Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Paco didn't make any noise today. At all. Yesterday he had one of his worst squawk fests ever. I shut him up by giving him pineapple and banana. I noticed he was acting a little weird later that afternoon. I also couldn't get him to respond when I said his name. He always responds when people say his name either by saying something or squawking.

When Double Shot got home I had him check Paco out to see what he thought. Paco is 8 years old and he has never been this quiet. We noticed that Paco didn't poop the entire time Double Shot had him on his shoulder, which was about 30-40 minutes. He usually goes every 5 minutes or so. We wondered if he might be constipated.

Mr. Macchiato came home and kept his eye on him for awhile. Something definitely is not right. He called the animal hospital and we all loaded up and took Paco in. They were very busy with a number of critical animals, one of which had been bit by a rattlesnake. They took Paco back and put him on oxygen while we hung out in the waiting room. A bit later they moved us into a room with only one chair. We were in there over an hour before the vet came in. Not fun, especially with Double Shot who has to be making some kind of noise and moving at all times. That was hard enough to take when he was smaller. Now he's all arms and legs with ginormous clown feet.

The vet came in and apologized for the long wait. She had examined Paco and said that he was well hydrated, had good body mass, and his breathing sounded good. She did note that he seemed low energy, especially for a bird in what is usually a very stressful situation for them. She told us she doesn't treat birds regularly and that they did not have the proper equipment to run blood tests. She then went to look up some stuff online.

I couldn't take being in that room anymore so I left and went to sit in the car. It was so hot in that room! I told Mr. Macchiato to let me know when the vet came back... and I might have sent him a few taunting texts because the car was so much more comfortable than that room. He didn't send any back so I figured the vet was in there and was going to go in, but they came out with a number for a bird vet and a receipt for $90.

I'll watch Paco tomorrow and see how he does. He drank a lot of water when we came home. He's still not squawking but he is making some little noises. I can't believe we are freaking out about him not being noisy when we've all been wanting him to shut up for years.

I seriously thought he was going to die tonight. Paco had a brother named Taco. He died on New Year's Eve 6 years ago. He acted as he normally did up until that morning. The birds had gotten out of their cage (they were an awesome team that way) and Paco attacked Taco on the floor. A couple hours later he was sitting on the bottom of the cage and breathing funny. We immediately took him to the animal hospital. He died within 30 minutes of our being there. The vet showed us that he was completely emaciated. Parrots hide that they are sick until they can't anymore because other birds will attack them. They puff themselves up and pretend to eat.

I'm feeling bad because some days I just cannot take his squawking and I don't know how many times I've joked about killing him. Oy. Maybe he just lost his voice during that squawk fest yesterday. I'd never heard him squawk like that. Or maybe the pineapple gave him a sore throat. He ate a lot of it and I can't remember if he's had fresh pineapple before or not. I know he's had canned... I can eat some canned but fresh pineapple makes my tongue itch and get sores in my mouth. I love it so I eat some every so often anyway. If I eat too much I will break out in a rash around my mouth and chin. Who knows. Maybe he's got SD now.

I am stinkin tired.

OH! And today (20th) is Lu Lu's 10th birthday! She still uses the basket she was born in. Maggie Mae was yelping whenever she walked so I figured she was in labor. I put her and her basket in the bathroom. When I checked on her she was in the basket and Lu Lu had been born. There wasn't room in there for her to have more so I moved them to the tub where Maggie Mae had 3 more puppies. I'm glad Lu Lu made it to her 10th birthday. We don't know how much longer she'll be around though. She was doing much better but has been having some bad days lately.


MaBunny said...

Happy Birthday LuLu!
I'm hoping Paco gets better. I too am a bird lover, but own cockatiels.
I was going to ask if he'd had pineapple before but you answered that!
Hope everything turns our ok!

Trisha said...

Paco the terrorist, sick? Poor little guy! I hope everything works out for him.

Happy Birthday sweet Lulu!

Just Me said...

Happy birthday, LuLu!

Prayers coming Paco's way, too. Hopefully he'll come out of this a healthier and quieter parrot.

The Oracle's aunt had two parrots. Her African Grey used to beg for cream cheese.

Chris H said...

Thank you for your lovely emails today/yesterday mate.
Much appreciated.
Kids eh? Who'd have them.. let alone 8!