Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan and into the FIRE?

Booper likes to go to the park.

He didn't used to like to ride in the car.
Now he does.
Especially if we are going to the park.
It makes him happy!

Booper smiling at me makes me happy!

This is our 2005 Chevy Trailblazer.
Or... this was our 2005 Chevy Trailblazer.

We recently had to replace the entire electrical bundle for the dash... no, that particular part of the car was not under warranty and it cost a lot.

The automatic door locks decided that they only want to work... when they feel like it.

The moulding has been falling off for some time and we've had it reattached and some replaced.

The front passenger door was coming apart.

Mr. Macchiato likes to buy cars.
I'm the one who usually holds back.
Until I want a new car.
Then... all I do is say,
"I don't like my car."

Mr. Macchiato got on the computer and started doing his thing.
It didn't look like we could do it because we probably wouldn't get enough in trade for the Trailblazer.
My mind went on to other things.
Not Mr. Macchiato's.
I wanted to go for a walk.
Mr. Macchiato said, "Wait."

Mr. Macchiato then said, "Let's go look, I found something."
In the car he said, "If they give us at least $$$, we can do it."

We went to Carmax.
We sat down to see what they would give us in trade.
They came back with more than Mr. Macchiato's bottom line.

We looked at a Ford Explorer...
two Nissan Pathfinders...
and a Lincoln Aviator.

Mr. Macchiato had them run the numbers on all four.
We were there a long time.

I'm a Ford girl.

We got the Lincoln Aviator.

This beauty is a 2004 with under 35,000 miles.
I fell in love.
I call her Fancy.

She made our insurance go down.

She's even prettier on the inside than she is on the outside.

She's a lovely hostess.
She makes people comfortable and...
is most welcoming.

And she can go fast.
Don't worry,
I've been warned.
I also have not gotten a ticket in six years.
I'm a good girl now.

There was a dinging of a small bell after we brought Fancy home.
She started to quiver just before accelerating...
and at stop lights.

We have 5 business days to give her back.
I don't want to give her back.
I love Fancy.

We took her to the service center yesterday morning.
They said water must have gotten in the coils when the engine was washed.
They took it apart.
It is air drying.
I am nervous.
Very nervous.
Will they put it back right?
Will we have to say goodbye to Fancy?

Do I need a pretty car?
Am I not blessed with the wonders of creation all around me?

The mountains, the sky...
the very wind that moves...

The wonders of a 16 year old boy mind...

How about a Kia?
It is zippy.
It is cheap.
It gets good gas mileage.
When there is ice and snow...
I can stay in my house...
and blame it on my car.
I can say, "NO!" to car pooling more than two smelly teenage boys.
Smelly boys in a very small car...
Smelly boys that are adult size...
with their knees pressed into the back of the front seats.
Here's your one chance Fancy don't let me down!


Trisha said...

I am pulling for Fancy! Good luck!

Sheri said...

Good luck with Fancy - But I have to say, I enjoyed your puppy pictures more! That's just how Britney is every night on our drive down to the river where she can run and sniff and be WILD!

Gladys said...

I have a Navigator that I can not part with. Yes it is almost 9 years old. Yes it has over 150,000 miles. Yes it is a gas hog. I feel safe driving it. It has given me very little trouble over the last 9 years other than oil changes and tires it has not required much. I will be very sad when I have to give her up. She has been with me through thick and thin. So I'm pulling for FANCY!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hoping and praying that fancy wins.. but man putting smelly teens boys in fancy... how rude LOL

hanagrace said...

Usually I like smaller cars but Fancy is a beauty! WOW. I hope you get to keep it, I love it when the insurance goes down... that happened when we went from 2 vehicles to 1. But obviously there's a downside to only owning one vehicle. It's one of the reasons I'm online so much. Blech. :-) I like the one where Double Shot's holding picking up the truck, haha.

noexcuses said...

I'm in love with Fancy!!! Hope it works out for you!

Smelly teen boys...have you ever brought a bunch home from football practice? EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

That is only thing I don't miss about not having a football player in the house!

Double shot's picture of him either picking up the truck, or pinching the truck gave me a giggle.

Great post! You made my lunch half-hour so enjoyable!

Flea said...

I think she quivers before accelerating because she anticipates going VERY fast.

Sandi McBride said...

I LOVE MY TRUCK...yes, indeedy I love my Chevy Colorado with the full back seat, and room to carry lots of stuff for the garden...get a truck, you'd love a truck...but then Fancy is pretty special...hope she dried well...check to make sure she was no where near New Orleans...

Coffee Bean said...

Fancy came from Arizona and the car facts report was perfect! I'm still waiting to hear... UGH! We've got to figure out if she is truly fixed before Friday so we can give her back and get something else. We have 30 days where they have to fix anything that goes wrong... but, I'm leary of any big kind of problem. We didn't get rid of the Chevy so we could take on another car with problems.

Chris H said...

Fancy is a very very pretty car!

jojo said...

c'mon Fancy...