Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Need. To. Vent... Seriously VENT!!!

Here's a peek into what it is like living with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Mr. Macchiato often has to play secretary and make calls for me, as do the kids on occasion. He is very busy at work and it can be frustrating and end up in many calls back and forth between me and whatever office he's making appointments for.

Well, Benny started smelling bad and was always chomping on his rear. We decided he needed to see the vet. Our vet is close to the house so I drove over there with a note telling them what was going on and made an appointment for later in the day. His glands back there are infected so he's on antibiotics and sadly sporting a cone.

When I got back in my car I decided to drive to my doctor's office which is farther away to make an appointment for myself rather than bother Mr. Macchiato with the task. I've got some weird problem where I retain a lot of water and have to take medication for it. I ended up at the Urgent Care a couple weeks ago because I ran out and I gained over ten pounds in a matter of hours. I wasn't able to get in with my doctor but they called in another perscription for me... with NO REFILLS. So... I decided to make an appointment so I can get that taken care of and avoid another trip to the Urgent Care or ER.

I handed the gal at the front desk a note stating basically the above. My doctor happens to be on vacation so I agreed to see one of the other doctors. She filled out a card for me with today's date and 3:45 pm. I left the office feeling good about taking care of something by myself.

I was ironing some pants for myself when the phone rang at 3:05 pm. It was my doctor's office wondering where I was.

Me: My appointment isn't until 3:45 pm.

Gal: I can't understand you. You need to speak up.

Me: My. appointment. is. not. until. 3:45 pm.

Gal: No, your appointment was for 3:00 pm.

Me: I came into the office yesterday to make the appointment and the card says 3:45 pm.

Gal: I did not understand a word you said.

Me: The. card. says. 3:45 pm.

Gal: When did you make the appointment?

Me: Yesterday.

Gal: Yesterday?

Me: Yes.

Gal: Who did you talk to?

Me: The person at the front desk.

Gal: Who was it?

Me: I don't know.

Gal: Hold on.

Gal: Did you call?

Me: No, I came in. No one understands me on the phone.

Gal: What? I didn't get that last part.

Me: Sigh... I. came. in.

So y'all know, if you miss an appointment without calling, they charge you.

Me: I'm not far, can I still come in?

Gal: No, you are too late. You need to reschedule. UGH. Hold on.

Gal: Hurry up and get in here, we'll squeeze you in.

Me: Well... does that mean it will take longer?

Gal: Whu? Longer? Yes. (totally said in an are you stupid? tone)

Me: My son needs to be somewhere at 5:30 pm. I'd better reschedule.

Gal: Sigh... you are going to have to wait until Monday then.

Me: Fine.

Believe me, I will be taking my little card in with me!!! And... AND I went and counted my pills... AND I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO GET ME TO MONDAY!!!!!

I could seriously cry.



Kathy said...

That sounds just awful! I, personally have serious issues with our deplorable medical system. They owe you a big time apology AND a fee for screwing with your time, show them the appointment card, and then hand them a bill for their failure... just a thought... hey I'm venting too.

Angela said...

YES, I would take that card in also....I won't tell you what my flesh would tell you to do with that card to that woman.....

((((hugs))) OH Coffee...I'm glad you vented...I'm sorry hon. Wish I could just give you a real hug...than come to that office with you on Monday!!

Mr. Macchiato said...

Doctors and their "don't give a crap office help"... Almost makes me forget I don't like ambulance chasers.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and i would be carrying that card in too.. and a ugly note prepared with all i want to say ... just in case... they try to charge you for their error

jojo said...

I like Peaches idea..vent it out in a note and bring it with the card when you go to your appointment. They need to understand what this is like for you, and they owe you an apology. I'm sorry CB, really I am. I wish there was something I could me if you need to 'talk'..;p

Chris H said...

Keep hold of that card to make sure they don't double charge you! I take piddle pills too! I retain fluid heaps. It's the pitts.

Trisha said...

Things were going so well with the notes and stuff. I was so hopeful and then . . . it all fell apart! I am so sorry! I completely understand what you are going through.

Currently I am working as the secretary at my speech therapist's office and we get calls from a lot of people with bad voices. You just have to know that you will be listening closely and paying attention if you want to understand them.

Certainly take the card in with you. Someone probably wrote it wrong but that doesn't mean that you should be charged for missing an appointment.

I hope it gets better!

Junebug said...

oh poo!!! What is the deal?

Just Me said...


Seriously, stop in the office today or tomorrow and try getting a refill, even if it's only enough to get you through Monday's appointment.

And that card would go with me along with a detailed letter describing this experience AND the demand that you not be charged for the mis-scheduled visit. Get it in writing that you won't be charged, because their computer will generate a bill anyway.

Kathy: Our medical system is a mess, but I'm TERRIFIED of the stuff our President is proposing.

Can you get your hands on a TDD? (Tellecomunication Device for the Deaf). Then you can communicate via keyboard. Many offices have them, including your 9-1-1 centers.

For persons/businesses that don't, there is a relay service to talk for you. You dial the relay service from your TDD, and the relay service contacts the person/business you're trying to reach. The TDD operator is required to protect your privacy.

Just Me said...

Sorry. One more thing.

I wonder whether your doctor can prescribe the TDD to reduce the cost. Just a thought. I'm not sure which office enforces the ADA, but they might be able to point you toward a way to get a TDD for free or at low cost.

It really is a safety issue. Thank Heaven you weren't trying to talk to a 9-1-1 operator to report an emergency?

noexcuses said...

I like the suggestions from your friends, especially the TDD suggestion. I think that would be a great help for the "bad" days.

So sorry you have to go through this baloney. Hey, in the future, just email me with whatever it is you need. I'll be happy to make your calls for you. I'll even get nasty with anyone you'd like me to!

Hang in there!

Just Me said...

I'm sorry, but I can't let such a glaring error go.

TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

My brain is not connected to my hands today.

This link is a site that sells TDD/TTYs, but the page I linked has lots of information on ADA laws. Visit the link under "Deaf Culture" for a description of how relay services work.

hanagrace said...

They need to be slapped. Oh my gosh. I cannot believe their incompetence! But I kind of laughed that when you said 'no one understands me on the phone' they couldn't understand...