Monday, February 23, 2009

Text Time!

Ahhhhh... my text boxes are full and need to be emptied. As I flipped through them I got a few chuckles. I thought I'd share... but, I'm not telling you which is from who.. Nope. You can just wonder. He He!

What do you want? Agh! R u sitting in the pt office being really bored?

Okay... that is getting a little weird.

How does she think we paid her tuition?

Lu Lu rules.


Nonsense. I always love you. How is your terrible rotten fur baby? How is my wonderful lovable infallible Lu Lu?

Miss Me?

Benny Best Dog! (with picture)

Yiggy Yo!

You don't love me today. No call. No text. No nuthin'.

Oh puhleeeeeeze. Every bad thing Booper has done Lu Lu taught him!

Benny is drooling all over me. Lu Lu is a hag.

No. Freak.

Yip yip unh huh unh huh.

ooooooh! Find out how to take care of it so you don't kill it!

Do you want me to cook or do you want to go out?

Buy American? Okay Mr. XL7

Dream on!


Angela said...

I'm so embarassed to say,,I don't EVEN know how to text. LOL I just learned how to turn the flippin cell phone on and off. I was going to be using my eldest son's blackberry, but when I yelled from my room, 'Randan, how do I turn this phone on', he came in and said, 'mom, why don't you just give that phone to Asher and take his. Your NEVER going to figure out how to use this, if you can't even turn it on'. LOL....

MaBunny said...

LOL, cute! We don't text , so more power to u:))

Laura ~Peach~ said...

giggles... my phone messages are just as confusing if mot more son since martha uses my phone too with her friends LOL... my most favorite for this week is from her friend dominique he was asking what martha is doing... then when i said she was sleeping he said its ok I dont want to talk to her right now anyway ! then he said I just wanted to see if you had a good day ... silly boy trying to butter me up ... he is too funny!

Trisha said...

Your text box is worth some good smiles!

hanagrace said...

SO funny. I should post some of the things people write on my facebook wall. Like today someone said 'Geez, woman, did you go through a wind tunnel?' in regards to a photo I posted. :-)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Funny! I'd have to vote for "No. Freak" as my favorite.
With 4 teenagers of my own, I've gotten my share of odd, thought-provoking messages too. My fav from one of my kids, (I even wrote a post about it) was, "Can I vaccuum glass?" Yea, my text reply was, "How much, where, and is there any blood involved?" Kids!

Glad I stumbled by your blog. :)