Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a MaRvELoUs Monday... and First Day of School

Here's Booper catching a show... He is one weird dog! He finds the little people on TLC fascinating. It is hilarious!
Can you believe it? The summer is over! I don't think we had more than a handful of days where the temps got above 90 here in Colorado Springs. There's usually 3-5 weeks where it is too hot for my taste and we never got there this summer. In fact, the last couple nights have been chilly enough to where I had to close my windows. Do you know what this means?
Fall is beginning!!! My very favorite season!!! Apples, pumpkins, beautiful blue skies and brilliantlly colored leaves! Crisp Friday night football games... hot apple cider... fires in the fireplace... I AM SO EXCITED!!!
Can you believe I haven't even had any coffee yet? Not one drop. I just love Mondays and first days of school. I felt that way when I was homeschooling the kids too. All the new supplies... new books... LOVE IT!!!

This is my Managers of Their Homes Scheduling Kit. You take your lists and put everything you want to do on little squares and rectangles of paper and then sticky tac them onto the bigger sheets. You do this so you can move them around. You can see I still have the kids and my last work up on there from our last year of homeschooling. I am not this far into it. I needed to wait for that last football schedule after all the tweaking. I need to buy a new planner today and get all of our committments down in it before I get to this step. I do have all of my other lists done.

Mr. Macchiato and his friend heading out on Thursday. They got some good hiking in but had a lot of trouble with the trailer. In fact, it is headed to the shop. I spent some time on the phone with Mr. Macchiato reading through manuals here at home trying to help him figure out what was wrong. The battery wouldn't charge which was a problem with the fridge and the slide out. We were able to determine which fuses were for what leading from the Expedition so he switched some around and was able to get a temporary fix. They also had to duct tape a vent that was broken by the wind.

There go the boys following them. They had to come back on Saturday because Double Shot had a team meeting, equipment draw, practice and his friend had to work later that night. They were able to hike up Mount Democrat with their Dads on Friday which is over 14,000 ft in elevation.

I had a bunch of friends over on Friday night and we had a blast! We did allow one little man to come. Will you look at those legs?!?!? Oh my Lord is this baby adorable! And squishy. And happy. And... he made all our hearts go pitty pat and we passed him around and squeezed him and smelled him and squeezed him some more!
I just do not understand though... How come his legs are so cute and mine,that look just like that, are not?
I hope y'all have a gReAt Day!!!


Just Me said...

I am flat-out JEALOUS!! School doesn't start for us until 9/9. Waaaah!

Beautiful pic of mushy baby legs! Even with my own set to maul and manhandle, I can't get enough!

Oklahoma Granny said...

To this day I still remember the smell of the first day of school. The new pencils, the paper, the crayons . . . And sometimes - just sometimes, I kind of get a deja vu smell of that wonderful smell. Does that make sense?

claudia said...

I think the schools here start next Monday, but the only reason that benefits me is that I don't have to worry about running some kid over who is riding a bike or skateboard in the parking lots where I may be parked. They make me NERVOUS!
It's great that you were able to help Mr. Machiato with the trailer problems at a distance. I need pictures to make me understand what I am reading, so I would not have made it at all on his end! Great communications!
I need one of those "Managers of Their Homes Scheduling Kits" maybe that would help me. But then I guess it would only help if I used it and that would be something I'd have to get in the habit of...hmmm.
YAY! Fall.
It's good to hear your Ladies Night was fun...those legs on that little guy!

Gladys said...

We still have our hottest months to come in Hellsville California.

Oh baby smells and little fat legs and those sausage toes. Too much! My grandmother hormones are screaming again..

Trisha said...

Fall? Fall? Are you serious? Here, in my neck of the woods, it is still in the 100s every day! Can you say a twinge of envy?

Sorry to hear that the trailer caused such problems. Hopefully, the shop will get it fixed in no time!

Oooh - chubby baby legs! What a nice way to end a post!

Karen Deborah said...

you only get to be cute and fat when your little big and tall and lumpy is just lumpy I know cuz I is one.
cute baby legs, smooch some sugar off of em...

Anonymous said...

Yay for the first day of school and cute chubby little, key word, little (not like mine, lol) legs!!!

Angela said...

I LOVE those legs!!!!