Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mama to the Rescue!!!

My Mom e-mailed me a list of possible questions for all y'all that wanted to be interviewed. However, I can't pick five from the list... so, I am going to let everyone pick the 5 questions they want to answer. And... I know I'm supposed to e-mail y'all your questions but I'm just going to go to your blogs and let you know to come back and lift the questions. I'm a rebel like that. And I say y'all can continue the game however you please! Just be sure to let me know when you've posted your answers so I can link to you in another post so that those who aren't participating can find you!

Drum roll...

1) What was your favorite toy as a child and if female, did you prefer dolls or stuffed animals?

2) Are you #13, cracks in the sidewalk, black cats, walking under ladders, etc.
and in what ways.

3) Do you procrastinate and in what ways?

4) Do some people's mannerisms such as the way they eat or breathe ever bother you and what do you do about it?

5) Who is your favorite actress, actor, singer?

6) What is your favorite movie of all time?

7) What is your greatest fear?

8) What is your greatest accomplishment?

9) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Ha Ha)

10) How old are you and how much do you weigh? Ha Ha Ha....I don't think so...

Thanks Mom!!!


Flea said...

I'll get back to you on the procrastination thing. And I HATE HATE HATE eating noises! Slurping, chewing - EWWWWW!!!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

on number one... TRUCKS always trucks!! and I am a girl I assure you :)
stuperstisious NO.
My favorite cousin has the most odd laugh it is cute to me but the first time I ever heard it OMG
wow fav movie of all time... August rush has jumpped up there but Grease 2 I think it number one of all time
greatest fear... not sure am not afraid... can't be bothered with it... Greatest dislike that borders fear MICE ACK. oh and HIGH BRIDGES I am afraid of them.
My most favorite of all time actor Charles Bronson actress Lucille Ball
Accomplishment... Kids
failure ... Kids
In 5 years... I honestly dunno
I am 41 and weigh way too much BLAH my darling hubby does not know what I weigh nor will he ever. so noone else does either. Nope that is classified information and it sucks.
Good questions mom :)

Angela said...

I will try later on to answer these questions and post them on my blog....thanks to your mom for some awesome questions.

Melody said...

I'm off to make breakfast for my sweetie (yes, every once in a while I'm nice like that!) but I'll be back to answer your questions!!

thislittlepiggy said...

1. A stuffed monkey named Zippy
2. I don't believe in luck.
3. I don't think so...
4. Someone raking their teeth or plate with their silverware makes me physically ill. GACK.
5. Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Dwight Yoakam
6. The Trip to Bountiful
7. Dying and leaving Sweetums
8. Giving birth to Sweetums
9. I'll get back to in 5 years.
10. I'm 43 and weigh *mumble-grk*

Now, I smell like bacon. ;o)

Melody said...

Hey lady, get out your crack pipe and look at my answers...hurry before Mr. Macchiato takes it away! :-)

noexcuses said...

I'm sorry...but I'm confused. Please bear with an old woman! How do I "lift" the questions? Do you mean copy the words and write them on my blog with answers? I'm sorry to be so blog-challenged... I'll try that and then come back to let you know that I've posted. (I think that's right)...maybe I'll have some coffee first...

noexcuses said...

Okay, CB, thanks to your friend Melody over at Pimp My Post, I learned how to link...YESSSSSSSSSS!
I've listed your questions and answered the ones I that I could, and hopefully, my three readers will link back and say hello to you! Thank you so much for this post. I learned so much! I feel I can now take on the world and link everyone to everyone else (well, maybe that wouldn't be a good idea!)

Have a great day!