Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can You Help Me???

Have any of you ever made potpourri? I was over at my friends today... Originally, I was going to take some of the arrangements to nursing homes because they received so many flowers. However, another lady had the idea of turning them into potpourri. My friend liked that idea so I went through the flowers and brought many of them home. Our pool table is now covered in drying flowers. Thankfully, this friend has no idea I have a blog (I don't like many people in my "real" life knowing about it). We talked about putting the potpourri into sachets so she can give them to relatives when she goes out of state to see them in a couple weeks. Instead... I'd like to surprise her by just doing it. She has got so much she needs to take care of and trying to carve out some time to do a crafty thing might be stressful for her. Only thing is... I'm not sure how to do this. I've done some searches online but most potpourri calls for lavendar and roses...

Any ideas?


paul mitchell said...

First, get a credit card.

Second, click this link right HERE.

Third, potpourri is magically created in your mailbox.

(Seriously, I did not know that is how you made it. I used The Google.)

Coffee Bean said...

Mr. Man,

The idea is to use the flowers that were sent because her husband died. She wanted something more lasting from them and thought it would be nice to give some of it to their relatives.

It's a girl thing.

paul mitchell said...

Yeah, there are different kinds of potpourri on that page I linked. Different colors and EVERYTHING.

Wimmen, always got to make stuff difficult. You should thanks the Mr every day of the week for staying with such a difficult woman. He is a saint.

Melody said...

"General Instructions: After Potpourri is made and dried, add 6 drops of your favorite essential oil to every cup of dried potpourri mix. Keep it in a closed container for a few weeks to allow scent to penetrate plant material. Stir the mixture daily."(from

I think they just put together flowers and petals that will look nice together and then scent them. Maybe I'm over-simplifying, but that was the feel I got.

Also, it seems that you choose a scent that seems "normal" for those petals. So for roses, rose essential oils. Add some thinly cut, dried orange slices for citrus, etc.

That's my .02 cents. Good luck! :-)

Flea said...

Melody's probably right on the money. I actually have bowls full of dried rose petals in my china cabinet from roses Chris has given me over the years. Strip some lavender and throw in and the china cabinet smells like honey.

I like having the petals in my crystal and silver bowls, a visible reminder of the flowers he's given me over the years. I wouldn't normally use those bowls anyway.

claudia said...

You might get a few tips from this wonderful blogger:
I don't know how to make that a link. But if you highlight it, copy it, and then paste it in your address thingy up above, it should get you there.
Good luck!

Just Me said...

I'm about as crafty as a brick, but I'd think Martha Stewart would have some ideas. What craft project hasn't she tackled?

Trisha said...

I would so like to help but . . . I have no clue! Good luck and I hope to hear how everything turns out.

Anonymous said...

I always buried them in 20 MULE TEAM Borax until they were dry, then scented them and put them in jars. Plastic bags unless you can zap all of the air out of them tend to make them mildew.

Remember when people pressed the flowers between wax paper? I have founnd bundles of flowers pressed between the pages of old books.

PS this is Gladys but I couldn't log in.

Chris H said...

Sorry but I liked Paul's idea. LOL
But then, I'm a lazy tart I am! *smiles*

Brenda said...

I'm SOOOO not a crafty person but am very sentimental. Could you use her husbands favorite calogne instead of an essential oil? I bet she has a bottle setting around somewhere. Or after shave if it is nice.

Karen Deborah said...