Thursday, February 19, 2009

Got Chocolate?

Actually... I'm not really stressed. This just made me laugh. I didn't know what to post today and went looking through my pictures. I lifted this from Rick's site quite awhile ago and forgot about it. I certainly have had days like that though.

I am hungry. I just ate a big bowl of oatmeal too! It might be because I am making red beans and rice. It won't be ready until tonight but I can smell it. Mr. Macchiato told me I make them the best. They say a way to man's heart is through his stomach. He says the day he decided to ask me out was the day we went on a group picnic and I brought potato salad I made. Nice. I really would prefer he say something like a breeze gently ruffled my hair, I was enveloped in an erethral glow and he was overcome by my beauty. Nope. Potato salad. Of course, I absolutely love feeding people and an easy way to my heart is to compliment my cooking.

Last night I made chicken curry.


How can I be hungry? I'm going to have to go see if Double Shot didn't steal all the gum out of my purse.

Yesterday I made rice crispy treats. I made plain ones and then I made peanut butter ones with cocoa crispies. They make me feel sick though.

I made banana bread the other day. I gave the rest of it to Mr. Macchiato and Double Shot for breakfast. I didn't get any. Of course, I ate plenty of it yesterday. I made up the recipe and used whole wheat and honey instead of sugar. Next time I'm going to add another banana.

Good Lord PLEASE have MERCY.

I'm still hungry.


Sheri said...

Mmm, peanut butter and chocolate AND rice krispies?

The last guy I was dating told me it was my caramel apple pie that won him over. Men and their stomachs, I swear!

Chris H said...

Lumps.. well I have lots of smallish lumps on my hairline behind my right ear... had them for over a week... really sore and painful... then of course me glands are swollen now too... it sure is sounding like friggin shingles eh? It's the totally random stinging shooting pains up me head that's the nasty bit really! Darn.... I have all the signs and certainly all the causes of shingles so the Dr said. Grrrr... I am going to blame daughter Lacy, she caused so much trouble last week, no wonder I'm stressed out! Did I tell you she tried to take the kids without our permission? AND she's pregnant again too!!!! Grrrrr.

Gladys said...

Oh CB that sounds good. All of it!

I made Genoa cookies yesterday and almost ate the whole dang pan by myslef, then made a deep dish pizza and had almost half of that then I had granola before bed. I woke up this morning ravenous. I think the more I eat the hungrier I get.

Try drinkig a cup of hot herbal tea. My favorite is Constant Current. It's almost like a sweet treat.

Junebug said...

i know how you feel! I just ate a Ding Dong. And a rice crispie treat a few hours ago. Now I'm going to go bake a red velvet cake of Paula Deen's.

hanagrace said...

I'm laughing!!! Mmmm, rice krispy treats! Men...

Melody said...

I get like that about once a month... I eat everything in the house, then go to the store.

noexcuses said...

I made the mistake of getting a tub of Chocolate Chip cookie dough from Sam's. You can make 84 cookies with one tub..... and I have to report to the Health Gestapo come Monday morning. What a fool I am!!

At least it sounds like you are thinking healthy when you think of things to eat. That's a good habit!

Drink water, water, water, water!!!

Hugs to you! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Karen Deborah said...

too many carbs and not enough protein make 2 scrambled eggs.

claudia said...

I started Weight Watchers and did really good for about five weeks, then, blam! I want everything that comes withing my vision! I gained. Now I have to start again. I will, I will, but after I eat some of that Red velvert cake that someone said they were baking...oh man! That sounds so good right now!
The beans and rice would be dang tasty right now too, I just ate from Taco Bell...I am going to gain again thsi week.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Claire has me snacking on Almonds...and celery/peanut butter...they work pretty well.