Monday, August 24, 2009


I am holding off on finishing my schedule... I want to get the September times for classes at the gym and figure out if I'm going to go to a fall bible study or not this year. Things have been going slow. I'm frustrated.

I'm also annoyed. Mr. Macchiato and I've been working out. He has never ever dieted and has never been interested in watching what he eats. I, on the other hand, am a professional gainer and loser. I know it all. My problem is that I am an all or nothing person and I am either extremely self disciplined or... not. Since my SD diagnosis in December of 2005... pretty much, not. On the weight issue anyway. I love to eat and when I am depressed things like pumpkin bread and chai tea lattes... or caramel macchiatos... or countless other yummy things... make me temporarily happy.

So, Mr. Macchiato has dropped 15 lbs. He stopped drinking soda and has been more mindful about what he eats but isn't really on a diet. I'm not really on a diet either but I certainly am more mindful than he is. The elliptical machines at our gym tell us how many calories we've burned and how far we've gone. I'm always looking over at his. I can't keep up with him! I don't understand how he burns 150-200 more calories than I do during the same amount of time! Yes, he's going faster and has the resistance set higher longer than I do... Ugh. And I feel like I'm dying while I'm on there! D Y I N G.

And to make things worse... he actually has the gal to tell me about calories and carbs. HELLO!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I seriously want to hurt him. S E R I O U S L Y.

I'm a bit excited though. Mr. Macchiato has always been my biggest saboteur. I could write out a list here of offenses against me that have made it difficult for me over the years but I don't want to make him look bad. No wait. Yes, I do.

One time he brought a friend home from church with him and had me make them ice cream malts because he couldn't make them as good as I do. I was being super disciplined and it about killed me. It was like having an alcoholic fix mixed drinks.

Another time he went to the store and brought home 5 large Reese's Peanut Butter cups and ate them all in front of me. He did recognize that that was rude so after that he would just eat candy on the way home from work and then kiss me with his peanut M&M breath. That, he's done for years... and years.

And yet another time... I spent a lot of time fixing a fabulous meal. It was vegetarian and it was after several nights of vegetarian meals... but, they were good meals! He got upset with me because there was no meat and drove to Mc Donalds and got himself a big bag of heart attack and brought it home and ate it... not only in front of me... but in front of our children!

T H E I N J U S T I C E!!!

But... maybe this time will be different. Maybe if Mr. Macchiato is on board then I can end this cycle I have. It would just be nice if he could not do this so easily. Oh my Lord does that ever annoy me. Every morning he tells me what he weighs and I tell him he is a Rat Bastard. Because I'm a nice supportive Christian wife like that.


Just Me said...

Just my two cents:

Men gain and lose faster than women. It's just the way it is. The Oracle dropped over thirty pounds just by switching to diet soda and walking to the train station. It's vulgar and unfair.

As Kryptonite begins her journey to solid foods, I need to get my hiney moving again. I can no longer let her burn extra calories for me, or I'll gain back everything I've lost.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

my biggest dal breaker is my darling hubby... so as long as we are married i will remain fat and sassy and he will never complain about my weight.

Junebug said...

I was going to comment what Just Me said about men losing weight easier than women. You see in life every thing is harder for women! The injustice of it all. :D

Karen Deborah said...

you kill me I have to admit you made me laugh.
google this book
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
buy it read it change your life. get well and feel good and eat good food.
Wanta no more? send me an e mail otherwise I will just go away and shut up.

paul mitchell said...

5-11, 165 lbs, 19 BMI. 45 years old. I quit drinking a case of beer every night and that is all I have changed in my diet. I am down from 200 less than two years ago. That 12 miles a day on the recumbent stationary might have something to do with it though, I think that I am going to stop doing that for a week, though.

By the way, the Mr. should have your parental rights removed if you ever serve a meat-free dinner EVER again. MAN LAW.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh because the scenarios you discussed are all too familiar to me. I hate it when my Husband snacks and I'm trying to be good and how men can lose so easily, ugh!

Respect2Glory said...

It is much better to prepare meals at home than it is to eat fast food. I know doctors that say they will never eat fast food, and a few others that admit to eating fast food only once or twice a year.

I've cut down our meat consumption to just a few meals each week. In these meals I add some extra seasonings / spices to the meat. Everyone seems to be satisfied with the added extra spices.

Also, try adding half of the burger to spaghetti. This is easily masked by adding mushrooms or peppers. My hubby doesn't seem to mind as long as I do follow a recipe every once in awhile.

Trisha said...

It has got to be easier with him on board . . . right? Good luck!

Flea said...

You're the best Christian wife ever. :) Ignore him. Find a girlfriend to work out with. It works out much better. :)

FreckledFireLily said...

My darling hubby loves fried food, pork, chips and dip, chocolate and ice cream. Any time I am trying to be more careful, he brings home choclate, or takes me out for ice cream. I don't need any encouragement to eat badly. I don't want him to pester me about my diet either. He just needs to eat crap somewhere other than our home! I know it isn't going to happen. Thanks for letting me vent though!

noexcuses said...

I'm on board with almost everyone here...except for paul mitchell. It is unfair that we have to work harder at just about everything, and do it in heels!

My lovey just flexes the waistband on his pants and says "I think I need some new pants. These are getting so loose on me!" Like a good Christian wife, I stab him with the knives in my eyes while I give him the bird!

I just try to think "eat healthy" instead of "don't eat this!" When I am tempted, I look at recent pictures of works most of the time!

paul mitchell said...

Dang, Haagen Daaz is awesome. One pint down, starting on the next. I wonder, "Can I top my record of three pints in one single standing in the kitchen?"

I am having to eat a little more now since I wore socks for the first time in a long time the other day and they were way too loose.

And all this after the pizza buffet at Mazzios for lunch.

hanagrace said...

I'm laughing SO hard after reading those last sentences!!! Ian gains and loses weight all the time. I finally got my weight up to where I want it, and now I'm still gaining!! AAAHHH!! So I'm trying to be good and not eat a whole bag of truffles... hmmm...