Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Green Menace Strikes Again

It is Saturday. I know this because I am Paco.
Where is the boy? Why is not my cage clean?
I will go find the boy. This is my time.
I will not be ignored!
This is my gift.
I leave it for the giants in my realm.
Where is the boy?
You will pay for your insolence against me.
I have been left here on a Saturday with Paco the Terrorist who is VERY UNHAPPY that the boy is not here. Mr. Macchiato is at work and Double Shot is at an all day football thing. Yes, football is over. Football games are over, that is. Football never ends in my world. Ever. Even though baseball has started... football still goes on. If Paco does not stop calling Double Shot's name I am going to go insane. iNsAnE.
For all of you freezing your badonkadonks off... I'm sorry. It is GORGEOUS here and temps in the high 50's ALL WEEKEND!!! Whoop Whoop!!! I'll be sure to take pictures!!! BWA HAA HAA HAA!!! You can get me back when we have our annual Easter blizzard. He He!!!


Gladys said...

Tell Paco that it's nap time and cover the cage. Chico, my mother's Quaker used to say "Come HERE! COME HERE!" You would go to his cage and he would say "Get Me DOWN!" My sister now has Chico and since my mom died he hasn't said a word.

Oh and we had that Indian Summer last week. It was beautiful a balmy 38 degrees everyday and just crystal clear. We are back in the teens and foggy cold with flurries. Enjoy it while you can!

dlyn said...

Freezing our badonkadonks here for sure! Great post :)

Two Dogs said...

Photographs of turds. Awesome. Quality blog you have here, Madam.

SheroSkyKnight said...

High 50's is good?! Man, I've been down south way too long.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

nothing like green bird turds to make me LAUGH out LOUD~ I do recall the day he got away ... the boy was heart broken... maybe you need to remind him the green machine needs his attention LOL

Flea said...


I went out in a t-shirt and jeans to get the mail a few minutes ago, so it's sweeping down my way. Hooray!

MaBunny said...

Oh yeah, u go Paco!
With my little Judy I'm used to being dive - bombed and screached at and whatever else, lol. God forbid I should try to lay down in there to take a nap. She thinks I should be squawking and whistling back at her.

Karen Deborah said...

Our cousin has a bird that yells, "let me out!" it could be worse.
Just shut up about having good weather that artic clipper will be at your doorstep before you know it!
You are really losing it when you start photographing bird crap.
Get a grip girlfriend!

claudia said...

I am sweating my badonkadonk off here in sunny CA. This is very unusual stuff even for us. I was outside at work all day in my shirts sleeves (which never happens here on my coast) I liked it, but don't tell anyone, my favorite weather is supposed to be the fog!
Poor Paco, he just wants his boy!

Enchanted said...

My son and his family were given a Quaker a few years ago. They found that he had a bit of a mean streak. It started out really cute. He would call to their kittens. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." He would keep it up until the kittens would come over to him and then he would say, "F--- you!" and then he would actually laugh! I don't know how they did it but he stopped saying that but he would still laugh and when he would laugh I would laugh and then he would laugh and it was very hard to stop. He was a funny little bird.

hanagrace said...

I had forgotten about the easter blizzard! :-)