Monday, February 2, 2009

Slugging it out...

Lu Lu is doing much better. I went ahead and took her to the vet to have some blood work done... Although, $145 later we don't really know much more other than the kidney disease has advanced since the last time it was checked. She has not been peeing in her crate the last couple of days and isn't getting us up as often at night. She is sleeping more and not as tolerant of Benny... I think she's got some more time. We are putting her in a diaper when she is out and about in the house.

I did not accomplish all I wanted to last week. Double Shot had a lung check last Tuesday and it was not good. He'd been coughing some a couple days before. Well, he ended up missing school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It's been a couple years since he's been that sick. We just happened to catch it right as it was getting started. He had to go back on the nebulizer and there were some really rough nights. Normally, when he gets that sick it takes a good month or so for him to fully recover. He's still coughing but well on his way.

I have been going through closets, drawers and cupboards. It is slow going... I have never in my life lived in one house as long as we've lived in this one (six years). When you move every 3 years or so, you tend to go through everything and have a fresh start. We did pack everything up 18 months ago when we did the remodel but we still have a storage unit packed with stuff. The office closet is only partially organized and I've got too much stuff crammed into the storage area of the basement. We've got so many unfinished projects too... I just want to get everything in order and deep cleaned. I found two laundry baskets under my bed that were full of old magazines and miscellaneous papers that I shoved under there months ago... like back in MAY when my family came for the girls' graduation. I also haven't filed our papers in a year. They are in a file box... in a pile. And our pictures... I'm starting to hyperventilate...

Mr. Macchiato woke me up at 11 pm last night to tell me he smelled gas. For the entire time we've been married he has done this 3 or 4 times a year. Sometimes it is gas... sometimes it is electrical burning. He'll sit up in bed and start sniffing and then go around the house smelling outlets, walls, the air... even walk outside. He freaks out. I usually follow him around while rolling my eyes. Well... I also smelled gas. He called the utility company and they told us not to turn anything on or off or run any hot water until they got someone out here. It was weird because it didn't have the rotten egg smell... it smelled more like gasoline. Mr. Macchiato opened the door to the garage and we were hit with the source of the smell. The gas tank to the lawn mower ruptured for no reason. It hasn't been used in months. The guy that came out thoroughly checked out the house and told us that that sometimes happens with lawn mowers. The house still stinks this morning.

When we finally crawled into bed our neighbor's basset hound was barking. That dog... UGH!!! These are the only neighbors I don't like. They called animal control on our next door neighbor's dog a couple years ago when we were dog sitting for them because they said he had no food or water. I told them the dog could get into the garage through a dog door on the side of the house and had food and water in there. The dog was very upset that his owners left... These people often dog sit and I think they have 3 of their own. I sometimes get people at my door trying to determine where the barking is coming from thinking it is here. Last night I wanted to go beat their door down and give them a piece of my mind.

I don't know how long it is going to take me to finish getting this house organized and really clean. I've got a four page list I'm working through. I decided not to have a goal time wise because it just makes me unhappy with the progress I do make. I'm just going to keep ticking things off the list and make maintaining what I've accomplished the number one priority. There is nothing worse than having stuff get undone before finishing. My ultimate goal is to get rid of that storage unit.


MaBunny said...

Glad Lulu is doing better! Hope she continues to improve.
More so, I hope Double shot it better - asthma is NO fun! Thank goodness Nicole has outgrown it for the most part.
Glad the gas turned out to be nothing more than a messy exploded lawnmower tank.

Chris H said...

A dog in a nappy, now that's something I'd like to see!
Good luck on the big clean.. I too like everything to be neat and tidy.
Sorry your son is not well, hopefully he will improve soon.
One of our neighbours has a dog that barks all the time too.. it drives me nuts!

Melody said...

I'm right there with you on the declutter. I've lived in this house for 6 years to the month. Junk really piles up, leterally, in that time, huh?!

Karen Deborah said...

I can so relate to your son. When I have asthma it is the same for me, and this has been a rough winter for me. I'm very glad Lulu is better but it sounds like she is still pretty sick. I've cleaned and organized all evening. It's endless you know.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i would come clean out your if you do mine... i have 22 years of build up here!~

Trisha said...

Good luck with your list. I know you can do it!

I hope Double Shot is feeling better - what a horrible time to be sick - in the winter!