Monday, November 9, 2009

An Autumn Saturday

Every year there is the Saturday dedicated to raking up all the leaves.
Some people do it several times...
We wait until all the leaves have fallen.

We don't even have a tree in our small backyard...
It is surrounded by our neighbors' trees.
I often wonder if all their leaves fall in our yard...
It sure seems that way!

Did y'all know Mr. Macchiato is afraid of heights?
He's been working on it!

He got all the leaves out of the gutters and then flushed the down spouts.

We bagged 17- 55 gallon bags.

I should see if I can take them somewhere so they can become mulch...

I love the way the light dances on the walls in the afternoons this time of year!


Chris H said...

Truthfully, I'd be a bit pissed if all those leaves were from the neighbours trees! It's a bit like cleaning up their mess. No thanks. I'm not nice... I KNOW.

jojo said...

ohhh we have sooo many leaves, it will take several Saturdays to get them up! I think that they are all mine though I would probably be rather upset if they weren't!!

claudia said...

Now I am glad we don't live where the trees shed their leaves! There are a few, but so few that the wind takes care of all of them. I bet you are glad to get all that done!
Love the pictures.