Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poudre Canyon

Poor Lu Lu...
She had to stay in the trailer in her crate
while we went on a hike.

It was a pretty drive through the canyon.

This is what was left of a deer leg at the trail head.
Not something you want to see when you are going to be tromping around in the woods.

The trail was pretty.
It was a steep trail.

We actually had to crawl around over rocks.

I have a vague memory of either a hokey 70's movie about a rock monster... or it was a nightmare. This group of rocks reminded me of it.

Yup, they are on the trail.
At this point I was wishing I didn't have to continue on.

Poudre River

Uhhh... that water was COLD!!!
We drove on up the mountain after our hike.
It. Was. Spectacular.

Just. Fabulous.

Profile Rock

We stopped at a restaurant/gift shop on the way back down.

It was my kind of place!

Double Shot was refueled adequately...
but was ready for more food shortly thereafter.
He is one lean mean eating machine.


Angela said...

What a trip!!! I've been thinking about you as you were on your camping trip...((hugs))

Gladys said...

Was the Rock Monster from The Neverending Story? I remember it too so either we dream in tandom or it was on a movie. :)

Beautiful pictures. It isn't warm enough here for me to do any hiking heck I barely hike from the couch to the kitchen. :)

Flea said...

Oh what fun! Stay safe today. Use the computer at the library. :)