Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How it Is...

If you clicked on the links to my dirty little secrets from last year in the last post you will see that my basement looks different than it did then.

Many of those clear plastic tubs are actually empty. I need to go through the stuff from our storage unit and will be moving some of that stuff into the tubs.

This is what you see from the doorway. The cabinet is full of tools and normal garage stuff. We need to have our garage as clear as possible so that we can pull both of our vehicles into it. We are NOT into scraping ice and snow off of our vehicles in late fall, winter and spring.

That cabinet and the freezer have both been cleared out. The cabinet will house things that I buy in bulk and don't have room for in our kitchen, which is small. We have a habit of eating out more than we should. Ummm... way more than we should. Years and years ago I got into Once a Month Cooking. I originally followed it to a T... eventually I tweaked it to where I don't do all that hellish cooking over two days. Several years ago when the girls were playing soccer and Double Shot was playing football we did not eat out or get take out for the entire season and we had very nice sit down meals even with all that running around. Now that we have joined a gym I want to take that time to plan ahead so we can avoid eating out.

This is the stuff from our storage unit that I need to go through and find places for in the house. Most of it will end up in the basement. On Sunday it will have been sitting in the garage for 3 weeks. I've gone out there twice and opened a couple boxes only to go back inside and stare out the window. I so do NOT want to do this job.

This is what the other side of our basement looks like now. That pool table is also an air hockey and ping pong table.

I hate how the cable for the Dish comes out of the wall like that. There was no way around it though because the walls are concrete halfway up and the cable was fed down through the family room upstairs.
That rocking chair was my mother-in-law's when Mr. Macchiato was a baby. She gave it to us when Chai Tea was born and all of our children were rocked in that chair through the years. I'd like to refinish it at some point.

That piano was my mother-in-law's as well. Unfortunately, none of us play the piano. I've always wanted to learn... maybe I will. Chai Tea taught herself to play some songs. I love it when someone comes over that plays.

This is Frappy's old room. I'll be surprised if she ever lives at home again. She's got her plan! Next summer she'll be in Spain taking classes at a University. She'll graduate in 20011 and then go on to three years of medical school for physical therapy. Now it is the guest/project room. I set those tables up because I thought I could work on photos on one and sewing on the other. By not having to put everything away I am hoping to make some real progress in both of those areas.

At some point I want to buy a trundle for under the day bed. You can put them together to make a king size bed. For now it is where Frappy sleeps when she is home and where I sleep when Mr. Macchiato is snoring.

Oy... this stresses me out. The two large boxes on the end there are crammed full of pictures still in the envelopes from when they were developed. It is not organized in any way shape or form. I've also got a lot of scrapbooking stuff up there.

Benny just follows me from room to room, LOL! I've also got framed pictures that I have had off the walls for two years. I wanted to change the frames and had some ideas for the hall... I think I'm going to wait until the kids are out of college... or never do it at all. It seems silly to buy new frames when the pictures are already in frames... I stopped watching HGTV. Something about watching those shows makes me anxious. All that talk about homes being outdated and such... who cares? One of the things I loved most about my grandparents house was how it never changed and how it was full of the things they acquired through the years. So many of those things had stories.
If you share your dirty little secrets on your blog... let me know! Hopefully, we won't keep our dirty little secrets much longer and can replace them with tales of victory!


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I am so inspired, yet I know I am so good at procrastination that I don't get around to organizing what needs to be done around here. UGH! We did get the kid's rooms, closets and drawers done this last week though. It always feels so good to get a vanload ready for Good Will. I feel so much better after it is done.

As far as the outdated home goes, I am right there with you. Who cares! It just is not a priority to update my hunter green and eggplant counter tops, etc. Our house is 13 years old and I don't know if I will ever update it. Just not interested at this pont! We are thankful though, since finishing off our basement a few years ago. God has been so good to bless us with our home. I guess I am just so thankful for ALL we have, that I can't justify spending time, energy, and money to update much. But it is great when others want to and do it! I don't watch HGTV anymore either, though for the same reason.

I always enjoy your blogs! Glad to hear about you daughter, Frappy and her drive. PT is such a great field to go into. She will have so many opportunities. You must be very proud of her! It is refreshing to hear of young people like her, that have plans and aspirations. Go Girl! Great job to you and your husband in raising her to be independent and determined!

Angela said...

I've already been rearranging your rec room to help cover that wire of yours..LOL...lol..I'm laughing away to myself here...

I seriously need to organize my seasonal decorations. I'm hoping to get Randy to make some new shelves so I can organize all those bins better. 99% of the stuff I have in those bins I don't even know what's in there because I keep adding more to them as I go yard saling,,LOL. It's always a surprise at the beginning of a new season (especially Christmas) when I open up the bins and see all the extra goodies I've purchased.

I have accomplished quite a few projects lately. Recovered my kitchen cupboards. Have some pics on the blog about that re do..lol. 30 dollars and I have new country kitchen cupboards.

I've also rearranged furniture from different rooms, to change the look of the house..Monday I changed my front porch around and I'm likin it!! Need to take some pics of that...

Karen Deborah said...

I don't give a flip for having a current, in style, magazine house. My house is mine. It's stuffed with books more than anything else, and colors and textures that I like.

You have a lot of stuff. When I get overwhelmed by my "stuff" I usually need to get rid of some of it. Some times I'm sorry but most of the time I can't remember.

You've been making a lot of progress with the pictures. You can scan some into your computer for storage too and then give away the print. One year I just went and got those photo boxes and arranged them into those and tossed all the paper envelopes and the negatives too. It helped me to condense the piles and it didn't take so long. There was no way I was going to put all those in albums. I put the pictures in boxes by times, like one box is me and my brothers when we were little, one box is Jenny when she was little, and the girls etc... The photo boxes stack pretty neatly and they have nice choices for how they look.

If you are into greenery, a silk ficus tree in a basket or something like that next to your TV would hide that cord.

Eating out? We have completely given it up. I have given up big meals too. We are eating very simply. Bread, veggies, casseroles. No big productions and I am finally losing weight. Just 60 more pounds to go. I'll take those one half to one at a time though.

Keep up the good work.Not watching the TV and stay away from magazines and you'll feel much better. The Benny is adorable love it when they just want to hang with you where you are, that is the best. Is he doing better?

noexcuses said...

Wow! You are such a great inspiration! It's wonderful how you have affected so many of us. Thank you, thank you!

I think the dish wire needs to be covered by a very lart flat TV screen. Yah? I also like the ficus idea stated by one of your friends, in case the flat screen doesn't excite Mr. M.

We have the same type situation with our garage...need the room for cars. But, since it would be more work to scrape ice off and, possibly, start the '77 VW Bus, I get to scrape ice off of my minivan! Joy! Joy!

Keep it up, CB. Katya and I got through one-half of the wall shelving yesterday.

I've been scannng pictures, too, so that the junky parts can be thrown away. We made a pictoral DVD for the gramps and grams. It was fun!

Go Team Go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, doing so makes us know you better. Wow! Once a month cooking, you rock girlfriend!! You can do that again or at least modify it some. I want to avoid eating out too. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff lately. I'm becoming a minimalist, lol.

Just Me said...

I so agree with the other writers. I don't care if my house is outdated. I DO care that our walls are full of crayon and our upholstery is shot, but we'll take care of that as we can. We might just wait until this latest rugrat is done spitting up everywhere.

Just a couple thoughts:

I'm buried under photos too. I LOVE digital photography with all those date/time stamps! A good start to finding some order is that each envelope should be dated from when you dropped it off for processing. DO NOT OPEN the envelopes despite the temptation. Just order 'em by date first. Set aside.

When the whole family is together (with or without boyfriends) make a night of going through them and putting them in albums. If the kids have favorites they'd like to keep, maybe you could give them each an album to fill.

Lordy, this is getting long.

My other thought is on the storage-unit stuff. I don't know how long it's been in storage or where it came from, but I wonder how much of it you need if it's been in storage a long time.

I helped a friend clean out her storage unit. Over 2/3 of it went into a Dumpster or Goodwill.

Oh, it's easy for me to tell you what to do with YOUR stuff. If these were my tasks, I'd also look at the boxes, sigh, and stare out the window with my cup of coffee.

Gladys said...

We still have concrete floors in our living room where we tore out the 23 year old carpet...2 YEARS ago. That is my dirty secret. I keep changing my mind on if I want carpet or tile. Now I'm thinking wood laminate flooring. OH GEEZE! Maybe Bamboo?

hanagrace said...

I had an idea. Decorative bookshelf to cover the cable. :-) Thanks for sharing, I don't feel so bad now. Well, I'd better go now that I caught up with your blog, I have to clean my house. Ugh.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Thanks so much for this post. Between reading it and Natalie's over at Tins and Treasures (Whatcha Working on Wednesday), I was motivated to get a little project completed today that's been bugging me for a couple of weeks now.

Chris H said...

Get a long narrow picture and use it to cover the cable coming out of the wall!
Well done with all the hard work!

claudia said...

I recognize the feeling of going to start something and then getting overwhelmed by the thought and sitting and staring. I do it all the time. If I look out my back door right now I will go into a trance because I am so overwhelmed at what awaits me out there. I have all the stuff I need to do it, just no WANT to do it!

Mr. Macchiato said...

Leave my cable alone. That is supposed to be our man room.

Roland Hulme said...

Will you post piccies when you're finished? Or will we have to see you on HGTV (which is on permanently in my house since my wife stopped working. She LOVES that channel.)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am too scared to take pictures of the "storage room" there are things in there that should have left 1000 years ago... oh my....