Friday, February 13, 2009

Words from the Wise

At the ripe old age of 42 I've learned a lot of valuable lessons. Being the type of person that I am I like to share these little tid bits, nuggets if you will, from time to time. I'm all about helping others along their own journeys...

1. You can get away with wearing undies that are a tad too tight if your pants are a tad loose. You cannot, however, get away with wearing undies that are a tad too big with pants that are a tad too tight.

2. It is always best to remove brownies from the pan. That way it will not be evident to anyone just how much of them you have eaten throughout the course of the day.

3. If you have slacked in your duties as housewife... by, I don't know, spending too much time on your laptop... you can quickly refresh your house by running through and making sure all the glass is clean and throwing a splash of pine-sol into the showers. Lighting a couple candles is good too. Men never can tell if anything has actually been cleaned or not. Unless you are my brother Buck. He's picky.

That's all for now. I have to be careful not to overwhelm y'all.

Tomorrow Chai Tea is turning 20. Yes, on Valentine's Day. Pretty cool day to have your first baby on if you ask me! Today is my brother Trevor's 35th birthday. WOW! I changed some of that boy's diapers! Lord have mercy!


4. When you don't really have time to blog but want to throw something out there so those great people that stop by aren't met with the same post from the day before... put up something dumb like this. It may... or may not be... better than nothin'.


Trisha said...

Always appreciate words of wisdom! Happy Birthday Chai!

Gladys said...

You forgot to add that when wearing really tight pants with too big underwear it is wise to wear a big long blousy top. Also never wear granny panties with low rise jeans, it's just ugly. Oh wait at my age it's just ugly to wear low rise jeans.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i think it is great Happy b day trevor and happy birthday chai!

Just Me said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor and Chai!!!

Someone (Dave Barry, maybe?) also once wrote that running a heavy book or a 2x4 back and forth across the rug made tracks in the nap that looked like vacuum-cleaner marks.

You won't catch me dead in low-rise jeans unless some benevolent soul buys me a tummy tuck first.

Junebug said...

So wise! Ha ha. I love number 3.

Angela said...

I have a little something for you at my blog 'wise precious woman'

claudia said...

Now I feel youngest is a year older than your oldest! UGH!
Happy Birthdays Trevor and Chai!
Thanks for the words of wisdom. I'll have to remember the panties/pants ones, cause the staying on my computer too long doesn't matter, no one will tell me about how my house is neglected but me!

Karen Deborah said...

42 is not OLD I was still a hot chick at 42, gimme a break a word from the old and wise.
Umm if you'll change the splash of pine sol to a spray of clorox cleanup your shower will be clean without any scrubbing. AND that would be me who is 11 years older than you. I spelling that right yet?
no? di'int think so.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Chai and Trevor! Praying that it is great birthday for both of them! How cool is that, to have a baby on Valentines Day! Have fun celebrating.

All five of us in our family ended up getting sick by the end of this week. Mine ended up turing into pneumonia-yuck, but with the steroids and heavy antibiotics I am starting to gain on it. We are glad to have a nice long weekend to recover. Wishing you all blessings for the week!


Chris H said...

I like your 'better than nothing' posts!
I have done the splash cleaner around the house and pretend you've been busy all day cleaning trick!!!
ha ha ha... men can be so dumb!

Texas Gardener said...

My trick is to spray the kitchen counter with 409 everyday. If it is clean no one looks at the floor!!

hanagrace said...

I LOVE it! Except now I want chocolate. I may make some brownies now. I especially loved #3. Awesome. :-) Did Chai Tea have a good birthday?