Thursday, October 1, 2009

Purely Random

Baby Booper
He's still exactly the same... just 75 lbs.

I have not had any sugar...
or processed food of any kind..
Two of them... and some days.
My kids have always messed around with my camera when I'm not home. It makes me mad. Frappy's bed was broken but she said she didn't know how...
Hmmmm... methinks by them jumping on it when I wasn't home!

Now, when I look at these two years later...
I'm glad I have the pictures.

This was the sky yesterday morning from backyard.

The "Garum" making.

The makings of the Ancient Roman appetizer...
Lettuce, Albacore Tuna, Boiled Eggs, Olive Oil
and the jar of Garum to look at.

Woo Hoo.
Double Shot is now making a presentation with the pictures for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Homecoming.
The team had 6 am practice.
The Varsity Team Dinner was set for 4 pm.
Pep Rally and Bonfire with the destroying of a van is happening now.
Double Shot has so much homework that I picked him up at 3 pm.
This schedule is B.R.U.T.A.L.

The view of Pike's Peak from Double Shot's school parking lot this afternoon.


Oklahoma Granny said...

My oldest grandson visited Colorado 2 summers ago and went up Pikes Peak. He thinks it's the grandest place on earth. He tells me that he'd like to live in Colorado someday.

Gladys said...

Gorum? Humm looks like Glorious Bastardized Deviled Eggs. ;)

Love the pics all of them. Teehee, don't know how come my bed's broke mom!

Anonymous said...

Way to go weaning yourself off the processed foods and sugars. I haven't had much success moderating the food, so I put myself on restriction, lol. Love the pictures, especially the one of Pike's Peak.

Flea said...

I don't even know where to start. No sugar or processed foods for how long, again? WTH?!? What are you thinking?

Kathy said...

I lived in Manitou Springs way back when. I love your pictures! We missed going to Durango last week... Yeah on the NO sugar, me too. Gotta love kids jumping on the bed. Glad I didn't have to taste that recipe, although I do like sardines. Wow, your post covered lots of territory. Love reading you! I need to make time to blog more and read more often.

Melody said...

I'm glad that you just have to look at the gorum. I can't imagine having to actually eat it!

Those pics of your kids jumping on the bed made me smile. If it was my kids, right now, I wouldn't be smiling though. :-)

Karen Deborah said...

cool photos all.