Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday Hike

The weather was fabulous on Sunday...
So we decided to go on a hike!
Benny was glad to go...
Poor Lu Lu stayed home.

It was in the mid fifties and sunny with a slight breeze.

In the shade it was a bit cold with some remnant snow hanging around.

Mr. Macchiato is a sweetie.
He noticed my boot had come untied and told me to stop so he could tie it.
We walked along a creek and it made the most lovely sound!

Booper enjoyed himself immensely!

I loved the way the sun came down through the trees.

Even in winter it is pretty.

Mr. Macchiato took this picture.
We had passed this little guy sitting on a rock on our way out.
He says we should go back next week and see if it is still there.
We took a winding narrow dirt road back down the mountain.
I love the mountains.

A tunnel...

The light at the end of the tunnel...

It is so nice to just take it all in now and then...

And to just breathe...

Back down toward home.
That is Kansas way out yonder.

A blurry... and pooped but happy Booper.

Any and all calories burned were promptly replaced...
And then some.


Gladys said...

OH how lovely! It hasn't warmed up here enought to go hike. It is a minus 18 today and I'm freezin my tata off.

I want to know if that guy is there next week too.

claudia said...

Booper looks so content in that last picture.
What a nice little hike, thanks for taking me along!
It's beautiful there.

Linda said...

Booper really is the cutest thing! How big is he? My golden, Libby, is 80 lbs already and not even a year old yet. Is that normal??? Seriously big doginz.


Just Me said...

Lovely post. Booper is a handsome boy!

It's just damp here. Blech. (off subject: I'm irked that they made Daylight time start so early. I can't get my kids out of bed when it's dark!)

Mr. M. tying your shoe was sweet.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome pics booper looks so happy!!!!!!! love the DH tying your boot :) Hugs

Trisha said...

What a beautiful hike your family took! Love the pictures and I want to know if the little guy is still there next week!

hanagrace said...

More sadness, boy am I missing that beauty. All we have out here is flatland and dead corn. Sniff! :-) Looks like a fun hike, too! Except now I'm hungry from seeing the burger. :-)