Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Golly!!!

I've received some worried e-mails because I haven't blogged in a couple days (and was very much touched by them, thank you) so I thought I'd better throw a quick post out there before anyone else thinks something bad has happened!

Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot went to New Mexico to a Men's Retreat over the weekend so I was home alone. Can you believe I only checked my e-mail once? It's true. I was hardly on the computer at all.

Paco is hanging in there. He's been pretty grumpy today. He is still not squawking or talking. He almost sounds as if he has a cough. All we can do is what we are already doing. Sometimes I think everything is going to be okay and others... I worry.

I believe I shared on here once before somewhere that I had an epiphany about my parenting through watching the Dog Whisperer. Rather than control my dogs through proper training I have always controlled their environment. If I can't watch them or they are misbehaving I put them in their crates. When they are out and about I close off all the areas of the house I do not want them in and make sure everything is put up. I did the same with my kids (they were never locked in a room, closet or crate, I swear!) in that I expended much more energy in controlling their environment and telling them about the world and how it works rather than letting them experience it and learn from those experiences. Even with being aware of that tendency in myself, it has been very difficult for me to make the changes I've wanted to in regard to the dogs. My comfort zone is to control the environment.

We moved the dog crates up into the kitchen near the back door when we hit the snow, melt, snow cycle. The problem is that it is very easy to get lazy with the crates there and not clean their paws before letting them back into the house. I am the only one that does a thorough job of it anyway and by having the crates there it means that the dogs have less chance of tracking stuff onto the carpet when Mr. Macchiato or Double Shot let them in. However, with this set up I do not like them out and about in the house because they are dirty.

I decided to move the crates down into the basement. I am trying to get to where we only use them when we are not home and when traveling. We then had 4 days of rain. The backyard is mud city. I spent the weekend wrangling those dogs to the ground at the back door and scrubbing their feet every time I had to let them out. It was exhausting. Last night Double Shot let them out and did not lock the back door. We MUST lock the back door because they can open it. It was pouring down rain and I was on my way back upstairs with clean towels when they let themselves in and ran all crazy through the house. This sort of thing makes me very unhappy and quite unpleasant to be around. The smell of wet dog makes me want to claw my nose from my face and pull my hair out.

Lu Lu also puked on my carpet twice yesterday. We have had this carpet almost two years now and there has not been one accident by either dog in all that time. Benny was easy to potty train and had very few accidents in the house and none at all since he was 5 months old. Lu Lu has always been a secret pisser which is why I am so psycho about watching her. When she's been out and started gagging before I've quickly picked her up and ran off the carpet... yesterday I was sitting on the couch and she came right up to me and then just barfed a huge amount right onto the carpet. After I took care of her and went to get stuff to clean the carpet I stepped in some puke that I was unaware of.

The dogs have pretty much been in their crates since. They smell so bad that it is making me crazy. I cannot give them a bath because the weather is still yucky and I do that outside. I walked down into the basement this morning and was hit with their smell so hard that I stumbled. I have since put the gizmo (our air purifier) down there but it is not doing its job that well anymore. It is so frustrating. I really do like dogs. Benny has the same quality that our other golden, Eve, had in that there is something calming for me about him. Not when he's smelly or jumping around all crazy... but I think he's good for me. Lu Lu has almost always stressed me out though. Ugh. This is such a struggle for me!

Anyway, I moved some furniture around. This is the longest I have ever lived in one house and it is kind of getting to me. I'm used to a fresh start every three years or so. Moving is a great way to get everything re-organized. I am definitely not one of those people that is resistant to change. Mr. Macchiato hates it when I move things around, which is why I do it when he's not here.

I also stayed in my pajamas the whole time they were gone and didn't talk to anyone. Heck, I didn't even shower on Saturday. When I had my little surgery a couple weeks ago I watched a lot of stuff on TLC. I don't normally watch television by myself. In fact, I've been campaigning to put our Dish on hold for a couple months. Anyway, I watched a zillion babies being born and some reality shows about people with tons of kids... oh and there's even one about a little family that has four kids. Three of them are average sized and then one of them is little like his parents. Anyway, there's a show called, "Jon & Kate plus 8." This couple first had twins and then sextuplets. I had not heard of it before and then right after I did I noticed there was stuff about them on the covers of magazines at the check out line. This past weekend they had a Jon & Kate marathon from all the past seasons. I am ashamed to say I watched them. All of them. I recorded them to the DVR and then skipped through all the commercials, intro's and repeating of things after commercials. Then, to end the marathon, they had the new first episode of this upcoming season.

I am sick over this family. They are in trouble and it looks like divorce is likely. Watching the last four years of their lives straight through like that... and having it come to where it is now... is heartbreaking. It is an example of all that is wrong with "reality tv" and an indictment on our society that flocks to see these types of shows. I feel dirty now for having watched it all. I dreamt about them last night and they've been on my mind all day. It is just so very sad.

Well, so much for my quick little post. Oy. It seems I have chatty fingers.


claudia said...

You would just go mad at my house. The dogs pretty much run it. (during the winter too) I don't have carpeting. I pulled that out after we had been here for about ten years, going on five with naked floors...it's much easier to keep up. (not that I do much keeping up) Also, we don't live in a snowy climate. It does get rainy during the first few months of the year, I just put an old sheet down by the back door and the dogs dry their feet as they run in. (Can you tell I am a little lazy?)
As for the reality TV stuff, I have to admit, I am hooked. I haven't been watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 since their problem started. I have been hearing enough of it to make me sick to death...for them and their situation, but also because I am tired of them being smeared all over the TV and magazines. BUT, they should have known when they signed up for it that everything would be public no matter what. Still I feel so bad for the kids!

jojo said...

'chatty fingers' I like that!! My fingers have been rather quiet lately but that doesn't mean that I don't check in on you. Glad you posted...your weekend sounds exhausting. I wish I had some answers for you and the dogs and all. Hang in there sweetie pie, I'm thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Keep in touch..;p

Kathy said...

Our dogs get to stay outside most of the time. They like it that way. They will eat chunks of horse hoof and horse poop and barf. Cort gulped down an entire gopher the other day when he stole it from the cat who had caught it and I had shouted 'drop it' to him. I proceeded to tell him loudly that he couldn't come in my house at all that day because he'd surely barf up a whole dead gopher. I insist the cats come in to sleep every night because I don't want them being a snack to some predator out here. I insist the horses and mules keep outdoors at all times, they stink when they sweat and are hard to haouse break. So I'm on your side with the animals.
I have no idea who Jon and Kate are, and it sounds like I am one of the lucky ones.
One of these days Paco will be squaaking again and driving you batty once more.....
How awesome to stay in jammies all day long. You rock!

Angela said...

I have two pissers in this house also...GRRRR. and stink,,my youngest toy poodle has bad breath,,pee u!!

Like you, I too have been watching bits and pieces of Jon and Kate..and I've been praying...The media is having a hay day....Celebrity comes with a price doesn't it?

((hugs)) You have been on my heart and wanted to let you know that,...thought you were still cleaning,,LOL and you have!

Gladys said...

CB, I only have carpet upstairs. I have tile everywhere else. I also have a boxer and a lab that know they are only allowed in the house by invitation. They sit at the door until I call each by name and invite them in the mud room to be wiped down. I bath them in the shower once a week and they have thier own beds with cedar shavings where they are allowed to lay. They were not always so well behaved. Thank You Ceasar.
Also John and Kate can bite me. They invited this in on themselves. They now need to take responsibility for themselves and take care of those children who did not ask to be brought into this whole mess. Like Dr. Laura says DO THE RIGHT THING not the selfish thing. Ok sermon over.

Love that you are like me and can't stand wet dog smell. ;)

MaBunny said...

Hopefully Paco will make a full recovery. Our two dogs aren't crate trained, but we are trying to do o with the puppy, and so far so good.
I don't watch alot of Jon and Kate +8, but my daughter does. We've been discussing their recent situation and I hope that those kids don't have to deal with a divorce so young.

Just Me said...

I've never watched John & Kate Plus 8 or any other reality show except for the occasional stumbled-upon episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, and I'm not sure those shows really qualify as "reality" TV.

I'm not a soap-opera watcher either.

On muddy paws, I have two levels of rugs, one outside the kitchen door (in our enclosed patio) and another just inside. It gets most of the muck off her feet. The nice thing is that I can dry her off if necessary under the shelter of the porch roof before letting her inside.

What I hate most is that Knucklehead is a horribly sloppy water drinker. I swear she lets that final mouthful dribble all over the floor on purpose. It's gross as well as treacherous.

hanagrace said...

Dude, not Jon and Kate... oh geez. :-)