Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Procrastinating...

Shocking! I know. I have not accomplished diddly squat today and it is already 4 pm. Well, that's not true. I finished all the Thanksgiving shopping. I'm pretty sure I have not forgotten anything. I hate shopping so I am glad to be done with it.

I took our little piglet, Taffy, to the groomer today. Mr. Macchiato called and asked me to bring her to his office after I picked her up. He wanted to show her to the ladies. Of course, he held her like a football while he tromped through the office and proclaimed that she was "my" dog. Yeah, right. Poor Benny was left in the car. He had gotten his nails trimmed and was offended that I didn't take him into the office too. Some of us went and looked out the window at him. He was sitting in the passenger seat and the look on his face was hilarious.
Taffy wasn't too fond of those bows and we didn't even make it home with them in.

She seems so much smaller, if that's possible.
She only weighs 9 lbs.

She's giving me the stink eye because I tried to put the bows back in.

Double Shot is on Thanksgiving Break...
except that doesn't apply to wrestling.
See that crapazoid vacuum?
It is loaner from the vacuum shop.
It actually works well but...
and I neeeeeeed attachments.
I love my vacuum. I burned up the motor. It's still under warranty so that's good. It is a Fuller (as in Fuller Brush Co.). I sure hope it is good as new when I get it back. This vacuum has been awesome. We had a Rainbow that I gave away. You read that right. I can't tell you how many times water was left sitting in it and what that smelled like. It worked awesome but I couldn't even dump the nasty water in the toilet because all the dog hair would clog it. So, I'd dump it in the yard and then have to pick up the nasty hair and throw it away. I like vacuums with bags, thank you very much!
Nice socks Double Shot has on.
Methinks the main floor needs to be mopped.
What are the chances I'm going to get him up off that floor and busy cleaning something?
Oh, how I make myself laugh sometimes...


Flea said...

We had a Kirby for 10 years. I loved the way it worked, but that sucker was heavy as all get out. I'm loving my Dyson now.

Your fluff ball's a cutie.

Junebug said...

The dog is so cute. Is that a Shitzu? My daughter used to have one until it died. Sad tale. My vacuum is a Miele. I really have loved it because it has a hepa filter. I used to want a Rainbow but never could afford one and then when I could, I didn't want one anymore.

Anonymous said...

ALL of the socks at our house look that way. Three dogs and two kids just don't allow for spotless floors. I guess the socks help clean up some of the dirt!


Angela said...

I want that dog girl. Does she pee on the floor? Can we breed her with Winnie? Oh, they would make beautiful babies together....