Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grumpy Mean Man

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I cut it close time wise so I was distressed when I turned down the street on the side of the building to see that all the parking spaces were taken, as well as all the spots along the curb on the other side of the street. I had just passed the front of the building and already knew that the parking spaces along the curb on both sides of the street for quite a way were also taken. I drove around the building to the other side where there is a large parking lot that had twenty or more open spaces. UGH!

About two years ago a grumpy mean man bought the medical building next door which includes the entire parking lot on that side of the building. Our dentist has been in his building a jillion years (that means I don't know exactly how long... but a long time). The previous owner had no problem with our dentist's use of the parking lot. Grumpy Mean Man? Big problem.

Now, I can see where this guy would not want our dentist's patients using his parking lot if there was not enough parking and patrons of his building were having trouble. That is not the case. Every time I've been to this dentist over the past six years there have been many open parking spaces along our dentist's building. Our dentist offered to either buy or rent those spaces along his building. Grumpy Mean Man said "NO!"

Signs were posted all along that side stating that dental patients could not park there. However, often times, they would any way. Grumpy Mean Man hired a SPY whose job is to watch the parking spots and call a tow truck ASAP if anyone parks in the parking lot and goes into the dentist office. No one was alerted to this development and some patients came out to find their cars either gone or in the process of being towed. Now office staff have to watch out the window for unsuspecting patients parking there so they can tell them to hurriedly move their vehicle.

I was in a dilemma. I decided to park on the far side of the parking lot thinking maybe they'd think I was going into the medical building. I was also hoping the dispute had been settled. As I was scurrying across the parking lot I realized that the SPY might be watching me. I got into the office a couple minutes late and told the office ladies I couldn't find a parking spot and where I parked. They told me Grumpy Mean Man was still being mean and to go move my car quick. Another patient was leaving and told me she would wait for me on the other side of the building so that I could have her spot. Otherwise I would have had to hike in from way out yonder.

As I walked back into the building, noting all the empty parking spaces, I had to wonder... why? Why is Grumpy Mean Man so unreasonable? Did my dentist marry his high school crush? Did he grow up in a large family with siblings that didn't respect his boundaries? Could he use a visit from the ghosts of the past, present and future? Is his underwear simply too tight? I know that makes me grumpy.

It is a mystery. Whatever the cause, I hope Grumpy Mean Man finds love and happiness... soon.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

giggles and I hope he gets bigger undiers... thank God for the lady leaving to hold her spot for you!

MaBunny said...

Some people just need something to be grumpy about - his sounds like its his parking lot. At least that lady was nice enough to be leaving and give you hers:)

Melody said...

I don't know, but it must be his sister who lives next door to me. :-(

Gladys said...

Grumpy Mean Man is trying to sell his property and he has to prove that he has all this open space. Or he is just an asshole and I hope his dog shits in his shoes.

hanagrace said...

Is this near downtown? Because if so I know what dentist office you're talking about! I used to work for one of them! That's so funny. :-) Stupid grumpy mean guy!

Just Me said...

My daughter's dance studio is in a similar uproar. Weekend parking at the studio has always been at a premium because of all the weekend classes. A new business moved in and started complaining about studio customers parking in the two or three spaces in front of his store. Then the guy had the audacity to remove handicapped-only parking sign and claim it as a space for his store. Now all of the businesses in that strip have parking restrictions. It's stupid.

The dance studio is moving to a new location, so the parking issue will be resolved; however, they've distributed fundraiser paperwork to help come up with the security deposit for their new digs. (Some sort of lottery-type thing based on the NCAA basektball tournament).

The Oracle is highly (and rightfully) offended by this, since the dance studio is a for-profit business. He's refusing to sell the $20 lottery-type tickets.