Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Haircut

I got my hair cut yesterday. I go to Cost Cutters. There's a gal there that I really like. She's actually taller than me! And bigger. Not many of those around. But, I didn't call first and she was gone for the day. The place was empty except for one customer being taken care of by another stylist and the lady behind the desk. She said she could take me and I, caught like a deer in the headlights, gulped and said okay. I really wanted to come back when my gal was in but I didn't want to hurt this lady's feelings. We were also going out to dinner with two other couples, the men of whom Mr. Macchiato also has a proffessional relationship, and I needed a trim.
I sat down in her chair and explained, as best as someone with SD can, to her what I wanted. I am trying to grow my hair back out since Mr. Macchiato informed me I've been wearing it too short for his liking. She seemed to get annoyed when I repeated myself and was trying to determine if she did, in fact, get what I was saying. I felt a little sheepish until she wrapped the cape around my neck a bit too snug. I contemplated asking her to loosen it but, since I was still able to breathe if I concentrated, said nothing.
I looked at myself in the mirror and noted dark circles beneath my eyes to go along with how I was feeling inside. As she got to work, I thought about Lu Lu. Then... she seemed to be cutting a good bit from the ends... I snapped out of it as a rising panic began to grip me. Yes! She was cutting my hair instead of trimming my hair! I grappled with myself... do I say something? Is it already too late? What the *&%#@* is she doing??? God? No... why??? What the *&%*@*!!! Was she putting layers in???
I stared at her. She seemed to be in some robotic trance as bits of my hair were flying. She also had dark circles under her eyes and a mouth that was turned down. Was something happening in her life? Did she have a sick mother... a sick child? Did her husband just leave her? For her best friend? or... did her husband lose his job? I checked her finger real quick. Yes, there was a wedding ring. Maybe she was burdened with the secrets of someone else. Maybe she was just lonely. Oh God, please do not let her totally ruin my hair...
When she turned me around and handed me the mirror to see the back of my hair my vision faltered a moment. HOLY CRAP! She had cut up the back of my hair and the front was longer than the back. What the *&%#@*!!! I'm a middle aged woman not some trendy, or skinny, young thing! I began to hyperventilate internally as I told her it was fine. I woodenly walked to the front desk to pay my bill and to tip her. I didn't want to tip her... but, I didn't want her to think I thought she did a bad job or was unhappy with her... after all, her life might be in shambles.
The first thing I did when I got into the car was start it and crank the heater up since it was beginning to snow and bitterly cold. I did not have her blow my hair dry because I don't like the way anyone else does it... and I'm cheap like that. I flipped my visor down to take a look in the mirror and run my fingers through my hair... oh my... oh my my my my my... I could still see her at the desk as she looked through the windows at me. I swallowed and smiled before waving and driving away.
As I drove home I began to get angry. Why? Maybe, as a friend is fond of telling me, I do need to let my inner b*tch fly. Why should I have had to pay for this haircut? Why did I tip her? I am a doormat. A big giant DOORMAT. I thought that when you get into your forties you are supposed to stop caring about what other people think... and stand up for yourself... and take charge!
I stomped into the house. I checked on Lu Lu and then ran to blow dry my hair. I had only minutes before I had to go get Double Shot and we'd be leaving for dinner soon after I got him home. I got out the blow dryer and got to work. It looked okay from the front. Good actually. Hmmmm. I can't see my hair as I blow it dry in the back but was freaking out because it felt so short. I kept telling myself... it will grow. It is okay. It will grow.
When I was finished I went into my room so I could look at the back using my mirrored closet doors (our house is 30 years old so... we have some 70's stuff like that still hanging around). What? uh... wow... the back of my head didn't look like my mother left me on my back for the first six months of my life... it had shape... and body... and...I liked it!!! and the fact that it's a tad shorter in the back than on the sides makes it look... kinda sassy. That lady did a really good job and gave me more than I asked for...
Am I ever glad I wasn't rude!
And this morning... ole Lu Lu is acting normal and she didn't get me up during the night...


Two Dogs said...

Wow. An epiphany in a day. Stunning.

Until the very end of this post I was laughing because you had paid for a service and never demanded the service to be the way you wanted. And even tipped.

Just to let you know, dudes usually don't notice the cosmetic changes unless they are drastic anyway. I am guessing that your husband actually noticed?

Junebug said...

That shorter in the back and longer in the front is really in right now. I think it looks good. But I'm growing my hair out again. I want it to get really long again. Then I will cut it again, no doubt!

Gladys said...

I'm glad it all worked out for you. I have had some really bad cuts and just bit my tongue and went home and cried. I kept telling myself it's only hair and it will grow. But man it looked like crap for awhile.

Just Me said...

M.N. has been cutting my hair since... since... 1993, I'd say. Then, when she learned her licensed-beautician daughter did NOT want to cut hair for a living, MN did the unthinkable.

She sold her shop and retired.

I went MONTHS without getting my hair cut, having The Oracle's barber or some stranger at Hair Cuttery trim my bangs when I got desperate. If I didn't like the Hair Cuttery bangs, I didn't go back to that stylist; I tried another.

Then - as it was sung in Fiddler on the Roof - wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, MN came out of retirement, deciding to work 3 days/week at someone else's shop.

I told her that she's never allowed to do that to me again. She's going to die standing behind that chair unless and until I go bald or die first.

That being said, I would have asked the new hairdresser to trim my bangs and leave it at that, saving the rest of my hair for the stylist I'm used to.

As it was, you definitely should have waved your hands in the air the minutes you got nervous about her cutting. You are the customer, yes, but it is your responsibility as customer to make sure the stylist understands what you want, which must be awfully difficult with SD. If she isn't clear on what you want, you're taking your chances.

If you like this cut, have Mr. Macchiato take a picture, front, back, and sides, to show any haidresser you go to exactly what you want.

A set of pics with your hair simply wet and combed through might be useful too.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

WOW just me has some excellent advice... Martha and I have been to some horrid stylests and finally I said the heck with this mess... and we went to victor. I have known of and known him for many years my husband built his shop but victor was always SOOOOOO busy he is a very well known guy who has travled the world with big name high dollar places and people and I never figured I could afford him.... we went he did our hair and I nearly fainted at the bill... THIRTY dollars for us both.... NOW we will not let anyone else on the plant touch our heads... if he is busy we come back later if they try to get us to sit in someone elses chair... NO thank you in a super polite way ... same goes with out finger nails if Kevin is not in.. so sorry will come back another day another time.

It has been hard for ME to learn that I am the customer and I can complain with out being rude or hurting someone as a person and I am one who very rarely complains at all about anything.

Melody said...

Glad that it turned out so well!!

Kathy said...

Yea for Lulu feeling better. I left a Lulu comment in the previous blog about her.

I got that haircut this summer. On me though it looked horrid. It is finally grown out now. I just wore caps alot. I too, tipped and thanked for the cut, the young gal was so proud of her cut. I went home and raged to everyone one at home.
I am SO glad that you liked it once home!

Karen Deborah said...

I love that hair cut! I'd like to have that haircut again. After getting a bad hair cut last time and doing it MYSELF this morning am really SHORT right now. It needs to grow and then the whole to color or not to color question. Getting our hair done is just plain traumatic! I bet you look really cute. Glad to hear the dog is feeling a little better.

noexcuses said...

The cut sounds really cute! I would have done exactly what you did. I've been at the other end of someone with a chip on their shoulder and paid the price. It is only hair and does grow back (and grows back real fast if you eat a ton of veggies - at least it did for me). I'm glad you like it!

I'm also glad to hear that Lulu is doing better.

Flea said...

Very cool. And yay for Lulu and you! Does Mr. M like it, though?

thislittlepiggy said...

Greetings from another DOORMAT. ;o)

Trisha said...

Oh my - you had me on the edge of my chair . . . I am glad that it looks good and that you like it. I can just picture you with a sassy new cut!

I am glad to hear that Lulu is doing okay today.

Paula said...

Whew! Glad the haircut turned out nicely. It sounds rockin' cute! I used to have my hair cut like that and am now growing it out. I asked Hubby just the other day how he liked my hair and he said, "the longer the better". So...I'll keep letting it grow for now. I've missed my daily cup of righteous buzz!

Elysa said...

I'm glad it turned out but I'm even more glad that you had compassion on that woman. I know it's a fine line between doormat and being like Jesus...but you just never know what that other person is going thru.

Jesus wasn't a doormat, but He surely didn't sweat the small stuff and He surely did love those who were down and out and needed a friend.

I love you!

hanagrace said...

By the time I got to the end of this, I was laughing SO hard. As a rule I HATE my haircut for the first 2-3 weeks and then I start to think it's okay and by the time I fall in love with it, the next day it looks horrible and needs to be cut again. I've finally just gulped and started paying like 26 bucks for a 'real' haircut and my stylist person is AMAZING. So now I actually like the haircut the first time I see it! :-)