Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun with Frappy

I went with Frappacino to look at these apartments last spring. I didn't get to go with Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot when she moved out of the dorms because Lu Lu was sick. It was fun to go see what she and her roommate have done with the apartment. However, I only took pictures of her room! I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the apartment. LOL!

That vanity was mine growing up. Her bedroom in her apartment is actually quite a bit bigger than her bedroom here at home. She loves it! I love how she has little mementos everywhere and looking around her room is like looking around at her life.

That dresser was mine growing up too. Cuppa Joe took her to one of those Build-a-Bear places in the mall last Christmas and they made that bear, Herman, together. He has a beating heart. Awwwwww...

Frappy cracks me up. She is so into Twilight. I read all the books because she likes them so much. The last one I found to be so over the top ridiculous that I tease her about it all the time. What is it about vampire stories that girls love so much? Oy! In her kitchen she has little stick it notes with scripture on them all over the cupboards. Vampires and the bible... yeah, that goes together!

We were supposed to go on a hike but we got started late and I wanted to see water. One of the things that I do not like about Colorado is that we have to go so far to be near water. We drove to a reservoir and were going to find a hike around it but... there wasn't any tree cover and this fair haired freckled girl isn't too fond of hiking around in full sun. We took this path down to the water's edge. I had hoped to stick my feet in but it was all rocky.

There was a lot of flowers and it was quite pretty in a wild way.

Mr. Macchiato's family lived up the hill from a lake in Washington. They had a boat and he grew up water skiing. He likes to tell the story of when he and his mother taught me to ski. I could not get up! They had to go round and round... and round. He and his mom got into an argument in the boat because she said they needed to make me stop because I was going to drown. He told her I wouldn't get in the boat until I got up. He was right.
Hearing the boats out on the water made me want to be out there so bad! There's nothing like getting yourself positioned behind the boat and yelling, "HIT IT!!!" And... pulling yourself up out of the water and having the wind rushing against your face and through your hair... Y'all should know, Mr. Macchiato is an excellent water skier. I have pictures of him where his shoulder is almost touching the water as he went side to side across the wake.

We got some lunch and went to a city park near Frappy's apartment to eat it. I got some beautiful pictures of her!
We had a wonderful time. I took her to see, "The Proposal," Friday night. She LOVED it! LOL! We were supposed to see, "My Sister's Keeper," but the projector blew up. I had already seen The Proposal but it was the only thing starting at that time and she wanted to see it. It is a cute movie... little racy in parts, but cute.


Karen Deborah said...

awh sweet! We are going over to T's house today for his birthday, wish you were here. Will take some pictures of the baby for you to drool over.

I love your Frappy girl.

Angela said...

I LOVE the way she decorated her room. It's beautiful. I want to go see that movie also...I'm glad you shared with us the pics and how your weekend went...((hugs))

Chris H said...

Her room is lovely.
I water ski'ed as a teenager too, I loved it so much.

Flea said...

So glad to hear about a good weekend with your girl. :)

Just Me said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend!

(And I LOVE the vanity!!)

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm with Frappy - I LOVE the Twilight series!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

good stuff!!!!!!!!11

Melody said...

I'm with Frappy, I love having the treasures that I love surround me too!

The pics are gorgeous! Love the stories that went along with them and also the waterskiing ones!

I love Twilight and the Bible too! hahahahahah!

aussiechic said...

Now water skiing is something I have always wanted to master and never have.......I LOVE the water and love being out there on boats and jet skis....I must learn to water ski......

Trisha said...

It sure looks like Frappy has made her apartment room her own! I am glad that you had a nice trip!