Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.... ummmm... HECK NO!!!

I did get the office cleaned...

It's...ummm... been awhile...

I'm not doing something right with this new camera because a lot of my photos are coming out blurry. I am hoping to put a filing cabinet where the crate is... so I can tackle all the filing boxes that are now in the closet.

I had all the picture stuff out thinking I could get it all organized. It's too overwhelming. Maybe some other time... like after Double Shot graduates from college.

This room definitely needs some decorating... and furniture.

Our Thanksgiving was great!!!
(once the guests arrived... OY!)

We ate quite a bit, of course.

So we got up early to work it off with some hiking.

Hiking in the snow is so peaceful and it is so beautiful!

That is Sentinel Point and Mr. Macchiato has hiked to the top of it with his friend. It looks very pointy from far away.

We went with our friends and our sons who were born three days apart.

This hike was at a high elevation and we could see for miles.

Our destination... Pancake Rocks. LOL!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome looking office :) great tables and food YUMMM beautiful mountains and BRRRRRRR snow is purty too... looks like a wonderful day was had by all!!!

claudia said...

I'm impressed with the progress on the office! I really want to do that on my bedroom! I started the other day and then well, I got a little sidetracked by whatever...
Love the pictures from your hike. You are abraver woman than I.

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I'm impressed with all your hiking! Girl, you go! I need to get some closets and the store room cleaned out, but I know that it won't happen until after Christmas! Keep up the hiking and cleaning! Blessings to you!

Angela said...

Way to go girl..I have my dog crate beside my bed with a basket on it like yours..I put a blanket on top of the crate and pretend it is a table,,LOL

the pics don't look blurry to me, but I understand about the camera issue, I'm having the same problem with mine..GRRR

Deborah said...

Love the photos! The office looks great might look better if it wasn't also a laundry storgage area...oh, and a baby room too these days!

Trisha said...

You did good, girl! The house looks nice and organized and ready for the Thanksgiving fun. I hop eyou and your family had a fabulous Thanksgiving!