Monday, March 9, 2009

Fancy Let Me Down

It's true. Fancy, a.k.a. the Lincoln Aviator, let me down. We took her back to Carmax and they kept her for 11 days. I fretted and hoped that it was just a matter of a simple repair. Each day brought disappointment as we were told... one more day.

Mr. Macchiato picked her up Friday afternoon and drove her out to Double Shot's away baseball game. I had driven a load of man boys out there in his Expedition. I could see he was pensive as he walked toward the bleachers. He told me he didn't think they quite fixed Fancy so I left the masacre to take her for a spin. Nope.

Our boys won 28 to 4 in only 4 innings. It's pretty bad when you are praying for the other team to make some runs so they don't feel so bad. It's a mom thing.

I wanted to drive Fancy home so Mr. Macchiato took the boys. The engine light came back on not ten minutes from the field. I drove straight to Carmax. Mr. Macchiato met me there after dropping the boys off at a team pizza/movie night at the home of one of the boys. We spent the next two hours test driving vehicle after vehicle.

There was a Pacifica that dazzled me. She was actually fancier than Fancy on the inside. There was a DVD player and the front and back seats were all heated. I wanted her. Mr. Macchiato does not like Chryslers. at. all. But... we had them pull it up front as a possibility and I hoped.

We drove a Ford Edge, a Nissan Murano, and a Jeep Commando. That Jeep was saaaaahweeet! It had dual sun rooves and a DVD player. We might have got it if it weren't for the fact that it was so wide there was no way we could fit it in the garage with the Expedition and be able to get out of it.

We decided to go home and sleep on it. Well, actually, we were up into the wee hours researching. I was still pulling for the Pacifica until I did some digging around. I found a great site called Repair Pal where you can plug in different makes of cars and get a report on common repair problems to that model. I ran everything we'd seen on that lot that we'd be even remotely interested in... whether we had driven it or not.

Initially, we had gone to Carmax to look at a specific 2007 Ford Explorer. We were running the numbers on it and two Nissan Pathfinders when Mr. Macchiato spied Fancy. The Repair Pal report for Explorers came back clean. Not a thing on it! We went back in the morning and bought it.

By the way, Carmax is AWESOME. No haggling, no hassle and they handled everything with the Lincoln nicely.

We took the Explorer on a little adventure. The weather was miserable on Saturday. Not the type of day anyone would typically buy a new car.

We had another Explorer some years ago. We LOVED it. The kids were not fond of the third row seats because they didn't have a lot of leg room. We traded that car in on our first Expedition for the higher towing capacity. We wore that thing out and bought another exactly like it last year. Same color and everything. We have now owned two Escorts, two Taurus' (Frappy drives one), two Explorers and two Expeditions.
Ford... you should give us a call!!! If that doesn't qualify us as a Ford family, I don't know what does!

The Explorer is actually very similar to Fancy. Just not as fancy. It tooks us all of five minutes to fall in love. To fall in love without the awkwardness. The Explorer is also very similar to the Expedition. Just smaller.

Mr. Macchiato drove up to a little mountain town that isn't too far from our home. We couldn't be gone long. Double Shot did not go with us but he had plans for later and needed us to give him a ride.

It was like a date. We actually have lots of dates at this stage. It is very nice! We stopped for a coffee and then headed back down the hill. When you live where we do... some mountains are just hills. In Mississippi... a teeny weeny hill is a mountain. I know because we lived there and we once went on a hike where the sign said we were at the highest elevation in the state. The hike had the word "mountain" in it and it was not even 500 ft. elevation. We now live at just over 6,000 ft. elevation.

Have y'all read the book, "Go Dogs Go"??? It was one of Chai Tea's favorites! Oh, did she ever love that book! Do you remember the part where the dogs say hello and the one dog asks if he likes her hat? It happens a couple of times and she receives the answer, "No, I do not like your hat!"
See that there look on Booper's face? He did not like my hat! Mr. Macchiato and I were going to pick up Double Shot from a school dance and I came downstairs all bundled up. Benny and Lu Lu FREAKED OUT!!!

Nope. Nope. Nope. My dogs did NOT like my hat!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes i'd vanture a guess and say you are a ford family... we are a mixed lot here I think we have owned a bit of everything LOL :) hope you have a wonderful monday!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sigh typo hell-O is here... venture sheesh

Angela said...

We are Chyrler family and my husband says no fords allowed in our drive way,,LOL.....I LOVE your hat and scarf..I have a red and black scarf very similar...

jojo said...

It sounds like you are single handedly trying to save Ford and GM. If only it was that easy...

Poor Booper...doesn't like the hat. I've not read that one but I think I will get it for my niece. Have a good Monday...

Just Me said...

I love my Pacifica, and as soon as I'd read the word in your post, I was rooting for the Pacifica.

George wanted an Edge when we were car shopping, but the Pacifica came in with a better price. We bought the lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty with it.

BUT we also have a 2005 Explorer, and we love that too. The Explorer has a smidge more room, too. I can fit all three kids in the second-row seat (buckling up is tricky but doable) and still have the third-row cargo space.

Go, Dog, Go!

If you remember, it works out well in the end:

Do you like my hat?
I do! What a hat! I like that party hat!

Can you tell I've read that book a few times over the last seven years? There are several children's books that I can read with my eyes shut, which is mighty convenient when trying to get a kid to fall asleep in a dimly lit room.

claudia said...

We've gone through many types of vehicles here. I never buy from a lot, never get anything under ten years old. (Just can't afford it!) We've gone the Ford route, Volvo, Honda, Toyota, and right now we are a Chevy family. I love mine, it runs fantastic, but it is old and all the little body things are falling apart!
Congrats on your new happy purchase!

Melody said...

What a hat! I like it! I like that party...I mean, winter hat!

Gladys said...

I like your hat.

I'm sorry that Fancy didn't work out. Like I said I love my Lincoln. I know that she is going to crap out one day and I will have to replace her with something else that gets better mileage and not near as much room. I've already decided my next car is going to be a Ford Edge.

jojo said...

Hey Bean,
stop on're the winner of the 200th post contest!!

Elysa said...

Well I LOVE the red fuzzy hat...AND scarf! Scrumptious!!!!

hanagrace said...

I LOVE the pictures! I know where those places are. My husband was just in your city last week for work, there wasn't any here. The whole time I missed our previous state of residence more than I missed him!!! Ford should start paying you to drive their cars!!!