Monday, May 4, 2009

The Weekend

My weekend went like this:

*Skipped dinner Thursday night because I just didn't feel like eating (bizarre, I know)

*Made Frappy's birthday cake

*Had plans to go grocery/birthday shopping after dropping Double Shot off at school Friday morning

*Woke up naseous

*Did not let Double Shot drive to school because I had to tell him to get up too many times

*Stopped at Loaf-n-Jug to get cash and breakfast sandwiches... I thought maybe I felt the way I did because I didn't eat the night before

*Took two bites of the most disgusting breakfast sandwich ever... and guzzled some light gatorade

*Got out on the main road and felt like I was going to puke

*Told myself that by thinking I was going to puke that I was making it worse and that if I thought I'm not going to puke that I would feel better

*Immediately had to do a lane dive to shoulder, grab the Loaf-n-Jug bag and puke in it

*Double Shot squished himself up against the passenger door and watched in horror as I repeatedly wretched

*Bag leaked and cup holders filled with puke... not enough napkins

*Double Shot called his Dad and told him he was driving me home...

*Mr. Macchiato left important business meeting

*Double Shot and I switched sides and he pealed out before I even had my seatbelt latched

*Bag-o-puke was leaking on the floorboard...

*... in my new to me Explorer

*Double Shot did a lane dive over to a dirt turn about meant for cops and whipped through it and out in front of oncoming cars

*Double Shot, with a gleam in his eye, changed lanes many times so he could pass the other cars while I sputtered for him to slow down and prayed that I wouldn't have to puke in my purse... and that we would make it home alive

*Double shot passed a car on the right and then went back into the left turn lane INCHES in front of the car he passed. I may or may not have momentarily lost consciousness as my brain screamed everything I could not

*Double Shot jammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car when we hit our driveway and went running for a bucket and the pine-sol

*We cleaned up the puke

*I laid down on the couch

*Mr. Macchiato got home and then took Double Shot to school... late

*It was a long rotten day... Frappy's birthday...

*Mr. Macchiato transferred money to Frappy's account so she could take Cuppa Joe to a movie and told her to not come home until Saturday morning

*Frappy's cake fell apart when I went to frost and decorate it

*I glued it back together with frosting and decorated it anyway

*Cleaned like a crazy person Saturday morning

*Was still at the store getting Frappy's gift and some food when Frappy and Cuppa Joe arrived

*Mr. Macchiato, Frappy, and Cuppa Joe went for a hike

*Double Shot and I napped

*We all went to a restaurant for Frappy's birthday dinner

*We watched Marley and Me when we got home

*Forgot to buy birthday candles... put three 4 candles, a 5 candle and two 1 candles on the cake because if you added them all together it was "19"

*Kids played pool downstairs and Mr. Macchiato and I went to bed around midnight

*Dogs woke me up at 5 am

*While they were outside I noticed a strange noise and went to investigate

*The DVR was making a high pitched squealing noise even though it, the TV and all the other components were turned off

*I turned the TV on... then the DVR... and hoped it didn't blow up

*A message bubble popped up and said there was a problem with the DVR and to unplug it, which I did

*Told Mr. Macchiato when he got up, he called the Dish people... the hard drive went out... will be a week before we can get a new DVR. Mr. Macchiato was BUMMED... me, not so much

*We all went to church

*Person who was supposed to put the words to the songs up on the screens did not show so I did it... and messed up a couple times

*Went home and ate lunch

*Mr. Macchiato took Double Shot, Cuppa Joe and Frappy to a Sky Sox game

*Cuppa Joe and Frappy left from the stadium to go back up to school

*I stayed home... and napped

*Homework Hell began when the guys got home... actually, it wasn't that bad

*Friends came over for dessert and stayed until 10 pm

*Our friends are going to have to sell their house because they can't make the payments

*I laid awake staring into the darkness for a long time before I fell asleep


hanagrace said...

Yay, I'm the first comment!! HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP, Coffee Bean!! I can't believe your weekend. I hope you feel better/get more sleep/are able to let go of some of that stress. I thought my weekend was crazy. :-) Love you!

Melody said...

I'm sorry you were sick...and about your new car. :-( I felt kinda crappy like that yesterday. Not fun.

Take care, and Happy Birthday Frappy!

Junebug said...

You accomplished a lot for being sick! I surely hope you feel better now. You've got a lot of will power. I'll say a little prayer for you and your precious family. :D

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what a weekend hope you are 100% better!

claudia said...

I bet you are glad the weekend is over! I hope you are feeling better today and all refreshed and stuff.
I would have shot Double Shot if he drove like that with me in the car...this is why I derive all the time and don't let my girls drive me anywhere...I'm a control freak...
I'm thinking good thoughts for you. (((HUGS)))

Chris H said...

Why were you throwing up all over your lovely, new (to you) Explorer????


Trisha said...

Wow! Your weekend sounds like a lot of what my life has been lately! I hope you are feeling MUCH better!

I admire you for holding things together even though you weren't feeling well. Of course, the whole leaking bag description . . . thank goodness I wasn't eating breakfast!

Thinking of you!

noexcuses said...

So sorry your weekend sucked so much! You made a valiant effort for feeling so lousy. I'm hoping you are feeling better today, and that you are back to the happy and joyful Coffee Bean that we all know and love!

Thanks for stopping by. It's always a treat for me when you do!

Karen Deborah said...

I'm sorry to confess that I absolutely howled with laughter, you are so good for me. BUT I am sorry that your son nearly killed you, and your friends are going bust, it's happening more and more every day.

I am sure the busted cake tasted fine.