Friday, July 31, 2009

I am Obsessed...

with Facebook. Oh. My. Lord. Am. I. Ever. Obsessed.
I have reconnected with people I haven't seen in 25 years!
I decided to put together some albums of our life together... sigh...
Let me tell you... Mr. Macchiato?
That's him water skiing.
I've never put an album together of just pictures of him...
I think I looked at those pictures 5,434,899 times.
Oh. My. Lord.
Someone get me some smelling salts!

Is there anything sexier than a Daddy taking care of his children?
Did I just say that?
That is Frappacino when she was 2.
This photo makes my heart do a happy dance!

The Munchkins throwing rocks in the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi.
See those shorts Double Shot is wearing?
They had huge pockets!
I bought them because he LOVED stuffing matchbox cars into his pockets!
In fact, my Grandpa would have him empty his pockets when we went to visit and count the cars.
One time there were 34 of them.
He was wearing those shorts.


Kathy said...

what a neat idea. love the family photos!

Just Me said...

When my sister turned 40, I put together a "this is your life" photo album. I started with pics of my parents before they married and went from there. It turned out really well.

paul mitchell said...

Fun times at the Res. Welcome to CB's redneckhood!

MaBunny said...

Yes reminiscing is fun, and those photos are great Kelly, thanks for sharing!

Junebug said...

Please add me on Facebook.

Gladys said...

How cool and I too love family photos but I keep finding pictures of people I don't know.

Flea said...

Oh what fun. What a great idea, to put together an album of just your hunny. :)

noexcuses said...

We just made a pictoral DVD of mostly the kids (a few of Retro and me, too). It was fun!

I'd like to send you a friend request, but I couldn't find any people with the name "Coffee Bean."

Great pics of your family!

Trisha said...

Love the photos. I also love hearing your recollections about the photos. I can tell that you really love your family!

Beware though- facebook can be addicting!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Love your photos, especially the one on the beach with Frappy. The colors in it are great!

Doris said...

Love the pics! I love FaceBook too! Do you play Farm Town on it? It is so much fun and very addicting!And I can keep up with my kids and grandkids on there.They all have accounts on there.If I knew your name I could look you up too! Cheers and keep the stories coming. Doris

Angela said...

I rarely go to Facebook. Only to add requests for friendships,,lol. Other than that, I don't go there....

I loved the pics that you shared...the pic of hubby water skiing is way too cool!!

hanagrace said...

Dude, he had really nice legs!