Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Boy Buck

This fella was grazing behind Mr. Macchiato's office Friday Morning!

He didn't seem too concerned that there were people around.

Just Gorgeous!

We had a great weekend here in Colorado! The weather was perfect! I took a ton of pictures that I want to share with y'all. I'm being a good girl and limiting my time on the computer and they are still on the camera... so I'll start that tomorrow.
Double Shot's football team made it into the play offs!
Now, I have got to get busy! Today is the last JV game out in the goons. That is teen boy for far away. The juniors are not supposed to be playing in it... and Double Shot is first string long snapper on Varsity so they have been telling him he couldn't play on JV anymore... but, he plays both sides of the ball on JV (actually... he long snaps, kicks, plays receiver and safety... and sometimes nose tackle and corner) and loves it so he goes from position coach to position coach until he finds one who says he can play... and he did it again last night. OY!!! I think the head JV coach may be hating him after today.
Have a Marvelous Monday!!!


Flea said...

What fun! Go boy!

Love the buck. How come I never see one of those in my yard?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

BEAUTIFUL he is HUGE!!!!!!!!!
great shots MR...
wonder how he would taste :D

Oklahoma Granny said...

Fantastic photos of the buck!

It sounds like that boy of yours just loves his football!

Chris H said...

goons = out in the wop wops here, or out in the boon docks!

Cool deer!