Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trying Something New...

Sometimes I am able to control my blogaholicness and do what I need to do. Uhhh... lately? Not so much. Well, I've not been reading a lot of personal blogs. It's the political blogs. And then... when I stay away from those, I'm looking at the news. Or I am researching stuff I don't understand or didn't know about. Let me tell you... that is one deep dark hole for me to fall into. OY!

It's a darn shame that I stay home all day and have laundry piled up. I mean, you know, I could be running loads through as I'm parked on the computer. And I do when I am conscientiously multi-tasking. I just haven't been. I keep thinking... just five more minutes... Yeah, right.

We have three bathrooms. I moved all my stuff into the main bathroom so Mr. Macchiato lays claim to the master bathroom. Ummmmm... I don't go in there. Like ever. There was a problem with the toilet that Mr. Macchiato fixed yesterday (incidentally, I heard some new and innovative combinations of swear words that were quite creative... and a little scary). You know what? I cannot remember the last time I cleaned that bathroom. Our room is clean and organized... but, uhhhh... that bathroom is beginning to rival a Texaco bathroom. It's true and utterly disgusting.

My office? A dumping ground. I can't see the top of my desk.


I'm not going to try not blogging at all. I've done that and I broke out in a rash. What I am going to do is not turn on the computer until after I've accomplished certain tasks... and I'm going to write my posts the night before to be published in the morning.

So, I am typing out this post the night before.

Of course, there is drama going on making it difficult. I went to see Frappacino at her college this weekend and she took me to see the apartment she is wanting to rent this summer with one of her friends. I took pictures for Mr. Macchiato and she sent him a copy of the lease this afternoon. Daddy no likey the lease. He's awaiting a call from the friend's Dad, who is an attorney, to talk it over. The girls, of course, are freaking out because they don't want to lose the apartment. Frappy isn't being unreasonable... it's those quivery voiced calls laced with impending panic... Lord have mercy. I can be an immovable wall when faced with tantrums. Pathetic whimperings... ummmm... Mr. Macchiato, puhleeeeeeze fix it quick!

Double Shot... that boy needs a trip to a big ole woodshed. He has a D in Chemistry. He has not been able to drive in over a month and we took his cell phone away. He can resume driving and get his phone back when that grade is a solid C. Well... now there's been two weeks added on getting his cell phone back after he gets that grade up. Why? Mr. Macchiato hid the phone between the box springs and mattress of OUR BED and when Double Shot and I were at his lung check today I saw the outline of it in his pocket! We cannot hide anything from this kid! In fact, I thought I found a great hiding place for treats on the top shelf inside the mixing bowls... NO! He sniffs stuff out. He says it is because we are predictable. How is it predictable to put a cell phone under our mattress?

Anyway, we've been saying things like... Driving and cell phones are privileges NOT rights. Can you believe he's trying to re-negotiate his punishment because it is not fair. Really? Living with teens is not fair.

Oh! Frappy's apartment is not furnished, which means (if Daddy Pooh agrees to the lease)... HELLO Sewing Room!!! Little birdies leaving the nest is pretty painful. But, it is like pulling off a band aid. You get over it. Double Shot better get those grades up! He NEEDS to go away to college. I am so ready to take the pain!


Sheri said...

I was an easy one to punish - I followed punishments. My brother, on the other hand - not so easy. Mom and Dad would ground him (this, prior to cell phones) and he'd say, "So?" and walk out the door!!! He'd walk to the mall (a 25 min drive) because he knew he'd see someone who knew him along the way and they would give him a ride! Good luck with Double Shot!

PS - have you tried hiding it in the freezer???

Laura ~Peach~ said...

when I took Mj's cell phone I put it right out on top of the microwave... when she dared to take it in the middle of the night... she eventually got caught... so with her dad as witness and her sitting right there I took said phone and broke it into about 14 peices...told her she could take it now... I found it a couple month later wrapped ina wash rag hidden in the bottom of her drawer... I tossed it into the trash for her... and to this day she has no phone ...She is allowed to earn time on my phone and who knows maybe one day she will get another phone... but I woudl nto hold my breath too hard :)
the expression on her face was so priceless when I broke that phone!

Flea said...

Take out the sim card and battery and hide them in separate places. Somewhere in the Texaco bathroom, and in the laundry room.

Trisha said...

Good luck with the new routine. I hope it works for you. It is really hard to beat the blog addiction!

Gladys said...

Oh sweetie. I'm telling you the only way to deal with kids is duct tape them to the wall.

Go to Squalmart get a private safe one of the little ones. Take the phone and lock it in there. The put the key in a baggie fill the baggie with water and freeze it.

I remember my kids first apartment. My daughter decided to move out and leased an apartment. It was in the middle of the hood. Her complex was full of drug dealers and protitutes. I was scared to death but it was a learning experience for her. Good luck.

claudia said...

I so relate with you on the sitting at the computer when there is plenty for me to do otherwise. The other stuff just isn't fun!
I hope that Mr. Macchiato approves the lease on that apartment, or that Frappachino finds something that is good for all involved. Mainly so you can have your sewing room! I know what THAT feels like...well sort of, I have a "craft" room, except my MD is using it till the rain stops and she can go back out to her room!
Good luck on that Double Shot stuff!

Chris H said...

Cellphones and teenagers are evil combinations.
I wonder if you turned the phone off before hiding it? He could always ring his own phone to find it eh?
The best place to hide it would be in him room somewhere!

Christina said...

Just think if he was taking Debate he could probably pull off a B... or maybe an A with practice. Maybe you could hid the phone somewhere he dare not look.. in a box of oat bran, ora shoe, maybe some scary enema or feminine product box. Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in... you get the idea.