Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids... Ya Just Gotta Love 'em!!!

Okay, so I was sitting in my car outside the orthodontist... because Double Shot lost his retainer and yes, we just replaced a retainer he broke about 5 weeks ago and yes, it's $150 each and yes, he just got his braces off 3 or 4 months ago. I told y'all things have been suckin' round here... Anyway, so I was sitting there waiting and my cell phone rang.

Frappy: Moooooooooommmmmmmm!

Me: What?!?!

Frappy: Mooommmmmm, I just sat in the DMV for, like, an HOUR, and they won't give me a temporary license because my middle name is missing the e at the end without the original copy of my birth certificate!!!

I couldn't tell if she was whining and crying or just whining. She was probably half crying. And yes, there is such a thing as half crying. Frappy lost her license, gas card and check card Friday night when Cuppa Joe took her to a night club. All that caused Mr. Macchiato some heartburn.

Me: Well, I guess I can drive it up to you tomorrow.

Frappy: I have lab until 4:30 pm... maybe I'll leave early.

Me: No, we can take care of it after your lab.

Frappy: But... we have to dissect a fetal pig...

Later in the conversation:

Frappy: Well, at least my name will be spelled right on my license now and I can get a better picture.

She was smirking in her license picture because she was thinking, "Booo Yaaaa Chai Tea! I passed my driver's test the first time! Heh heh!"

Me: So did you make yourself all pretty?

I was thinking part of the reason she might have been so upset might be because she took a lot of time trying to make herself look older. When she runs around with her hair in a pony tail or crazy bun without make-up she looks like she's 15.

Frappy: This morning but it rained and messed up my hair. I still look okay though. I was going to go jog but I don't feel like doing anything now. I just want to sit on the couch and eat popcorn. I don't even have any popcorn.

That cracked me up because last week she told me she went to make dinner for her and her roommate only to realize they didn't have a can opener. They've got an ever expanding list of all the things they don't have and need to get... like salt and pepper shakers and potholders. Things they didn't realize they needed until they needed them. LOL!

Frappy: Why do they have to take so long at the DMV?

Me: Laughing... Welcome to adulthood.

Did I tell y'all Double Shot has to go to summer school? Yeah. Started today. He wouldn't have had to go if only he'd done his homework. He's obviously chosen to learn personal responsibility the hard way. Knucklehead. When he got in the car he told me half the kids are Emo and there were only a few "normal" kids. Sorry. I could not help myself. I said, "No, all the normal kids do their homework and don't have to go to Summer School." Some people think sarcasm is harmful to children. I say, sue me.

Anyway, before we left for the orthodontist we had Heath Klondike Bars. Yum. When we got home I was getting some orange juice out of the fridge and he opened the freezer.

Double Shot: Indignant gasp... We have Reese's Klondike Bars and you gave me a healthy one!!!

Oh. My. Lord.


Karen Deborah said...

great post, glad your having fun today. Tell Frappy to find the local goodwill where all those needful things can be found dirt cheap!
come by and read my blog today you won't believe your eyes.

Flea said...

Bwahahaha! Sorry about the orthodontia.

My kids were pulling D's this last semester. I straight up told them that if they didn't pull their grades out of the gutter they'd be in summer school. And paying for it themselves. Their grades were their choice. Then I stopped badgering them about it. Amazingly enough, it worked! I love it when that happens. Money makes things happen.

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I always love reading your blogs! You are all just so full of personality and I have really grown to love your kids. You guys crack me up! It seems you are all starting to feel a bit better, for which I am so glad. I would think it will take awhile. I continue to pray for you!

AmusedMomma said...

I can just hear Frappy and Double Shot's voices as I read what you typed! You are so funny! Love you guys!

Angela said...

Loved this...LOL.....Supper was meatloaf at our house, and both boys chose to go hungry..LOL...I thought it was just delicious..LOL

noexcuses said...

We had the "dreaded" summer school threat...fortunately for "someone", it turned out that she will have a life, after all, this summer!

Happy to see you are feeling better!

Trisha said...

In what universe is Heath healthier than Reese's? Aren't they tied?

Anyway, sounds like those kiddos of yours are keeping you on your toes! At least life if never boring!

Steve B said...

I can't wait for the teenage years. No. Really. Just.Can't.Wait


claudia said...

You know what Coffee Bean? You can come over and laugh at anything I write there. I am glad that there is laughter in your life once again! And yes there are some funny parts in all that is going on here in the house battle with Comcast.
As for you kids...they sound so much like what mine would do at times too. I am happy to be in good company with this. I used sarcasm with mine too.

hanagrace said...

I'm laughing so hard now!!!! Mostly at the 'healthy one.' Hahaha! Hugs! Hang in there!