Monday, July 27, 2009

What an Eventful Weekend!!!

The drive Friday night was a real butt pucker! The traffic out of town was horrible and I think it had to be the hottest day so far this summer. The temperature gauge on the Expedition read 97 degrees near Denver. People do not realize what it takes to slow our rig down and it gets stressful when people keep moving over just in front of us and then slow down.

Once we got on the road into the mountains the traffic did not let up. At one point we heard the screeching of tires behind us and braced ourselves for impact. Thank God they stopped just before hitting us.

Our directions lead us to a remote dirt road where there were large houses nestled in. Mr. Macchiato had to get out and walk to a house to ask some people where we were. Apparently, they get a lot of lost campers. We had to back down a very steep hill right next to a pond. We saw two Bucks but weren't quick enough with the camera.

We were late making reservations so our campsite wasn't great. It was a great site for tent campers. We had to pull the rig along side of a retaining wall that had steps leading up to the site. It took three passes. I don't like this part of camping so I took Benny up the hill and hung out until the guys got it figured out.

We went on a hike on Saturday. Everyone was good about going on a hike that wouldn't kill me. I can't take hikes with a lot of elevation change and we were already camping at just above 8,000 ft.

There are wildflowers everywhere right now! It is so beautiful! We hiked out to an old homestead on a pond.

The weather turned nasty in the afternoon and it rained for several hours. We hung out in the trailer playing Monopoly. Of course, Mr. Macchiato won. He always does.

We ate good Saturday night!

Sunday morning we went on a short hike with a big pay off. The view was spectacular!

The weather was scary bad when we got back to the Springs. We had to hang out in the Expedition and wait it out at our storage area before we could dump the tanks before taking the trailer back to the house to be cleaned.

I hope my plants bounce back... They are all broken.

There was damage throughout our neighborhood. There was a tree down at the park near our house. We saw on the news that there was a flash flood close to our house and two cars were stranded.

The tree was snapped right at the base!

Wicked weather and all... the day ended beautiful.
So, here we are, another Monday! And the clean up continues... oy.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love that booper and ouch with those storms... and yummmy steaks :)

Flea said...

I don't think that tree's gonna make it, CB. :) Looks like y'all had a fantastic weekend, though. I'm so jealous!

MaBunny said...

LOL, you laughed at my flying fart - I'm laughing at your butt pucker!!!!

jojo said...

butt puckers and flying farts..OMgosh what is the world coming to?? Glad you had a good time despite the awful weather. That last pic is amazing..;p

hanagrace said...

Gotta love the random summer hailstorms. I've been missing Colorado more than usual lately. :-) It was fun seeing all your pics, in this post and previous ones. Let's make a facebook chat appointment, this time I'll put it in my ipod and set an alarm to go off. Really I should just call you and leave a message saying GET ON FACEBOOK. Ha ha.