Monday, January 5, 2009

My Friends

I've had some great friends. I've had some good friends. I've had some friends that ended up not being friends at all.

I very much appreciate my great friends. Underwire bra, control top/support panty hose, whitening toothpaste, Dove anti-perspirant, Aussie Freeze hair spray, tweezers, eye-lash curler, sun screen, night cream, and Beautiful perfume. They are GREAT and always in my life, no matter what.

I have many more good friends. They often move in and out of my life depending on accessibility and availability. Sometimes they are trendy. Cover Girl, Maybelline, Loreal, Neutrogena... all in the forms of under eye concealer, foundation, powder, mascara, eye-liner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and my new friend, mineral powder. There are also the varied moisturizers, lotions, hand creams, foot creams, and exfoliates.

I do have some friends that are more on the snooty side. Este Lauder and Clinique mostly. I don't get to spend as much time with them and the bill is always too high. I have to admit, though, that I am attracted to their outward appearance in all their shiny finery and tend to stand up a little straighter when I am around them.

Mary Kay was once a friend. I went into business with her. It was through that experience that I ultimately learned... you really don't need to spend a lot of money on your friends. The expensive ones want you to think that they are somehow better... that they will make you better. But, they don't. It's all a charade.

I have to say, some of my friends I am more and more grateful for as time goes on... and I get older. Clothes. They cover a multitude of sins. This causes some inner conflict for me. Is it a sin to be grateful for clothes? Don't clothes represent original sin? Do you ever wonder if we were all to return to the Garden of Eden if we'd have to leave our clothes at the gate? Would God himself change our bodies back to when we were 18? Or would we have to go in with what we've got? If that would be the case, would I still want to go in?

I'm a deep thinker. I can't help it. It is who I am.


claudia said...

So sorry, if I have to leave my clothes at the gate...I'm not going there!
I like some of your friends too.
My best friend right now should be my pillow!
Do you know what the heck I am doing up at this hour? I hope you do, cause I certainly don't.
Lack of sleep = babbling.

Flea said...

*snicker* We get white robes when we get to Heaven, right? And we're to dress modestly. It's all good.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i woudl go in nakid but i sure bet there woudl be alot of crying out for clothes ...and probably running like in the birds...oh not a pretty sight or thought!

MaBunny said...

LOL, Miss Cover Girl is a great friend of mine too:)
Have a great day!

Trisha said...

Leave the clothes at the gate? Hopefully it would be so wonderful that our joy would overcome our body anxiety!

I like your "friends." They are certainy a part of our lives, aren't they?

Just Me said...

If I have to leave my clothes at the gate, everyone will have a good laugh, that's for sure.

My friends are currently Cetaphil, Dove anti-perspirant (cucumber melon), and peppermint Chap Stik.

Pity The Oracle.

Gladys said...

I have a NEW BFF. It's called Make-up Forever High Definition. I love this stuff. I have had several people come up to me and ask if I've had "work" done as well as if I have lost weight. This stuff is incredible. A little pricey but it just takes a little bit. My other best friend is Vit. E Oil.

I would leave my clothes at the gate and gather my fig leaves because I am what God made me. I used to lament over the fact that my ass isn't as high as it once was nor are my breast. That I have back fat and cellulite then I realized that I am God's creation and to despise my body was an affront to what he created. So I am not going to be wearing a string bikini to the beach but I am learning to love what my body is becoming.

Sandi McBride said...

OMG...okay, now you've planted a seed and everyone will be wanting to hang out at the gates to Eden to see who goes in leaving their clothes hanging on the gate and others will be fighting over them whether they fit or not...I need a cup of coffee over this one...

Sandi McBride said...

PS...and Avon has what, cooties?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Your friends sound very nice! I think I may have met them before. (:

jojo said...

I'd probably go in if I had to...but only if I had the right 'friends' with me who look just as scary naked as I do ;)

I like Fleas idea...white robes in heaven!

thislittlepiggy said...

BWAHAHA. Snorfle.

I'd go in without clothes, but I'd definitely head for the biggest leafy bush in the garden.

Angela said...

I have a very dear friend that I spend time with in the morning and evening with, she's called, Proactive!! She's helped me so much. I no longer have 'visitor's that come and plant themselves on my face, nor after they have left, still have a mark of where they had perched.

As for Avon,I love her foot cream that helps me stay out of the hosptial from a deadly disease called 'picking', (picking the bottoms of my feet so bad that I got an infection and had to go to the hospital for a week to be hooked up to anitobotics).

Flannel pj's. oh my,,she cuddles me so nicely at night! Keeps me warm and toastie. Yes, I do have a husband that can do that, but it's very difficult 'wrapping' him around me and sleeping. I have a hard time breathing, so I'll stick with my flannel, and just hold my hubbies hand or touch his shoulder while sleeping!

Shaver is very nice to me. It keeps me from having to braid my leg hairs!!

Practically Joe said...

As I get older, my friends are drifting farther and farther away.
But I have new friends.
Gold Bond Medicated Products and my Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer.