Friday, March 13, 2009

Fearless Friday

Visit Angela at FREE SPIRIT HAVEN if you'd like to learn more about Fearless Fridays and lifting our blogging friends in prayer.

Fellow blogger Jo Jo at my random insanities has been dealing with serious health issues for a long time. Please visit her and add her to your prayers!

Angie at KEEP BELIEVING is the mother of two young boys and her husband has brain cancer. They are nearing the end of the road and he is home with her caring for him in his last days.

Both of our mothers are caring for our grandmothers. Mr. Macchiato's 98 year old grandma is pretty much out of it mentally now. My mother-in-law thought she was dying in her arms last week when she had a seizure on the toilet. My mother-in-law is also in excruciating pain with her back, shoulder and knee (from past injuries).

My mother is caring for my 94 year old grandma who suffers from dementia, as well as her 51 year old down syndrome sister. My grandma cannot remember 5 minutes from the next and is constantly accusing my mother of not feeding them. My grandma has diabetes and my aunt is extremely overweight. If my mom gives my grandma more food she just gives it to my aunt. It is very stressful. My mom also has a torn retina that was repaired but her vision is still impaired and may be for many more weeks.

I would love to pray for YOU!


Just Me said...

Prayers for physical and spiritual healing and strength for all of you.

claudia said...

Everyone is in my prayers!

Angela said...

Thanks so much for joining me Coffee in standing in the gap..I will add your prayer requests to my Fearless Friday Prayer Journal also sis..thank you for praying for my family and I...SIGH..oh my precious sister,,it MEANS so much to me...another sigh....sighing again here....((hugs)))

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I am lifting you up tonight, friend, as your heart is heavy for the ones you love. Also, praying for your friend Angie, her husband and boys and for strength and comfort for them during this very difficult time. I am glad to continue to lift up your husband's grandmother and praying tonight for God to sustain and give strength to your mother-in-law as she is faithful to be the care-giver. I recall you saying awhile back that she is a special woman. Walking through all these deep waters with you.....

Thanks for sharing this week about how baseball is going for you all. I am so glad your son is doing very well and enjoying the gifts God has given him.