Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Project

I learned at 6 pm tonight that Double Shot has to complete a cooking project for his Latin III class that is due tomorrow. The recipe has to be authentic to Ancient Rome. As I looked through the recipe book he brought home I began to panic. I had never even heard of some of the ingredients and many of the recipes would be very time consuming, not to mention expensive, to make for an entire class.

Check out the names for some of the recipes:











Nearly every recipe calls for GARUM. What the heck is Garum?!?!? It is fermented fish sauce. It is fermented fish sauce that is made by layering strong flavored aromatic herbs such as dill, coriander, fennel, celery, mint, or oregano with fatty fish and tons of salt (two fingers... what the heck does that mean? Two fingers vertical or horizontal?). You repeat the layers until the container you are using is full. Then you let it rest for seven days in the sun. Then you mix the sauce daily for twenty days. After that time it becomes a liquid.


Sooooo... I sat there perusing the book looking for something that I have most of the ingredients for already, that wouldn't take hours and that wouldn't be too expensive. I found an appetizer that is simply lettuce, albacore tuna and sliced hard boiled eggs served with olive oil and Garum on the side. UGH. Like anyone would even try that Garum stuff!!! Then I had a great idea. I thought we could layer the ingredients for Garum in a mason jar so the kids can see what it is made out of. I went to the store and that is what we did.

My house now smells like SARDINES. Gross. We did stuff like this all the time when we homeschooled. The thing with homeschooling though is that you never have stuff sprung on you at the last minute. When the girls were in high school we did this whole Medieval Feast where they and the three other girls in their co-op made period costumes and food and we had a big party for all of our families and they gave presentations of different things they learned about the Middle Ages. I made a beef dish that was cooked in gallons of vinegar and my house stunk for days.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Too MAD to Blog

I feel like my head is going to pop right off my neck. Seriously.

Double Shot got his braces off in February. In the first five months he had them off we had to replace retainers 4 times at $150 a piece. We found one of the ones replaced so he had two bottom retainers and a top retainer for the last several months. The rule is that if they are not in his mouth... they go in the case. I went into his room this morning because I saw his retainer case on his bedstand... broken... with one bottom retainer, one half of another bottom retainer and NO top retainer. I quickly looked around in all the usual places for the top retainer. NOWHERE.

Have you ever felt like beating the living snot out of someone??? It. is. a. good. thing. he. is. not. home.

Pray for me. PLEASE.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fake it 'til you Make it...

That was a saying in my Mary Kay group back when I sold Mary Kay. Someday I'll blog about that whole debacle. And it was a D.E.B.A.C.L.E.

Anyway, the idea was to fake success until you actually reached success. I did not like it in the Mary Kay context because part of the job was to get other people to become Mary Kay consultants and order large inventories which is where your real "success" would come from. However, the phrase has stuck with me all these years and I often apply it to my life in other ways and I am in need of it once again.

The many ways in which I need to Fake it 'til I Make it:

I love to clean and organize my house.

I love to eat healthy and exercise.

I love to be self disciplined with my time.

Good Lord Almighty, Please, PLEASE! HELP ME! What I would really like to do right now is go sit in a Starbucks somewhere and drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes and eat pumpkin bread while I read books. Then I'd like to come home and crawl back into my bed for a long nap. Then I'd like to get up and go out to lunch with someone. Then I'd like to come home and crawl back in bed with a pile of books. Then I'd like my husband to bring home dinner. Really.

I have been to the gym this morning. I have not eaten anything yet. I have pulled out my scheduling kit and written things on little squares of paper until I started hyperventilating because I know I want to do more than I can fit in a day.

I am now going to go fake it. Pray I make it. Please!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

And it is much too early for me to be saying that! YIKES!!! We've got the wind really blowing and periods of rain and/or snow. Right now it happens to be a light rain. I am chilled to the bone! I started a new bible study this morning and the host had a fire going in the fireplace when I got there. It definitely did not feel like September!

Now that "fall" is in full swing for me, I am getting ready to sit down with my calendar and my scheduling kit. One of the mistakes I've made in the past when attempting to schedule myself is making the schedule before really understanding what my time commitments really entail. That leads to frustration and can also lead to dumping the schedule all together. The fact is, a schedule is something that really needs to have built in flexibility and needs to be re-evaluated and changed often. Because I have had times in my life where I have successfully followed a schedule, and fully understand the benefits, I am drawn back to that. It is something you really have to work at though.

My house is a wreck. I need to get on a schedule so that I can do the things I want to do without neglecting the things I need to do. I recently rediscovered my local library and can easily get lost between the pages of books to the detriment of my family...

Long ago I heard, read or saw a demonstration where a person had rocks of differing sizes. The rocks represented projects or responsibilities that required different amounts of time. Sand represented the everyday stuff like cleaning, cooking and laundry. When all the sand was put into the jar first the rocks didn't all fit. When the rocks were put in the jar first the sand fell around the rocks and everything was able to fit into the jar. It was a good picture for me to illustrate how it is easy to let all those little responsibilities crowd out the time for other things.

It is time for me to get back on track.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This and That

Our summer here in Colorado was a wet one. I think we reached temperatures in the low 90's only a handful of days. I definitely didn't complain about it being too hot!

Frappy and Cuppa Joe came down for Labor Day. Mr. Macchiato's Dad was in town for a short visit. Frappy blessed us with these fabulous blueberry pancakes that morning. This Mama didn't teach her youngun to drop the blueberries directly onto the pancakes once they were in the pan. They were quite tasty if you closed your eyes. LOL!

This is the outside of our gym as the dawn was breaking. No, I don't go that early every day! It was a morning Double Shot had 6 am football practice. I'm trying to get to the gym 5-6 days a week but have yet to make it there more than 3 times in a week.
And I do things like eat pancakes.
But... I am working on it.

We've been eating a lot of these.
I've since learned my salads are not low calorie.
Or low fat.
That is why they are so yummy.
And why my butt is still so big.

Poor, Poor, POOR Booper!
He broke our hearts that first night after he was neutered!
And guess what?!!?!
They...uhhh... took the kiwis but...uhhh... left the...ummm kiwi pouch. What is up with that?!?!? What is the point of leaving that hanging there? Now I wish we got him fixed when he was little.
It. is. disturbing.

Often times I am amused by the world around me.
This man was in front of me at the drive-thru ATM.
He was not a happy man.
He was not a happy man before he dropped his receipt.
I learned some new and unique uses for the F bomb while I sat there.
Double Shot was alarmed when I pulled out my camera. He thought we might get killed.
I thought, "I've got to put this on my blog!"

The leaves are turning.

Soon the mountains will be golden.

Fall is my favorite season!
Crisp, cold nights, the smell of fires burning, apple cider...

Unfortunately, yesterday, on our last day of SUMMER...
We. got. snow.
It. is. a. crime.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Manic Monday

Oh boy. Today was the day I was going to get back into blogging! Too much to do in too little time I'm afraid. I hope to be back later today and have lots of pictures to post!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can You Help Me???

Have any of you ever made potpourri? I was over at my friends today... Originally, I was going to take some of the arrangements to nursing homes because they received so many flowers. However, another lady had the idea of turning them into potpourri. My friend liked that idea so I went through the flowers and brought many of them home. Our pool table is now covered in drying flowers. Thankfully, this friend has no idea I have a blog (I don't like many people in my "real" life knowing about it). We talked about putting the potpourri into sachets so she can give them to relatives when she goes out of state to see them in a couple weeks. Instead... I'd like to surprise her by just doing it. She has got so much she needs to take care of and trying to carve out some time to do a crafty thing might be stressful for her. Only thing is... I'm not sure how to do this. I've done some searches online but most potpourri calls for lavendar and roses...

Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Very Heavy Heart...

The last two years we homeschooled our girls we were part of a small, four family co-op. We Moms got together during the summer and planned out the school year and each of us took different subjects. We Moms also met once a month to go over how things were going and to pray for our co-op, the girls, our families and to discuss plans for the upcoming months. Each Wednesday we took turns hosting the co-op in our homes. The host family would provide lunch for the girls and we had a schedule where we Mom's taught our subjects. That was the day the week's assignments were due. We pooled our money and got a "real" chemistry teacher that came during her allotted time on Wednesdays and then all the girls went to her house on Mondays to do labs. Our girls went to a Spanish class those two years on Thursday nights as did one of the other families...

That family lost their Dad yesterday. They were helping some friends on their property out in the country and hit a live wire while digging... This family has already been through so much. This couple's 25th wedding anniversary was spent in a hospital ... the Mom was fighting for her life... cancer with a 5% chance of survival. The fact that she is alive and cancer free is a miracle.

There is a 16 year old boy and an almost 20 year old girl. I took flowers to their home.. the Spanish teacher we all shared is a close family friend of theirs and staying there to help. The Mom was at the funeral home... I was able to talk with the girl for a few minutes before she had to leave and she is very robotic. The boy is not doing well at all.

My God... This couple has been together since she was 16... he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy then... and they got married when she was 18. I think they've been married 33 years... they went through years and years of infertility...

Please pray for this family. I cannot even imagine...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday, Already?!?!?

WOW!!! This week has just flown by!

Double Shot's Varsity team won last night 50 to Zero. It was a fantastic game with a huge turn out for a Thursday night! We are very much looking forward to his JV game this afternoon. He gets a lot more playing time on JV, LOL!

We've got some changes going on here... It is looking like we are moving from our mega church to a much smaller church (same church affiliation though). And... Mr. Macchiato is taking a pay cut. We are very grateful given that so many are out of work right now. However, with a kid away at college and my not being able to work due to my voice, we are really going to have to get creative and a lot more frugal! Something I'm hoping you other bloggers are good at and can help me with!

Oh! Benny saw the vet yesterday and he's got an infection. He's on antibiotics and steroids. We are having him neutered on September 15th. By doing so his prostate will shrink and hopefully he will not get any more infections. We saw our vet's partner. We hadn't seen her before although we've talked to her on the phone. She noticed that Benny is very neurotic and needy and commented on it. Mr. Macchiato complains about it every night. This dog gets TONS of affection and is constantly by my side throughout the day. In fact, while I'm on the computer, like now, he backs up until he is touching me and then lays down. He's always been super affectionate but he's doing stuff like not wanting to ever go outside by himself... we have to trick him. He'll need to go potty and still not want to go out. I told her about us losing Lu Lu and Paco within five days and she thinks that may be why. Sooooo... we are talking about taking one of my mom's dogs. OY!!! I really do not want another dog but Mr. Macchiato was giving me a hard time yesterday because I supposedly love Benny so much yet don't want him to have a buddy. I'm his buddy!!! ARUGH!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Busy, Busy, Busy day today!!! We are all so excited!!! I'm helping feed the team after school today so have got a lot to do before going up to the school. Booper goes to the vet this morning too. I've done a good job of not allowing myself to freak out about that. It helps to be busy with other things.

I will be tweeting from the game which will show up on the sidebar here... if anyone is interested.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

I'm up bright and early today and full of energy! Well, full of coffee anyway. Wooo Hooo!!! There's nothing like watching that transition from night to morning. I love it! Not enough to get up and watch it every morning... but, yeah.

Yes, I am a most annoying morning person. Non-morning people hate me. They live in my house.

Guess what?!?!? Tomorrow is the first official football game. I know. I can't believe it is finally here either! What is most bizarre is how absolutely excited I am. Double Shot is playing both JV and Varsity again so we've got an insane schedule.

Well, I need to go work on some things. I'm still figuring out what all I need to schedule and whittling away at some other things... and considering how I want to prioritize all I want to do. This is accomplished by intent gazing out my front window with large cups of coffee warming my fingers... and many pieces of paper full of lists littering the top of my desk.

I like lists.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This is So My Life...

I am going to have to take Benny to the vet... again. He will not leave his butthole alone. Nice. He had infected anal glands before... Yesterday I caught him dragging his butt on the deck... the rotting deck with the rusty nails poking up through the wood. Wrestling my dog down so I can get a good look at his butthole is not my idea of a good time. Something just ain't right down there.

Breakfast anyone?

Update: A vet tech looked at him. It is not his anal glands... it is his prostate. We have to wait until Thursday for him to see the vet so we can have tests run to determine whether it is an infection or cancer. I'm trying very hard not to freak out about this.