Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Desperately Seeking Pollyanna

Shall we play the "Glad Game" ??? Let's see... where to start, where to start??? Okay. I'm ready.

*I'm glad the nightmare I had before waking yesterday morning was just a bad dream.

*I'm glad I didn't really go to the mall because I hate going to the mall.

*I'm glad I didn't lose the expensive outfit I bought along with the credit card I used.

*I'm glad that if I had done so that my husband would not have treated me the way he did in my dream, at least I hope not.

*I'm glad that it only took 8 hours to shake the feelings from that dream. I guess it could have taken longer.

*I'm glad that we did not have to reschedule Double Shot's dentist appointment and pay a missed appointment fee after he sauntered out to the car 15 minutes later than he should have.

*I'm glad I didn't get a speeding ticket.

*I'm glad that I won't be yelling at Double Shot today because the couple sentences I yelled yesterday have made that impossible.

*I'm glad Mr. Macchiato and I got to go out with some friends for dinner and that we had a very nice time.

*I'm glad that when we got home and discovered Double Shot had done nothing we told him to while we were gone and that the new DVR we got last week wasn't working and that Mr. Macchiato's beloved Deadliest Catch, American Idol and the season finally of Fringe weren't recorded that my face did not turn purple and my head didn't spin around like Mr. Macchiato's did.

*I'm glad that Mr. Macchiato can yell so loud. It might come in handy someday if we get stranded on a hike in the mountains and we need people from 3 different states to come rescue us.

*I'm glad that Mr. Macchiato looked up Double Shot's schoolwork online and found that he had more missing assignments and that he was marked absent in study hall during the time he was supposed to be meeting with his Chemistry teacher for help... which he didn't do either... that he was the one jumping up and down and pulling out his hair instead of me.

*I'm glad that only one of the retainers he got less than two months ago is broken in half because he leaves them lying all over the place.

*I'm glad that I was able to sleep deeply for two hours before Mr. Macchiato woke me up at 12:30 am when he finally came to bed and that he wanted to talk and pray.

*I'm glad that he was able to fall asleep quickly and get busy snoring loudly because it meant he was really asleep.

*I'm glad that Frappy's bed is still here and that I could go crawl into it.

*I'm glad Mr. Macchiato was able to fall back asleep after he got up to go looking for me and that he didn't try to tell me he wouldn't snore if I came back to bed. I've heard that one too many times before.

*I'm glad that I had lots of time to think when I couldn't fall back asleep.

*I'm glad that the neighbors behind us are so cool that they let their teenage/young adult kids party on a Tuesday night... and hang out on their deck laughing and having a good time... until 4 AM. I'm sure they have an excellent relationship and that those kids are going to make mighty fine adults who are courteous and mindful of their surroundings and how what they do may affect others.

*I'm glad that I got four hours of sleep in the form of two 2 hour power naps.

*I'm glad that the Dish dude is here trying to fix whatever is wrong and that he must be doing a very thorough job because he's been here for two hours already.

*I'm glad that even though I think about killing Paco, I don't.

*I'm glad that I can sit here in my dumpy frumpy sweats I wear when I paint with greasy hair, smelly pits, no make up and my old glasses that are chipped, while a strange man is in my house... and blog about it.

*I'm glad you read this far.

OY! OY! OY! Can you believe I left out a bunch of stuff? I did. I wish this guy would hurry it on up. I. want. to. take. a. shower. I would like to tell the guy to just pack it all up and take it away. I'd like to go live in a cave by a river, actually.

I am going to have a positive attitude. I am going to count my many blessings. I am going to find contentment and joy in spite of my circumstances. I am. How long do you think this is gonna take? Cause, ya know, I'm a instant gratification junkie.


Junebug said...

You're gonna have plenty of time to think when you're livin' in a van down by the river! Have you seen that SNL skit with Chris Farley? They won't let them upload it on YouTube so here is a text one only: I hope you laugh!

Junebug said...

Oops! Try this link:

Flea said...

It might take at least a week, CB. I hope you have enough patience for that. ;)

Just Me said...

Oh, I hope Flea's estimate is a little on the long side. The weekend is coming, so you won't suffer the school hassles at least.

I'm tellin' ya, play with Booper. Goofy dogs are an awesome mood lifter.

Gladys said...

I am glad ALL of my kids are grown and I don't have to go through that anymore.

I am glad you let me laugh at your expense.

I am glad you write this blog.

I am glad to tell you it WILL get better.

Angela said...

((((hugs))) sendin lovin your way...Wrote about you just now..I also tried to find the post about your mil in the car and the kids...remember that one? I can't find it....Wanted to share it with everyone at my blog....

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Angela said...

My hair is so flippin greasy..I MUST, I MUST take a shower tonight!!! I have it in a 'pretty head band' so I can look presentably greasy to the daycare family's...the poo wee one today just stared at my head when she first got to daycare,,LOL...LOL...

Ok,,,I do hope this WAS dream? Oh my goodness,,Coffee,,,,oh think I stay strong,,GIVE ME A BREAK GIRL..your SOOOOO strong..I'm stressed to the max just reading what you wrote...

My hubby watches the deadly catch too,,lol..

And he has been snoring something fierce these last two weeks..SIGH....

Karen Deborah said...

I love you. Were we separated at birth? Are you sure we are twins?
you know fraternal and your prettier kind of twins?
you know our sleeping arrangements. Mr. M might go for it, once you get rested up and feel more like having "ya know" more often because the rest of the time you can SLEEP really well.

jojo said...

ay, yi, wonder you are having bad dreams. I'm glad you have a place to come and get this all out. This is your voice, and I'm glad i'm here to hear you. Thinking of you CB, I love you...if you need to 'talk'

Anonymous said...

awww momma!

MaBunny said...

I like the Glad game - I might have to try that!

Melody said...

Good luck! ;-)

Kathy said...

***gagging on Laughter here****

My old friend JB is back and in rare form! Laughter is the best medicine. Maybe you didn't mean to, but your post made my day!

claudia said...

{{{HUGS TO YOU}}}}
All I can sayis that I am glad mine are grown. Except that two of the three are still living here with me. One is okay the other so-so.
My heart goes out to you though. Go play with the dog, that has got to count for something!

Steve B said...

I can't image the restraint involved in not inflicting bodily harm on the teenanger. No, I didn't misspell that.

Of course MY kids will NEVER do that!

My wife and I used to laugh to hard at parents who said that.