Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Project

I learned at 6 pm tonight that Double Shot has to complete a cooking project for his Latin III class that is due tomorrow. The recipe has to be authentic to Ancient Rome. As I looked through the recipe book he brought home I began to panic. I had never even heard of some of the ingredients and many of the recipes would be very time consuming, not to mention expensive, to make for an entire class.

Check out the names for some of the recipes:











Nearly every recipe calls for GARUM. What the heck is Garum?!?!? It is fermented fish sauce. It is fermented fish sauce that is made by layering strong flavored aromatic herbs such as dill, coriander, fennel, celery, mint, or oregano with fatty fish and tons of salt (two fingers... what the heck does that mean? Two fingers vertical or horizontal?). You repeat the layers until the container you are using is full. Then you let it rest for seven days in the sun. Then you mix the sauce daily for twenty days. After that time it becomes a liquid.


Sooooo... I sat there perusing the book looking for something that I have most of the ingredients for already, that wouldn't take hours and that wouldn't be too expensive. I found an appetizer that is simply lettuce, albacore tuna and sliced hard boiled eggs served with olive oil and Garum on the side. UGH. Like anyone would even try that Garum stuff!!! Then I had a great idea. I thought we could layer the ingredients for Garum in a mason jar so the kids can see what it is made out of. I went to the store and that is what we did.

My house now smells like SARDINES. Gross. We did stuff like this all the time when we homeschooled. The thing with homeschooling though is that you never have stuff sprung on you at the last minute. When the girls were in high school we did this whole Medieval Feast where they and the three other girls in their co-op made period costumes and food and we had a big party for all of our families and they gave presentations of different things they learned about the Middle Ages. I made a beef dish that was cooked in gallons of vinegar and my house stunk for days.


paul mitchell said...

Geez, two fingers horizontal. If you were Catholic, you would know that.

Squid is actually not too bad, which is exactly what I say when I order food. "Excuse me, but what is NOT TOO BAD?"

I do so NOT miss parenting. I hate chirren.

MaBunny said...

That all sounds gross, tyvm.. and what the heck is Figpecker Patina? Not sure I really want to know...

Karen Deborah said...

it could have been LIVER!!! BWAHAHAHA
and did you beat DS? He had a beatin comin you know!

So is this a real assignment? Why would anybody want to eat that stuff?

Anonymous said...

Ewwww.....gross!!! I love the picture though!!! The picture is beautiful.

Melody said...

FIGPECKER PATINA! Bwahahahahaha!

Just one word for all of these foods: GROSS!

Good luck!!

Just Me said...

Paul: I'm Catholic and did not know that. Thank you for teaching me my "something new" for today!

Chances are good that Double Shot knew about this assignment long before and never bothered to mention it. If that had been me, my mom would've let me sink like a rock. We kids made a nasty habit of due-next-day announcements. "Mo-om! I need one piece of green felt, one piece of red felt, three dozen gold sequins, and a half cup of macaroni for school TOMORROW!" Being the last child in line, she didn't even flinch. She simply said, "Tough crap. You should've said something sooner."

paul mitchell said...

Just Me, we Catholics drink heavily remember? Two fingers is the dimension of whiskey that we always request.

Coffee Bean said...

Why, of course Double Shot knew about this assignment weeks before! I'm inbetween a rock and a hard place with this kid on stuff like this though... On the one hand his football schedule is so rough that he has very little time to do homework and is concentrated on what is actually due the next day when he gets to it at night. He's got a tough load. And, come hell or high water, this kid is going *away* to college and his performance last year has narrowed his choices. We are on him like white on rice to get it together. We see the light at the end of the parenting trouble... either we are about done or we are bout to get run over.

Elysa said...

I vote for the "about done"!

Coffee Bean said...

LOL! Hmmmm... I meant light at the end of the "tunnel" but "trouble" is an amusing Freudian slip!