Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Monday...

Another list. Oy.

Again I say, OY!!!

Too much baseball.


My list must be accomplished. Cuppa Joe's parents are going to be here this weekend. They met Frappy and spent this last weekend with her and Cuppa Joe. They live in Pennsylvania. I'm nervous.

Again I say, Nervous!

Cuppa Joe told Frappy they like her. What if they don't like us? What if we embarrass Frappy? Pfffft... more like how bad will we embarrass Frappy?

Why... why oh why does our backyard look like we let two dogs do whatever the heck they wanted back there???

Fairy Godmother??? Are you there? Can you come wave your magic wand over my backyard? Please?

She never answers me. Never.


Gladys said...

Don't you wish Extreme Home Make over could show up with thier 4 million man crew and spruce things up right before times like these.

Honestly, they aren't there to meet your backyard they are there to meet YOU>

Paula said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sure you'll have everything sparkling in no time. A few blooming flowers in the backyard, some mulch and an ornament or two can go a looooonnng way to distracting others from bigger messes. I've missed a lot while I was away playing on youtube. ((hugs))

Karen Deborah said...

buy me a ticket...

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Sweetie, nervous? Have another cuppa joe and sit's going to be fine! The cleaning fairies are about to arrive any minute now...I think I see them approaching the threshold now!

jojo said...

Oh Bean, you know that I think it is impossible for them to not like you!! And I know you will work your little butt off getting everything in rock sweetie and I know it will be great..;p

Elysa said...

Maybe it will snow and then they won't KNOW how bad it looks! ;)'s CO, it COULD happen!

noexcuses said...

It will all be fine! I found that it doesn't really matter about the parents. It's all about Cuppa Joe and Frappy.

How many of our parents really (and I mean really) were enamored with our spouse's parents? Mine were not, and Retro and I are still at it after 32 years.

What will you think of them? If they don't immediately fall in love with the two of you, then it will be their loss.

So, go ahead and embarrass the heck out of Frappy! (jk) I believe that if you just be yourself, everything else will fall into place.