Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Little Trip

We decided to take some time off and go on a camping trip this last week. We didn't go far, one of the advantages of living in Colorado, we don't have to. We have a trailer which makes camping this time of year possible. Even so... things got a bit dicey and we had to rush home on Wednesday when the wind died down so we could re-winterize the trailer and get it back in storage before the big snow hit on Thursday.

Lu Lu was happy to go.

We camped by a little lake in a pretty much deserted KOA campground up near Frappy's college. I prefer to camp in a more primitive setting but KOA's are nice for a base when you will be doing things elsewhere. I can't imagine going to stay at one and not going anywhere else even though they have all sorts of ammenities like miniture golf, game rooms, fitness rooms, cabins, paddle boats, etc. With it being off season, those things were not available while we were there.

We've got some family drama going on... with all three kids. Chai Tea has dropped out of college and will be leaving us in a couple weeks to move in with her boyfriend in Mississippi. Frappy and Cuppa Joe broke up. (uhhh... update... they are back together. OY! The DrAmA!!!) Double Shot has not been doing his homework and is ineligible to play ball next week.

It is so hard to watch the fall out from your kids' decisions...
Double Shot wrote us a very heartfelt and honest letter last night. It was difficult for me to read. The changes in our family have been hard on him, as they have been on all of us.
My voice, the problems with our children, the suicide of my friend, the problems within our country... the disconnect I feel at church... How do other people get through this stuff with grace? I know we are not the only family to go through these sorts of things... Sigh.


Junebug said...

I hear you! I couldn't go through things without the grace of God. Kids and their turmoil and husbands being your polar opposite, sometimes it's overwhelming. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do but pray, and sometimes you don't even feel like doing that. I spend a lot of time enjoying the good and just trying to get through the bad or ugly.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i know we get through it but am not sure how graceful we are... God does carry us often though... HUGSSSSSSSSSS

Two Dogs said...

For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. My capacity for joy is obviously tied to the capacity to feel pain. I accept it, but do not like the pain part.

Beat them chillun'. It shall give you joy.

Elysa said...

Jessica dropped out of college??? Oh no! I thought she was doing so well with her classes...enjoying Japanese and such. I'm sorry to hear it. You're doing better than I probably would. I get totally stressed out and frazzled just over simple things like Little Miss M dumping pee all over the bathroom floor. Sigh....

Praying for you all.


Deborah said...

When you find the answer, please let me know!

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

This is real life! It is so much easier when the kids are younger, like mine. I feel like we have control over their decisions still, but as they get older we just will not. Allowing them to make there own decisions is tough and I am struggling with being in control as a Christian mom. Thank you so much for being real and authentic. Andy and I just read your blog and said, it takes courage to allow each other in like you do and we are encouraged with you being so real and authentic. We are walking beside you and praying for you. I think it is great that your son was so honest with you. I hope I have that with my son a he gets older.
Camping sounds fun and like a great get away. We were saying tonight, that we need to make more memories as a family and do more fun stuff. It is great that you are spending time with your kids, no matter where life has them.

Chris H said...

You get through all the crap ONE DAY AT A TIME.... and know that in a year's time you will look back and realise worse things COULD have happened.
One day at a time mate.