Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sisterhood Award

MaBunny at AblesAntics passed this sweet award on to me. Thanks Marcy! I now need to pass it on to ten other bloggers.
1. Elysa from Musings from Graceland. Elysa is one of my real life friends and an incredible blessing in my life. She has a real heart for the children in Africa and was a missionary to Swaziland for several years before she was married. She had the opportunity to go back to Swaziland with her two oldest girls last year and her oldest girl is returning to Africa this summer for six weeks. She shares a lot of wisdom on her blog... she also has the biggest hair, lipsticky lips, and sweetest southern drawl of all my friends. I love you Elysa!
2. Karen of Fresh Fixins. Karen is another one of my real life friends. She is a hoot! She is down to earth and says it how she sees it... and is funny while she's at it! I love the sound of her laugh as well as her face when she laughs. You can't help but feel happy when you are around her and she's laughing. She's also an excellent cook and awesome hostess!
3. Hannah from Metamorphosis. I met Hannah back in 2005 at the first Women of Faith conference I went to. We went with our church and she was a 21 year old brand new mom with a crying baby. She reminded me of myself so many years before. We took care of their little girl when they had their little boy less than two years later. We really didn't get to know each other as well as we do now until they moved to another state (partly due to my voice... but also because I communicate who I am and my heart better through writing than I do in person). I haven't told her this... I've enjoyed watching her confidence in herself and who she is in Christ grow. She's a brooder and shares her journey on her blog.
4. Trisha from In My Dreams I Can Talk. Trisha is my SD sister. She's handling it much better than I and she inspires me! She's about to leave for the NSDA symposium and I look forward to her report on it all. She has a sweet, calming spirit that really comes through on her blog. If you like to read, she's got reviews of all the books she reads! I hope to meet her in person someday.
5. Laura~Peach of Silence is Broken. Laura is a sweetheart! She is in the teen trenches too and is always so encouraging when we commiserate through e-mail. She is down to earth honest and real. She's shared her painful past on her blog... everything she's been through would sour many from even attempting to keep up a relationship with family members. Not her. Her commitment to her mother who is a nursing home and the detail with which she chronicles her extended family, many of them elderly, is a testament to the ties in her heart that binds her to them... and she was adopted as an infant. Oh... and she's got a grand baby baking... and she's a year younger than me! LOL!
6. Wendy from Heading to Swaziland. Wendy had not yet commented on my blog but sent me an e-mail some months ago. Her e-mails always come at just the right times! I've been blown away by her inquiries about family members when I haven't blogged about them in some time and her praying for them. Her entire family is headed to Swaziland in a couple months for a three week missions trip. She and her husband are brand new to blogging. Check it out! You will be blessed.
7. Angela at Free Spirit Haven. I woke up one morning to find a slew of comments from Angela on a bunch of my posts. She really made my day!
I haven't told her this... y'all know I'm a bit freaky about the Internet and thought blogging was a bad thing... and I try to keep my blogs anonymous... anyway, I am notified by e-mail when I get a comment. If that person deletes their comment I still get it in my inbox even though it has been removed from the blog. Well... a comment was deleted from her but the exact same comment came up below it from another blogger. It FREAKED me out. I did an IP trace on both bloggers trying to figure out if the comments were coming from the same location. Those two comments did but the e-mails from Angela and other comments of hers were coming from Canada where she lives. I couldn't wrap my mind around it so I decided to just hang tight and see what happened. At first, I thought that maybe someone had set up different blogs with different pictures and life stories in an effort to run some elaborate blogging scam. I now know exactly what happened. A gal here set up a meals schedule for a couple of the baseball coaches that had lost family members the same weekend and gave everyone her password to get into a program where we could sign up online and list what we'd be making so we didn't have repeats. I forgot to log out and when I went to post a comment on a blog it came up under her blogger profile. I then realized that this other blogger, who is a friend of Angela's, must have been given her password to help her with something on her blog and she forgot to sign out before commenting on my blog. Mystery solved.
Angela is intense. She is funny, serious, and completely devoted to God. Her blog is filled with her struggles as she clings to the Father to get her through. She shares tons of scripture every day. She also post videos of herself sharing her insights, tours of her house as she strives to bring glory to God even in the mundane things, and sometimes even of her dancing. She is what I would call a Charismatic Catholic, if there is such a thing. She used to be much heavier but God is releasing her from her addiction to food. She's lost nearly 85 lbs. over the last two years without dieting. Since I struggle with my weight I find that interesting in that she still has days when she turns to food or slides back into other old habits of hers. In my own life when I've experienced the same I've just felt like a failure and given up. She doesn't give up and it's making me see things a little differently. She's also been going through relational struggles with relatives and her husband was laid off 7 months ago. Her faith is the rubber meeting the road and moving forward.
8. Chris at DIET COKE ROCKS. I love Chris! Her blog is very unique in that she just writes about her day each day. She comes back and updates throughout the day in different colors and shares all kinds of pictures. She lives in New Zealand and has a different way of saying things. Sometimes I have to ask what she means! She is a says it like she sees it girl and catches some heat for it from commentors sometimes. She also struggles with her weight. She lost 67 kilos (or something close to that) a couple years ago (I figured out it was somewhere around 134 lbs.) and has gained some back. She had major complications from a hysterectomy last year and nearly died. She hasn't given up though and she's determined to lose it again. I've lost a lot of weight several times and I feel so hopeless about it much of the time. Between Chris and Angela I am seeing that it is a fight I will probably never be free from and that it is not how many times I fall that counts... it is how many times I get back up and fight that does. Intellectually, I've always known this but it is different actually seeing people living it out and showing that it is possible that has made a difference for me. Chris is also into quilting. I am amazed by what she can do in one day! She keeps an immaculate house, is a total shopaholic (I hate shopping!), is social, is raising two of her grandkids, cooks, has a garden, knocks out zillions of blocks AND blogs AND reads and comments on other blogs!
9. Kathy from Kathy's Dusty Trails. Kathy is a traveling vet. She doesn't always post regularly because she's got a pretty full and busy life. She lives in my dream home. They are in a cabin in the mountains and have horses, dogs, cats and a garden. I devour her pictures! She also sometimes shows pictures of surgeries on her patients. Those can be a bit gross but they are fascinating to me nonetheless. She lives fairly close to my Dad in California so I am hoping to meet her one day! I'd love to sit on her porch with her and her Cowboy husband and have her tell me about the animals she's treated. Then... I think I'd become a squatter on her property and never leave.
10. Rick of Organized Doodles. Ummmm... yeah. I'm giving a Dude the Sisterhood Award. Not because he's girly or anything. He rides a Harley and is happily married. For him, I'll call this the Brotherhood Award.
My first blog, Laughing Always Helps, was really just for kicks. I didn't share much about my faith, nothing about having SD, and nothing serious. Then Chai Tea ran away. I got real real quick. Rick was like an angel sent to us in the midst of that. His e-mails got me through my darkest moments as a mother and let me know that God did still care and was there. I deleted that blog because someone found and contacted my daughter through something I posted that enabled them to figure out where she was because they live in the same area within hours of my posting it. It made a sticky situation even stickier.
It's funny... that blog took off from the first post with 16 comments. I thought that was the way blogs were. Before I deleted it, after only having it barely 3 months, I was getting as many as 600 hits a day. I have had this blog a year now (the anniversary was last week and I forgot about it) and I average 50 something a day. It was a bit upsetting at first but I don't pay much attention to the site meter anymore. This blog is a more accurate representation of my real life and I'm not writing to acquire numbers. I can't keep up with all the people that comment as it is and I am much more interested in that.
Anyway, back to RICK! LOL! He is a wise father! He is the creator of my blog headers! And guess what? It looks like we will be getting to meet him and his wife this summer if everything works out... and I'm praying it does!
Really, I wanted to give the Sisterhood Award to all of you bloggers that comment here. Your words have made me laugh, cry and I so appreciate them. However, in limiting myself to choosing just ten, I hope that the seriousness with which I chose the ten above is conveyed and that y'all know how very much you mean to me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Computers... *&$#@*!!!

Mr. Macchiato's computer died yesterday. My laptop keeps shocking me. I am risking my very life to blog! Now that is dedication. Actually, my computer did this before the hard drive crashed last year. Great.

Anyway, I'm not gonna stick around on here today. You know... because... as much as I think my life sucks some days... I still kinda want to live it.

I hope y'all are having a fabulous Monday and that whatever drudgery you've got to do isn't too drudgerous. Me? The usual... laundry, ironing, dusting, vacuuming... mopping up melting snow the dogs drag in.

**I rarely watch Oprah, however, tomorrow, March 31st, she is discussing dystonia with Dr. Oz and Michael J. Fox will be on.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poudre Canyon

Poor Lu Lu...
She had to stay in the trailer in her crate
while we went on a hike.

It was a pretty drive through the canyon.

This is what was left of a deer leg at the trail head.
Not something you want to see when you are going to be tromping around in the woods.

The trail was pretty.
It was a steep trail.

We actually had to crawl around over rocks.

I have a vague memory of either a hokey 70's movie about a rock monster... or it was a nightmare. This group of rocks reminded me of it.

Yup, they are on the trail.
At this point I was wishing I didn't have to continue on.

Poudre River

Uhhh... that water was COLD!!!
We drove on up the mountain after our hike.
It. Was. Spectacular.

Just. Fabulous.

Profile Rock

We stopped at a restaurant/gift shop on the way back down.

It was my kind of place!

Double Shot was refueled adequately...
but was ready for more food shortly thereafter.
He is one lean mean eating machine.

A Little Trip

We decided to take some time off and go on a camping trip this last week. We didn't go far, one of the advantages of living in Colorado, we don't have to. We have a trailer which makes camping this time of year possible. Even so... things got a bit dicey and we had to rush home on Wednesday when the wind died down so we could re-winterize the trailer and get it back in storage before the big snow hit on Thursday.

Lu Lu was happy to go.

We camped by a little lake in a pretty much deserted KOA campground up near Frappy's college. I prefer to camp in a more primitive setting but KOA's are nice for a base when you will be doing things elsewhere. I can't imagine going to stay at one and not going anywhere else even though they have all sorts of ammenities like miniture golf, game rooms, fitness rooms, cabins, paddle boats, etc. With it being off season, those things were not available while we were there.

We've got some family drama going on... with all three kids. Chai Tea has dropped out of college and will be leaving us in a couple weeks to move in with her boyfriend in Mississippi. Frappy and Cuppa Joe broke up. (uhhh... update... they are back together. OY! The DrAmA!!!) Double Shot has not been doing his homework and is ineligible to play ball next week.

It is so hard to watch the fall out from your kids' decisions...
Double Shot wrote us a very heartfelt and honest letter last night. It was difficult for me to read. The changes in our family have been hard on him, as they have been on all of us.
My voice, the problems with our children, the suicide of my friend, the problems within our country... the disconnect I feel at church... How do other people get through this stuff with grace? I know we are not the only family to go through these sorts of things... Sigh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sun is Shining!

Boy... I left that last depressing post and then haven't been able to get on the computer. I want to thank y'all for leaving such sweet and encouraging comments. It really meant a lot to me. What's funny is... when I have a post like that it is the death knell of that current trip to the pit. I'm a brooder and I tend to not speak of the things I'm going through until I'm ready to move on. It's kind of like... well, getting back up and shaking the dust off.

This blog is really a strange thing. I don't like people I know in real life knowing that I have it unless we know each other well... or they are someone that I feel comfortable with. I don't have a problem at all with sharing things that I've gone through and have processed, on my terms. I've pretty much worked through things in my mind when I get to the point of sharing. Most of the people that read this that know me personally have told me at some point that they've gotten to know and understand me through this blog in a way they couldn't in person. I think that is probably because it is anonymous so I don't worry as much about what anyone might think.

You know, we all have our burdens. As a Christian, I try to lay mine down, and I do. I just have a problem with turning around and picking them back up again.

My posting is probably going to be sporadic over the next 10 days or so. Double Shot's spring break is next week and Frappy is still home on hers. We are getting in a lot of good Mom/Daughter time! Oh! And at Double Shot's baseball game yesterday I waited around afterward and pushed myself to talk to some people instead of dashing to my car and waiting for the boys there. I even took a notepad and pen and used it with a person that has a harder time hearing me than some others. Some of those prison bars around me are of my own making.


I hope you come back in time to see this...

Thank you so much for the comment you left. My heart broke for you over the loss of your husband and for all you are facing. I am excited and hopeful for you as you are moving in a direction to help yourself and you inspire me! You are in my prayers!

And thanks to you too Fly Boy! Your comment made me cry.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Back Up

I cannot believe I am still struggling with accepting the fact that I have Spasmodic Dysphonia. I was diagnosed over three years ago. I have had times when I've had the right attitude and I thought that it would get easier as time goes on. But it hasn't. It has gotten harder. I don't want this.

I've been avoiding other SD blogs. I've not gone to the SD message boards in I don't know how long. I ignore all the new topic alerts for Voice Matters. I delete the e-mails from the support group in Denver without reading them. I don't want this!

Why does it have to be such an inner fight? Why can't I just accept it and move on?

Somehow I've allowed a cynicism to develop that was not part of who I was before. I don't want to be like that. The person I was before is not the person I've allowed myself to become. My mind is filled with, "I used to..." and "I can't."

On top of that is my feelings of failure as a mother. I know that my children are their own people with minds and wills of their own. I know that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. But... in my heart I still grieve. I still spend so much time rethinking every choice I made and wallowing in regret.

I thought I was a better person, a stronger person.

My life as it is currently is not what I want. It is not even remotely what I thought my life would be. My kids are not bad kids. They could certainly be far worse. My husband is a good man and we have a very good relationship, one we fought for. Last week I was complaining again about how invisible I am in certain situations and how hard it is to be among groups of people and yet totally alone. He told me later that he thought, "My God... I cannot die before her." It startled me because I don't know what I would do if he did. He's my life line. When we are in places where I can't be heard I just have to look into his eyes, say some of the words and then he talks for me. He tells me often that it makes him sad that I'm so sad. I get so wrapped up in what it is like for me that I don't even think about what it is like for my family. They've lost something too.

I think about myself far more than I think about anything or anyone else. I do. If it is not about how much I hate SD it is about other things like thinking about losing weight while eating cookies or staring at the beginnings of my turkey waddle neck and thinning hair.

I haven't even gone to church in weeks. I just sit there and think about how I can't even sing along or talk to anyone because the sanctuary is too loud. I listen to the teaching and think, "I already know this."

I've tried to make the shift to thinking about what I can do instead of what I can't do. There have been periods of time when I felt like I was still useful and had something to offer... I just haven't been able to sustain it.

I sometimes follow adoption blogs. There was a time when we thought we were going to adopt. It's been a hard thing for me to let go even though I rarely speak of it. We had our kids young and we are nearly done with the active part of parenting children. I thought I'd be involved in a ministry to children of some sort. I've been home alone during the day except during the summer for 18 months now. It sucks. What will it be like when our son leaves for college? Well... actually, our mornings with him are so rotten that I sometimes think it will be really nice. The thought of being home alone while my husband works for the next 25 years freaks me out.

Trisha is a former teacher with SD. She's currently taking sign language classes at a college. I thought about taking sign language before but it seemed pointless since no one I know can understand it. I've been thinking though that my family would probably pick up on it if I signed while saying what I was signing. I'm also thinking that maybe I could work with deaf children...

I've been thinking a lot. I'm going to get up, dust myself off and try again.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Are Classy!

Frappacino came home from college last night for spring break. She had not been home since Christmas break. Mr. Macchiato went up to spend a day with her as did I several weeks later so we haven't had to go too long without a Frappy Fix.

Double Shot had a baseball game after which Mr. Macchiato had to run him back up to the school to get his retainers out of his locker (He just got his braces off on Monday). Thank goodness there was an event going on so that he could get back into the school. Frappy had gotten home while we were out at the field so I picked her up and we went to Blockbuster and Costco. Of course, the boys got home before we did and kept calling for us to hurry on home.

We had a mighty fine dinner of Costco sushi and cookies. The kids were excited and there was a lot of laughing. The subject of blue darts came up. If you don't know what a blue dart is... go to YouTube.

Mr. Macchiato entered a Lip Sync contest with three of his buddies when they were in college. They called themselves the Blue Darts. They got together and practiced a dance routine they put together for Shout by Odis Day and the Knights. I only got to see the performance after the fact on video tape, but I was there for several practices. I didn't know what a blue dart was and one of the guys graciously demonstrated one for me. It is just one of the many ways I was corrupted by my husband and his friends.

The dance team took first place which Mr. Macchiato, to this day, says is not fair. Second place actually went to the boyfriend of a friend of mine. He sang My Girl by the Temptations. The Blue Darts took third.

My baby girl had not the innocence of her mother upon entering college. My baby girl has not the presence of mind to recognize that such things ought not be laughed about... or encouraged. My baby girl excitedly told her little brother of the blue darts she'd seen on YouTube... at the dinner table. I'm hanging my head in shame.

They totally get it from their father.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fearless Friday

Visit Angela at FREE SPIRIT HAVEN if you'd like to learn more about Fearless Fridays and lifting our blogging friends in prayer.

Fellow blogger Jo Jo at my random insanities has been dealing with serious health issues for a long time. Please visit her and add her to your prayers!

Angie at KEEP BELIEVING is the mother of two young boys and her husband has brain cancer. They are nearing the end of the road and he is home with her caring for him in his last days.

Both of our mothers are caring for our grandmothers. Mr. Macchiato's 98 year old grandma is pretty much out of it mentally now. My mother-in-law thought she was dying in her arms last week when she had a seizure on the toilet. My mother-in-law is also in excruciating pain with her back, shoulder and knee (from past injuries).

My mother is caring for my 94 year old grandma who suffers from dementia, as well as her 51 year old down syndrome sister. My grandma cannot remember 5 minutes from the next and is constantly accusing my mother of not feeding them. My grandma has diabetes and my aunt is extremely overweight. If my mom gives my grandma more food she just gives it to my aunt. It is very stressful. My mom also has a torn retina that was repaired but her vision is still impaired and may be for many more weeks.

I would love to pray for YOU!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All About Baseball

Good Eye Bubba
Double Shot is ducking to avoid being hit. We appreciate when he is able to avoid the ball. This boy has had his nose broken by a baseball which required surgery and has had many a bruise, one of which brought blood to the surface in the shape of the laces on the ball. Once he was hit so hard by his elbow that he flew back landing on his back as if he'd been shot. When we took him to the urgent care the x-ray came back clear... however, we had his hand x-rayed since we were there and it was broken. He'd been playing with it even though it hurt. He once caught an interception in a football game with an injured hand that we found out later was broken. Double Shot is a BEAST.
This season is a bit insane. Even more so than football. Double Shot is playing on both school teams, as are most of the 10th graders. Last year he played second and third bases, some outfield and a little pitching... and a lot of time on the bench. This year they have switched him to first base and he has spent little time on the bench. He pitched a great inning on Monday and struck out two players. He got psyched out pitching a second inning and half way through got put back on first. His hitting is very much improved and, up to this point, has been his weakest area.
Anyway, baseball is severely cutting into my blog time. He's got 3-4 games a week for the next 6 weeks or so. Those games are all during the week too. There's a problem with the teams having to leave school early on game days with kids missing too much of their last classes so some of those games may be moved to Saturdays. Fortunately, Double Shot has study hall the last period so he's not affected so much.
Oy. The games all start at 4 pm. Mr. Macchiato tries to go to all of his games but it is just not possible. We've always had at least one parent at our kids events. Now that it is just Double Shot at home, we both try to be there. That is a lot of baseball for me... a lot. of. baseball.
Driving the boys around is amusing. Double Shot loves me driving because he gets the front seat. On Monday two boys got into our backseat and quickly buckled themselves into the window seats.
Boy 1: Dude, I'm not sitting in the middle this time.
Boy 2: Yeah, we'll see about that Dude, A is walking this way.
Boy 1: I'm already buckled.
Boy 2: Dude he's coming to your side... HA HA!!
Boy 1: No...
A is the largest boy on the team and plays football with Double Shot. He walks up in this very bright black and red plaid coat with fur around the hood and opens the door.
A: Move over.
Boy 1 doesn't say a word and moves to the middle seat. Double Shot and I look at each other and laugh. So does Boy 2.
Boy 2: Dude, what's with that coat?
A: Aww Dude! I got this coat this weekend. It is awesome! It is light but warm.
Me: You look like someone from Alaska.
A: I know. It's awesome.
A looked down at his new coat admiringly. Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if I start seeing more of those around. LOL!
Later as we are driving down the freeway...
Boy 1: Who are we playing?
Me: Some Jesuit school from Pueblo.
Double Shot had to tell them what I said.
Boy 2: We're playing against Jews?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday Hike

The weather was fabulous on Sunday...
So we decided to go on a hike!
Benny was glad to go...
Poor Lu Lu stayed home.

It was in the mid fifties and sunny with a slight breeze.

In the shade it was a bit cold with some remnant snow hanging around.

Mr. Macchiato is a sweetie.
He noticed my boot had come untied and told me to stop so he could tie it.
We walked along a creek and it made the most lovely sound!

Booper enjoyed himself immensely!

I loved the way the sun came down through the trees.

Even in winter it is pretty.

Mr. Macchiato took this picture.
We had passed this little guy sitting on a rock on our way out.
He says we should go back next week and see if it is still there.
We took a winding narrow dirt road back down the mountain.
I love the mountains.

A tunnel...

The light at the end of the tunnel...

It is so nice to just take it all in now and then...

And to just breathe...

Back down toward home.
That is Kansas way out yonder.

A blurry... and pooped but happy Booper.

Any and all calories burned were promptly replaced...
And then some.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fancy Let Me Down

It's true. Fancy, a.k.a. the Lincoln Aviator, let me down. We took her back to Carmax and they kept her for 11 days. I fretted and hoped that it was just a matter of a simple repair. Each day brought disappointment as we were told... one more day.

Mr. Macchiato picked her up Friday afternoon and drove her out to Double Shot's away baseball game. I had driven a load of man boys out there in his Expedition. I could see he was pensive as he walked toward the bleachers. He told me he didn't think they quite fixed Fancy so I left the masacre to take her for a spin. Nope.

Our boys won 28 to 4 in only 4 innings. It's pretty bad when you are praying for the other team to make some runs so they don't feel so bad. It's a mom thing.

I wanted to drive Fancy home so Mr. Macchiato took the boys. The engine light came back on not ten minutes from the field. I drove straight to Carmax. Mr. Macchiato met me there after dropping the boys off at a team pizza/movie night at the home of one of the boys. We spent the next two hours test driving vehicle after vehicle.

There was a Pacifica that dazzled me. She was actually fancier than Fancy on the inside. There was a DVD player and the front and back seats were all heated. I wanted her. Mr. Macchiato does not like Chryslers. at. all. But... we had them pull it up front as a possibility and I hoped.

We drove a Ford Edge, a Nissan Murano, and a Jeep Commando. That Jeep was saaaaahweeet! It had dual sun rooves and a DVD player. We might have got it if it weren't for the fact that it was so wide there was no way we could fit it in the garage with the Expedition and be able to get out of it.

We decided to go home and sleep on it. Well, actually, we were up into the wee hours researching. I was still pulling for the Pacifica until I did some digging around. I found a great site called Repair Pal where you can plug in different makes of cars and get a report on common repair problems to that model. I ran everything we'd seen on that lot that we'd be even remotely interested in... whether we had driven it or not.

Initially, we had gone to Carmax to look at a specific 2007 Ford Explorer. We were running the numbers on it and two Nissan Pathfinders when Mr. Macchiato spied Fancy. The Repair Pal report for Explorers came back clean. Not a thing on it! We went back in the morning and bought it.

By the way, Carmax is AWESOME. No haggling, no hassle and they handled everything with the Lincoln nicely.

We took the Explorer on a little adventure. The weather was miserable on Saturday. Not the type of day anyone would typically buy a new car.

We had another Explorer some years ago. We LOVED it. The kids were not fond of the third row seats because they didn't have a lot of leg room. We traded that car in on our first Expedition for the higher towing capacity. We wore that thing out and bought another exactly like it last year. Same color and everything. We have now owned two Escorts, two Taurus' (Frappy drives one), two Explorers and two Expeditions.
Ford... you should give us a call!!! If that doesn't qualify us as a Ford family, I don't know what does!

The Explorer is actually very similar to Fancy. Just not as fancy. It tooks us all of five minutes to fall in love. To fall in love without the awkwardness. The Explorer is also very similar to the Expedition. Just smaller.

Mr. Macchiato drove up to a little mountain town that isn't too far from our home. We couldn't be gone long. Double Shot did not go with us but he had plans for later and needed us to give him a ride.

It was like a date. We actually have lots of dates at this stage. It is very nice! We stopped for a coffee and then headed back down the hill. When you live where we do... some mountains are just hills. In Mississippi... a teeny weeny hill is a mountain. I know because we lived there and we once went on a hike where the sign said we were at the highest elevation in the state. The hike had the word "mountain" in it and it was not even 500 ft. elevation. We now live at just over 6,000 ft. elevation.

Have y'all read the book, "Go Dogs Go"??? It was one of Chai Tea's favorites! Oh, did she ever love that book! Do you remember the part where the dogs say hello and the one dog asks if he likes her hat? It happens a couple of times and she receives the answer, "No, I do not like your hat!"
See that there look on Booper's face? He did not like my hat! Mr. Macchiato and I were going to pick up Double Shot from a school dance and I came downstairs all bundled up. Benny and Lu Lu FREAKED OUT!!!

Nope. Nope. Nope. My dogs did NOT like my hat!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Weather Has Been Delightful...

Angela at FREE SPIRIT HAVEN has set up a prayer ring for bloggers. Check it out! I haven't really participated yet but am planning to. If any of y'all would like me to pray for you e-mail me at coffeebeankel@earthlink.net

We have been having some wonderful weather! I even opened some of my windows yesterday! It was a bit too windy though and I didn't get to leave them open for long.
I'm on a roll with the house. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my multi-tasking skills. I wonder if that is like a muscle and if you don't use it it atrophies. Maybe my current obsession with politics has made me more like a man. Ha Ha! Good Lord, NO! It's been so long since I've wanted to clean... it feels good to do a thorough job.
The first baseball game is today. Double Shot is playing on both teams. He's got three games next week! Of course, he's absolutely thrilled. Mr. Macchiato LOVES baseball. He's doesn't really watch it on TV though (which, after football, is nice!). He likes to go to the games. I told him last night that with Double Shot having 26 games that he had better not be nagging at me to go to any other baseball games! He can go but... ugh! I'll go to one... maybe. Anyway, I've got a lot to do today before the game. The weather is turning so it is probably going to be pretty miserable with the wind and colder air moving in.
I am hoping to get caught up on your blogs soon! Have a great weekend everybody!