Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beating. Head. Against. Wall.

Everyday during the week Frappy calls me. She likes to keep me updated on all things important... like trouble with the Internet in her apartment, what her assignments are, what grades she got on assignments, her need for ideas for papers, and when she misplaces things... like her bag of nail stuff. I love listening to her but... there always comes that point where she wants me to talk.

Talking on the phone is so utterly frustrating for me. Sometimes I can get through it and it isn't too bad. Most of the time, however, it is torture. I have answered the phone before only to have the person on the other line tell me I need to speak up... and have been hung up on many times. By. people. calling. me. So... I rarely answer the phone.

So, Frappy calls me. Got an A on something. Yay! Crabs about her Internet and how it is really inconvenient... then comes that point.

Frappy: So what are you doing?

Me: I need to take a shower.

Frappy: Why do you take showers so late?

Me: I've been cleaning.

Frappy: You just don't want to talk to me.

Me: Talking on the phone is hard.

Frappy: That's always your excuse.

Me: Sigh... (Ok. I am going to try to talk about something) Fly Boy's parents went up to see Fly Boy and (interrupted)

Frappy: Wait! What?!?!

Me: Fly Boy's parents went up to Hattiesburg (interrupted)

Frappy: Who? Who went up to Hattiesburg? To see Chai?

Me: This is exactly why I don't like talking on the phone.

Frappy: No, just tell me.

Me: Call your sister, she'll tell you about it.

Frappy: Ok.

My family can figure out what I am saying unless I have something new to say and then it is the same scenario. It sucks.

I haven't been doing the blog thing. I get behind on other blogs and then stress about getting caught up... And then, there is facebook. What a collosal time suck that is! It is soooo cool though. I can "talk" to people on there and have reconnected with so many people.

Off to shower. Gotta pick Double Shot up. Let me tell you, he is pure joy in the morning. He was not happy at all this morning. Much more so than usual if that is even possible. He didn't want to come downstairs until Mr. Macchiato opened the front door... cause, you know, those extra 60 seconds sitting on his bed complaining about summer school are very important.

Mr. Macchiato: Get down here now!

Double Shot: Ugh. I am. What's your problem?

Mr. Macchiato: I'm not waiting around for you.

Double Shot: Stomps out door making unintelligible sounds.

Mr. Macchiato: (then outside) What the %$#@ is your problem?

Double Shot: I'm sick of summer school! Do you have to swear?

Mr. Macchiato: (yelling... and I've told y'all that he can be heard states away) Yeah, well you shoulda thought about that last spring when you wouldn't do your homework!

Double Shot: Geez Dad! Do you have to make a scene in front of the whole neighborhood?

Mr. Macchiato: (head spinned around and popped right off) actually... I can't repeat what he said.

Good times.

Oh hey... will you look at that? I'm going to be late picking Double Shot up. Bummer.


Just Me said...

I'm sorry.

It's such a blessing to have Frappy calling home to just chat (most kids won't call until they need money) and it sucks not being able to enjoy it.

If her internet were better you could chat via facebook. Look into the cost of adding a wireless modem for Frappy to your cellular plan. It might work well if it doesn't break the bank.

MaBunny said...

Ugh, aren't teens a joy??

Angela said...

((((hugs)))) it was 'nice' chatting with you on facebook..we need to make a 'date girl...One night where we can 'talk' there? Whatcha think? Since I am rarely on there,it's really hit and miss.

Love ya girl...your house sounds like a house filled with love...yepper,,even with all those @#$%...

Melody said...

I'm sorry! Good luck. I was having quite a day like that two days ago! My facebook status was this: "(my name) is gaining greater understanding of why animals eat their young."

claudia said...

Sorry. I had to the Double Shot stuff, not the Frappy stuff. I can only imagine that the Frappy on the phone stuff is so frustrating.
Hang in there Mama!

jojo said...

so sorry CB, I wish I had an answer for you or something that would make things they are the hardest on us when we need them the most. Thinking of you sweetie...

Chris H said...

Family eh? Sounds like mine ..

Karen Deborah said...

yeah I get it. Most of the time kids just want you to listen and not talk. Your kids know you can't alk so they want you to talk. My kids know I can't listen so they want me to shut up. Go figure, you always want what you ain't got.

Gladys said...

CB - I am not a phone person even though I love to talk. I am deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other so it's hard for me to talk on the phone or in a crowded resturant or outside. My conversations go pretty much like this:

Speaker: Are you going to town today?
Me: What? No I don't want to dress like a clown.
Me: What's brown and grey?j

Well you get the idea.

Oh and as for the teenmachine, tell him you can't be bothered picking him up on time just like he can't be bothered to do his homework.

hanagrace said...

Ha ha, when you wrote 'pure joy,' I was thinking about James 1 where it says 'consider it pure joy when you go through various trials' (or however that goes), and I was thinking it would be funny if you said 'consider it Double Shot when you go through various trials', ha ha ha!!! I crack myself up.