Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All About Baseball

Good Eye Bubba
Double Shot is ducking to avoid being hit. We appreciate when he is able to avoid the ball. This boy has had his nose broken by a baseball which required surgery and has had many a bruise, one of which brought blood to the surface in the shape of the laces on the ball. Once he was hit so hard by his elbow that he flew back landing on his back as if he'd been shot. When we took him to the urgent care the x-ray came back clear... however, we had his hand x-rayed since we were there and it was broken. He'd been playing with it even though it hurt. He once caught an interception in a football game with an injured hand that we found out later was broken. Double Shot is a BEAST.
This season is a bit insane. Even more so than football. Double Shot is playing on both school teams, as are most of the 10th graders. Last year he played second and third bases, some outfield and a little pitching... and a lot of time on the bench. This year they have switched him to first base and he has spent little time on the bench. He pitched a great inning on Monday and struck out two players. He got psyched out pitching a second inning and half way through got put back on first. His hitting is very much improved and, up to this point, has been his weakest area.
Anyway, baseball is severely cutting into my blog time. He's got 3-4 games a week for the next 6 weeks or so. Those games are all during the week too. There's a problem with the teams having to leave school early on game days with kids missing too much of their last classes so some of those games may be moved to Saturdays. Fortunately, Double Shot has study hall the last period so he's not affected so much.
Oy. The games all start at 4 pm. Mr. Macchiato tries to go to all of his games but it is just not possible. We've always had at least one parent at our kids events. Now that it is just Double Shot at home, we both try to be there. That is a lot of baseball for me... a lot. of. baseball.
Driving the boys around is amusing. Double Shot loves me driving because he gets the front seat. On Monday two boys got into our backseat and quickly buckled themselves into the window seats.
Boy 1: Dude, I'm not sitting in the middle this time.
Boy 2: Yeah, we'll see about that Dude, A is walking this way.
Boy 1: I'm already buckled.
Boy 2: Dude he's coming to your side... HA HA!!
Boy 1: No...
A is the largest boy on the team and plays football with Double Shot. He walks up in this very bright black and red plaid coat with fur around the hood and opens the door.
A: Move over.
Boy 1 doesn't say a word and moves to the middle seat. Double Shot and I look at each other and laugh. So does Boy 2.
Boy 2: Dude, what's with that coat?
A: Aww Dude! I got this coat this weekend. It is awesome! It is light but warm.
Me: You look like someone from Alaska.
A: I know. It's awesome.
A looked down at his new coat admiringly. Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if I start seeing more of those around. LOL!
Later as we are driving down the freeway...
Boy 1: Who are we playing?
Me: Some Jesuit school from Pueblo.
Double Shot had to tell them what I said.
Boy 2: We're playing against Jews?


Flea said...

Too funny! I'll have to remember that one for my Catholic aunt. :)

Trisha said...

How fun! Driving teenagers around is a hoot! I think the coat needs to make an appearance on the blog - it would be famous!

By the way - are you going to the NSDA symposium in April?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i love baseball (the kid variety) cant stand the over paid men who play... Have tons of fun!