismembered and placed back into boxes and returned to the garage attic. A pile of rubber rafts and life jackets from our summer rafting the American River lie stacked in the garage. An ugly mess of rolled, smashed, tangled, ancient wire fencing lies awaiting a trip to the dump. It's downright depressing. You have my empathy.

Angela said...

You did well girl. The boxes on the top look very organized. I didn't check, but if you know what's in the boxes, label the outside of them..and when hubby wants something found, tell him to find it and go out for a coffee while he searches for hours,,LOL

We know that if we search,,it will take 99% the time, but the aggravation can REALLy boil over..

Just Me said...

Ditto MUD. I got our filing cabinets from the police station where I used to work.

Your county offices might have some to sell too. You DO NOT want a flimsy filing cabinet. When they're full of paper they're dangerously heavy, and you don't want one to tip over on you. (Remember that deposition I told you about?)