Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There is a Bad Smell Rising...

You know, like a bad moon rising... And it isn't just the bad attitudes around here.

I am about to LOSE MY MIND.

It is in our family room and it wafts in and out. I thought it was Paco. Shoot, at one point I even wondered if it was me. I took of my pants and smelled the crotch right in the middle of the room. I'm happy to report it definitely was not me.

I've moved furniture and sniffed... and sniffed... and sniffed. It is making me very, VERY grumpy.

Stuff like this makes me cRaZy. And not in a good way. We are talking pit dwelling evil mean crazy... hair waving around like snakes, bulging eyes with lazers, and hissing crazy. It is a trip to the dark side of crazy town.

Have any of you read Jean Paul Sarte's play No Exit? If you haven't it is about some people trapped in a room that don't know each other who eventually come to the conclusion that they are in hell.

The smell in my family room and my inability to find its source brought that play to mind.

Please pray for me. I've got to figure this out and get rid of it!!! If I don't, within hours I will be headed to the looney bin in a straight jacket. Or to Jail.


Angela said...

Will be praying..That happens to me also you know..and YES, I too smell my crotch,,LOL

Just Me said...

I've done the same thing (smelled my underwear). I was happy to read that I wasn't the only one.

Granted, your house contains nearly-grown children instead of grade-schoolers and infants, but the mystery sources in my house are either the crack between the armrest and the sofa cushion, or I forgot to run the disposal.

Without getting too graphic, if the smell is sort of a rotten-sweet, cloying scent, you might have a dead mouse in your wall or under a baseboard. If it is a dead mouse and you can't get to it, the smell will dissipate in a few days. Icky, I know.

If it's more like burning candles, it might be wiring. Do it when no one is looking, of course, but give your electrical outlets and lightswitches a good whiff.

Good luck!

Just Me said...

Suddenly I'm reminded of a line from Erma Bombeck's "The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank."

"Mo-om! Billy bit a cookie and put it back. I'm telling!"

"If you tell mom about the cookies, I'm telling her about your chicken-bone collection!"

"Stop the car! That's what we smell!"

Trisha said...

Oh my! When you take off your pants and sniff them it is some serious smell going on! Good luck finding it. I will pray that you find it before it drives you truely crazy!

MaBunny said...

Hope you find that smell... I'm going along with Just Me and thinking you might have a dead mouse or rat in the walls or foundation. Glad to know the smell wasnt' you!

Karen Deborah said...

put your air purifier on away mode.
you got a dead critter some where?

Karen Deborah said...

come one nobody's crotch smells that bad, I hope! except you know hospital patients. My toilet overflowed this week with poop in it that was fun,....eeeeeewwwwww.

Karen Deborah said...

From Tigger(Kayla)
Oh God, sounds like my Middle School experience when my science teacher had gone away for 2 weeks and FORGOT to mention to the attendent that her ordered pig fetus was in the cubbored and ready to be sent to the Lab Room. Guess what my class had? 2 Weeks of near death in suffication!

Chris H said...

I can visualise you standing there smelling your crotch! Very funny ...
as for the smell... I hope you find it.. or it goes away.
We had a dead bird in the wall once and it smelt for ages... and we could do nothing about it.
We sure were not ripping out the wall to get it!

Gladys said...

Is it a dead animal in the wall? Perhaps it's a dead piece of pizza. It might be liver dropped in the hollow leg of the table. That's what my friend used to do. She would stick it in the crack for the extension leaf. It would then fall into the hollow leg center of the table. Her mother went mad looking for the source of the smell.

jojo said...

that's o.k. Bean...maybe we can share that looney room ;p

Kathy said...

many moons past; I put the fishing tackle box back in the laundry room without taking out the nightcrawlers..... in Kansas, in the middle of summer. Weeks later were just that close to having walls torn out when I suddenly remembered the worms.
I don't remember thinking the stench may have been eminating from my crotch, you slay me.

hanagrace said...

Yeah, I've had trash hiding under the sink, that was the smell one time, then another time it was the garbage disposal and also laundry left in the washer for DAYS. :-)