Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This and That

Our summer here in Colorado was a wet one. I think we reached temperatures in the low 90's only a handful of days. I definitely didn't complain about it being too hot!

Frappy and Cuppa Joe came down for Labor Day. Mr. Macchiato's Dad was in town for a short visit. Frappy blessed us with these fabulous blueberry pancakes that morning. This Mama didn't teach her youngun to drop the blueberries directly onto the pancakes once they were in the pan. They were quite tasty if you closed your eyes. LOL!

This is the outside of our gym as the dawn was breaking. No, I don't go that early every day! It was a morning Double Shot had 6 am football practice. I'm trying to get to the gym 5-6 days a week but have yet to make it there more than 3 times in a week.
And I do things like eat pancakes.
But... I am working on it.

We've been eating a lot of these.
I've since learned my salads are not low calorie.
Or low fat.
That is why they are so yummy.
And why my butt is still so big.

Poor, Poor, POOR Booper!
He broke our hearts that first night after he was neutered!
And guess what?!!?!
They...uhhh... took the kiwis but...uhhh... left the...ummm kiwi pouch. What is up with that?!?!? What is the point of leaving that hanging there? Now I wish we got him fixed when he was little.
It. is. disturbing.

Often times I am amused by the world around me.
This man was in front of me at the drive-thru ATM.
He was not a happy man.
He was not a happy man before he dropped his receipt.
I learned some new and unique uses for the F bomb while I sat there.
Double Shot was alarmed when I pulled out my camera. He thought we might get killed.
I thought, "I've got to put this on my blog!"

The leaves are turning.

Soon the mountains will be golden.

Fall is my favorite season!
Crisp, cold nights, the smell of fires burning, apple cider...

Unfortunately, yesterday, on our last day of SUMMER...
We. got. snow.
It. is. a. crime.


paul mitchell said...

Thank you for the pancake caption, otherwise, dang.....

Booper!!! Extra skin for the WIN!!!

jojo said...

your randomness speaks to me! I love the pancakes...yum..they look familiar...;p

Melody said...

LOL! Only a true blogger would risk her life for a picture! hahaha

I bet the pancakes were yummy! My mom could *not* have eaten them because they were blue. You should have seen her face when I brought out a birthday cake w/ blue frosting, as per request, for one of my boys! Poor lady! She turned a shade of green at that point!

Sorry about your snow! I'm hoping it doesn't snow here for quit a little while.

claudia said...

SNOW!?! Ick! Man, did it have to show up so early? I am afraid for what the winter has in store. I'm trying to get my dad to send the guys over to fix my roof. I need a whole new roof, or else we'll have no roof! (and the neighbors might not have windows fromthe shingles flying off!)
Poor Booper! He'll be okay! And you will avoid testiclular cancer with him.
Salads can be fattening too! I have found that out. I have to cut back on the goodies in mine!

Gladys said...

Oh Coffee Bean! SNOW! It is 110 right this moment as I type this. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES!

I hung sheets on the line to dry and it took them exactly 15 minutes to dry crispy.

Chris H said...

The pancakes look... awful... but I bet they tasted lovley!
Why did you call the dogs 'balls' kiwis???? The Kiwi is our national bird... and very cute! lol
We are just heading into Spring here... yaaaa... it's getting warm again.

Angela said...

Holy cow...I can't believe it..snow..

Those pancakes actually did look yummy. I've just finished polishing off my dessert after supper, and I still could go some of those yummy pancakes..lol

Leigh7880 said...

I'm blog hopping today and was glad I found this post because I just had to laugh. Those pancakes!! Before the caption, I thought it must be some rock you found at the bottom of a dark, murky lake. Mmmm!