Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sixth Picture in Your Sixth Folder

Angela did this last Friday and posted a video here. Since I am exercising my world class procrastination skills, I decided to see what my sixth picture in my sixth folder is.

I should explain...
Back when I had my first blog I did a post on the mannequins in JC Penney.
Well... Mr. Macchiato and I were shopping and I noticed that the mannequins in the chubby chick part of the store were different.
I decided to go back with a friend of mine and document the gross misrepresentations I found.
The above behind is what all behinds are supposed to look like, right?
Uh...ummmm... if my behind ever looked like that I would have proudly worn a thong walking down Main Street while throwing my own confetti into the air.
Not really.
And my behind did look like that.
When I was twelve.

Here is the standard mannequin.
Perky little thing...

Here is the mannequin in the chubby chick department.
Where I shop...
Number One...
that mannequin ain't all that chubby.
Number Two...
Do chubby chicks not wear supportive bras?

Are they serious?


aThose are some droopy boobies!


aYes, I did.

aI had to take a peek to see what a droopy mannequin boobie looks like.

aI have an inquiring mind.


Angela said...

No wonder I was laughing before I even got here..LOL LOL....

I would have checked out those 'puppies' myself girl...And your right, what the heck is up with the droppy ones while the other ones are pointing up to the sky?

Do mannequins EVEN have to remind us that we sag?

Ya,,my butt looked like that when I was 12 too...Now that I lost a lot of weight, my behind can look like that too, AFTER I do some lifting and pulling my skin up to my waste that is,,LOL

Sheri said...

Oh that's comical! Oh wow. That sounds like something my friends and I would do!

BTW, I'm O+. Check it out next time - I felt a WHOLE lot better walking out of there than I usually do!

Karen Deborah said...

way to go girl you are a crack up!
Have you seen the drug addict emo mannequins they have now? Weird totally weird, it's enough to make me run home and keep my money. droopy boobs indeed.

Wife in Training said...

Haha me and fly boy thought that was one of your best post's ever moma

Paula said...

Where did they find that green dental floss, lol!

Just Me said...

After I got married and was still kinda thin, I bought a thong but never had the guts to put it on. Well, no, that's not true. I did put it on and was instantly annoyed. I tried getting used to it, but I was back in my usual underwear long before The Oracle ever got home.

I've noticed those droopy-booby mannequins. It's cruel, really, because there's droopy and there's DROOPY. Any chubby chick gal with a modicum of self respect wouldn't walk around with 'em unrestrained.

And while we're on the subject of plus-sized clothing, why can't a droopy-booby chick get a bra with some oomph? Get beyond a D cup and we're in minimizer land. God gave us cleavage, so why can't we dress like we do?

BTW, CB, I was dying when I read your comment about dancing. It's all too true. Jumping up and down was never in my repertoire of dance moves. (Never took lessons, but I wanted them!)

Lucy said...

inquisitive minds want to know. Creeps i say to those men mannequin makers.
hey thanks for cheering up our fiend KD. Such a sweet comment.

noexcuses said...

What a crackup! I've never had the guts to look under the clothes of a mannequin. No problem for my kids, though!

Yeah, we full-figured real women get shorted when it comes to bras, underwear, and clothes in general! The clothing industry is getting better, but not fast enough. I sometimes feel punished with the styles and quality of fabric.

Baby steps.... good post CB!

Chris H said...

!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe they make mannequins like that! Pfffffft!!!!
How patronising.
WE may have our headlights on dip... but we don't need EVERYONE else to know!

Gladys said...

Good Gosh I'm glad they don't have a "middle aged woman" department. All you would have to do is lift up the burmuda shorts and see the saggy boobies.

Thanks for the morning guffaw.

jojo said...

I love your investigative skills..;p

Melody said...

LOL! You are a crack up! Those poor manaquins need to go to Victoria's Secret!

Trisha said...

Love the mannequin shots! Droopy boobs and all!

Hey - I have had a tough time getting your blog to load lately - anyone else having that problem?

Linda said...

The mannequins aren't made to make fun out of people. We are given them to put certain sizes of a certain piece of clothing. Every butt you see takes a small pair of underwear. Every missy mannequin recieves a size 10 pant with a medium top. Every woman's mannequin recieves a 1x top and a 14 bottom. These are strictly to display the clothing item. You can't have high boobs on the mannequins otherwise when there's a graphic on the shirt you can't see all of it. And we even pin them to make sure you can see all of it.

So would you rather see a big droopy shirt on a tiny mannequin?! Because I sure as hell wouldn't. I want to be able to see the merchandise. So get over it.

Coffee Bean said...


This post was "tongue in cheek". I certainly did not intend to offend anyone and I was not offended by the mannequins. Just having some harmless fun here!

Children Of Nephilim said...

there is in reply to the "droopy boobed, chubby mannequin" well, your right, for one point of view, and i agree, but if they had a mannequin with perky breasts, women would equally cry that they are trying to portray and impossible standard of beauty.but i get what you're saying, they showed the thin mannequin to have a firm butt and the plus-size to have saggy breasts which is an unfair view. Anyhow, i have had D cups since I was 13 (weighing around 125 punds) and I can say, i have never had a nipples that point up nor have I had a firm butt like that mannequin since i was 11 or 12 (as well).