Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr. Macchiato

Our guests left before noon yesterday. We had a wonderful time and hope that we can see them again soon! Mr. Macchiato took a couple days off of work so we had the rest of the afternoon to relax and hang out.

We decided to take Double Shot with us to see a movie after he got out of Summer School. I was surprised by how many people were at the theater with it being a work day afternoon. Half way through the previews the strobe lights started flashing as an alarm sounded. A voice said over the loud speaker that we needed to calmly exit the building. We didn't know if it was a fire drill or what. While we were all standing in line to get out the voice came back on and said that we needed to return to our seats and wait because it was a false alarm. Everyone schlepped back to their seats and sat down. The strobe lights and alarm kept sounding. A good five minutes or so passed when the voice came back on and said, again, that it was important for us all to remain in our seats.

Without a word to Double Shot or myself, Mr. Macchiato stood up and left. We looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. Double Shot was shaking his head and saying that we are supposed to stay in our seats. I was grateful he didn't get up and leave me there too. After another five minutes Mr. Macchiato appeared and took his seat between us, the alarm and strobe lights still going.

Me: Where did you go?

Mr. Macchiato: I wanted to see what was going on.

Double Shot: They told us to stay in our seats!

Mr. Macchiato: That could have been a terrorist telling us to stay in our seats.

Me: You just left us here without saying anything.

Mr. Macchiato: I knew you were safe.

Me: Laughing... What were you going to do?

Double Shot: Laughing too... Yeah, it's not like you have mad ninja skills.

Mr. Macchiato: Angry... I was going to come back here and tell everyone to get the hell out.

Double Shot: We are watching a movie... not in one!

Me: What is going on?

Mr. Macchiato: The fire department is out front and they are the ones that have to cut off the alarm after they check the building out.

A movie employee came in and told us that it wouldn't be much longer and our movie would start back where it left off... and that we'd all be receiving free movie passes after the movie. A few minutes later the alarm stopped and our movie resumed.

Mr. Macchiato to all outward appearances is a pretty mild mannered guy. He is an accountant. I think the last physical altercation he was involved in with anyone other than his brothers was in the 10th grade. In fact, it didn't even get physical. At that age Mr. Macchiato was one of the small guys. The kid that told him to meet him after school so they could fight was a bully. Some kids gathered and after the bully yelled some things as he was getting ready to kick Mr. Macchiato's butt, he looked him in the eye and said, "Go ahead and hit me. What are you going to tell people? You beat (his full name) up?" The bully put his fists down and stared at Mr. Macchiato as he simply walked away.

Mr. Macchiato has never served in the military or been in law enforcement. He's got a bit of a baby face and didn't even need to shave every day until he was in his thirties. In fact, Mr. Macchiato has never played organized contact sports. He's just not one of those guys that people look at and think... Don't mess with him!

Five years ago Mr. Macchiato got a call from his dermatologist the day before we were leaving on vacation telling him that one of his moles they tested came back with melanoma. He called me and said that the doctor wanted him to come in that afternoon to have it removed. It was a little disconcerting, but it was just a little mole on his back. When he got home he was in a lot of pain. I found it funny because I thought he was being a bit of a baby about it. We were still going on vacation and just had to make sure Mr. Macchiato took it easy and didn't lift anything. I thought that sounded like a pretty good deal for him since we would be lugging suitcases around.

Later that night he really was not doing well and asked me to check his back. I wasn't really surprised by the amount of padding and dressing they had put on his back because medical professionals tend to over do that sort of thing. However, when I pulled the bandages back I was horrified. The doctor told Mr. Macchiato that she had to remove surrounding tissue... He had a large six inch long cut across his shoulder blade. I felt so bad. He hadn't been being a baby at all.

Mr. Macchiato did not want to cancel the trip so he pushed through. He would only take over the counter pain medication because he was driving most of the time. He doesn't like it when I drive because... well, I have a bit of a lead foot.

While we were visiting my Dad we took the kids to a go cart place. Mr. Macchiato had to pretty much just stand back and watch everything we did on that trip, not much fun for him. Double Shot cut the wheel on his cart too far to the left (he insisted I tell y'all it was because Chai Tea cut him off, and she did) when it was time to come in and his foot slipped off the brake... he hit the concrete curb full force, crumbling it. Before I could blink Mr. Macchiato had vaulted over the fence and was running to Double Shot.

Mr. Macchiato has been under a lot of stress. Being in construction, things are starting to get scary as there is less and less work to be had and other construction companies are under bidding just to get a job. He has always been faithful, loyal to friends, a great provider and an involved father. He has integrity in all areas of his life. He's down to earth and real. He is my husband. He is our Mufassa.

** NOTE: Just in case you don't know who Mufassa is... He's The Lion King.


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claudia said...

How sweet that he went out to make sure that you all were truely alright at the theater. I don't know many men that would take a chance like that.
I hope things will start smoothing out for him. You all have been through a lot of stresses lately.
I will send good wishes and thoughts out to the universe for you!

Karen Deborah said...

awhh that is awesome.

Melody said...

Very awesome!

That was great thinking (in the movie theatre) that things might not be what they seemed.

jojo said...

great post!

Just Me said...

I really like this post.

Glad Mr. M. had the "stones" to go check on what was happening at the theater. It's a little scary when you consider how ready we are to trust an anonymous voice over a P.A. system.

Lots of prayers heading his way for good, steady work.

Flea said...

Awww. How very sweet! Thank you for introducing us to your Mufassa. :)

Elysa said...

Love it and love "S"! We still miss you guys. Sniff-sniff.