Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Respect...

Chai Tea: My bosses (ok... I do not know how to spell that... like, should it be Boss's, Bosse's, Boss'... aarrggh. I'm just relating this as it sounded to me. Tell the grammar police to send me the ticket in the mail. If I wanted to I could look it up. I don't want to.) My bosses wife totally reminded me of someone and then one day she came in with her kids and I realized it was YOU.

Me: Oh? In what way?

Chai Tea: Oh, you know, the wild party girl that the second she gets married is all about Jesus... makes dinners for other people all the time... and makes cookies for everybody... and has to have everything perfect and her way and is picky.

Wild party girl?!?! What the heck??? And I so don't have to have everything my way and perfect. If that were true... things would be my way and perfect. And they are not. And I am not picky!!! You know... I am not so sure I want to know what my kids think about me.

Me: You know Frappy... you are playing with fire where Cuppa Joe is concerned.

Frapppy: Maybe I like playing with fire.


Double Shot: Well gosh. Even I, with my Jr. High boy sense of humor, am not willing to put what Double Shot actually was relating to me about going potty at school. I am ashamed to admit that it did make me laugh... and then grimace.

Me: You should not talk to me about that stuff. I am a lady.



Angela said...

This is so funny. I was thinking about my family yesterday, hubby and the kids. Thinkin about me. thoughts were going through my mind about comments they have made to me, similiar to what you have written. I'm thinking,,'WHAT'.."Lord, when are they going to praise me like that Proverbs 31 Woman? How come they keep seeing all this stuff', is it there Lord?'
Just the other day Asher said, 'you stress out about everything'. WHAT,,,,,MEEEEEEEEE..I don't think so, I'm quite positive it is my teenager that stresses out about everything, I just follow suit, oops,,blush blush..I guess I can get stressed and go ummmm coocoo in front of my family..
this was a good post Coffee, I love your honest heart, I love you 'real' you are...I would LOVE to meet you face to face girl, not just in heaven, but here one day..((hugs))

MaBunny said...

LOL, I don't think we wnat to know about Double Shots potty habits at school either...
it's amazing what we do for our kids, and how they think of us in return, lol.
Have a great day!

SheroSkyKnight said...

Probably had something to do with trying to aiming for a toilet across the room or something, was something guys used to do back in the day.

Just Me said...

It's funny how our kids' perception of us is so different from what we know about ourselves.

Chalk it up to being Chai Tea's mother and not her "best friend" a la Britney Spears.

It's not that you don't want to be friends with your daughter, but there are rules. You're Mom first, friend second. That's just the way it is.

Junebug said...

It's funny how after having children, you begin to understand why your mother did certain things and you even are grateful. So you become a mother after being an immature being and you decide you might need a little help from on high? Is that a crime? I think it is called "wisdom."

Melody said...

LOL! I don't know that my boys think of *me* as a lady either.

And I think that Chai Tea is pretty proud of who you are. She might still have a little attitide in what she said, but I think she thinks you're perfect.

Trisha said...

Funny! I am glad that the kiddos are having fun with you and that you are able to keep you sense of humor!

Practically Joe said...

Wow! Thank goodness you display that list of "who's who" in the family in your side bar.

Flea said...

Oh my. Occasionally I ask my kids how they see me. I never like the answers. You'd think I'd learn to stop asking.

Paula said...

:) lol!!