Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday, Already?!?!?

WOW!!! This week has just flown by!

Double Shot's Varsity team won last night 50 to Zero. It was a fantastic game with a huge turn out for a Thursday night! We are very much looking forward to his JV game this afternoon. He gets a lot more playing time on JV, LOL!

We've got some changes going on here... It is looking like we are moving from our mega church to a much smaller church (same church affiliation though). And... Mr. Macchiato is taking a pay cut. We are very grateful given that so many are out of work right now. However, with a kid away at college and my not being able to work due to my voice, we are really going to have to get creative and a lot more frugal! Something I'm hoping you other bloggers are good at and can help me with!

Oh! Benny saw the vet yesterday and he's got an infection. He's on antibiotics and steroids. We are having him neutered on September 15th. By doing so his prostate will shrink and hopefully he will not get any more infections. We saw our vet's partner. We hadn't seen her before although we've talked to her on the phone. She noticed that Benny is very neurotic and needy and commented on it. Mr. Macchiato complains about it every night. This dog gets TONS of affection and is constantly by my side throughout the day. In fact, while I'm on the computer, like now, he backs up until he is touching me and then lays down. He's always been super affectionate but he's doing stuff like not wanting to ever go outside by himself... we have to trick him. He'll need to go potty and still not want to go out. I told her about us losing Lu Lu and Paco within five days and she thinks that may be why. Sooooo... we are talking about taking one of my mom's dogs. OY!!! I really do not want another dog but Mr. Macchiato was giving me a hard time yesterday because I supposedly love Benny so much yet don't want him to have a buddy. I'm his buddy!!! ARUGH!!!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Congrats to Double Shot and good luck this afternoon.

Just remember God is always in control no matter the circumstances.

I'm so glad it's only an infection although that's bad enough. A friend may be just the thing Benny needs. Good luck.

Karen Deborah said...

wow, thanks for all the comments and the letters by the way. I am on a major quest for health and frugality. MY hunny gets a SS check and some money for his handy man jobs. Our life style was based off my income making the big bucks at the hospital. So home made food, gardening and running the house like they did in the "old" days is my new job. It's amazing how much stuff we buy that we don't need we are just used to having it around.

Sorry about Benny, but I am glad it can be solves so simply. Do you have to give the steroids? They are the devil. Does Benny like your mom's dogs?

Maybe you could go the shelter and see some dogs and see if he picks one out. Just a thought.

I'll be praying!

Angela said...

What a game!! WOW....Will be praying for 'frugal living''s amazing how the Lord will show Himself strong on your behalf...It truly has been AMAZING how God has provided for our family this past year.

Another dog??? Well, it's not a pup so you won't have to deal with puppy stage!!

noexcuses said...

Way to go, Double Shot! Hope this afternoons game is just as successful!

Happy to hear that Benny will feel better soon. A shelter friend may just be what he needs.

God will walk with you through it all.

Just Me said...

Yep. Not having a voice does take you out of part of the job market, but you're a talented, smart lady. Off the top of my head, there are at-home jobs you could do, like transcription or proofreading, that don't require use of your voice at all. Most of the time your work arrives via email. You're usually paid per page or per hour of audio, depending on the work.

What about your library system? It's a setting where, if you had to speak, you'd be heard.

I'm so glad that Benny only has an infection. As I said before, neutering him is much better for his long-term health.

As for getting Benny a companion, I understand not wanting another dog. Is there a neighborhood dog he likes? Maybe you could set up play dates with its owner or coordinate walk times. Give him something worth anticipating outside.

Chris H said...

I'm glad Benny's health can be fixed. I think getting him a playmate is a good idea! Maybe a kitten?

Susan DeAngelis said...

Congrats to Doubleshots!

And I'm very happy to hear about Benny,

Hugs and prayers,

MaBunny said...

YAY for Double Shot.
Glad that Benny will be able to get the prostate thing taken care of.
and as for the dog/buddy system, lol i know what you mean. When I go to bed, I always have at least one of our three cuddled up to me..

Flea said...

Oy is right. Two dogs again. Get a Dane. :D

Anonymous said...

Yay Double Shot!!!! Way to go. I'm so thankful your Hubby is only facing a job reduction and not a loss. God will provide.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Visit my blog - you've officially been Splashed.

Anonymous said...

Hi CB,

How did Bennys surgery go? So glad to hear you decided to have it done. Hope his infection cleared up okay too. Take care, E