Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am having a hard time coming up with questions to ask y'all... and I got sucked into the political realm today. Good Lord. My family doesn't call my laptop my crack pipe for nothin'!

I seriously have to do some housework. Mr. Macchiato is pretty patient with the amount of time I spend on the computer... as long as he has clean clothes and food to eat, that is. And if I watch TV with him without the computer. However, I've got his combo ping pong/air hockey/pool table buried in the basement and he's starting to get grumpy about it.

And someone took the shampoo out of my shower and didn't put it back. Sometimes when I have neglected things for too long I revert to wiley woman tactics like lookin' nice, smellin' good and maybe some smiles with a wink. You gotta work with what ya got. Rather than get out of the shower and getting my shampoo... I washed my hair with the bar of soap. I'm not joking. I got it in my eyes too. Then I went and lit the crack pipe when I got out instead of blowing my hair dry, so it dried all wonky. I'm now wearing a baseball cap. And I've got to go get Double Shot. Hopefully, Mr. Macchiato will be working late tonight!

By the way, what the heck is up with fat free cheese?!?! It is DISGUSTING!!! It is not right. I think it has hurt my innards too. And I might have to throw away the plate that has some melted on it. Is it even natural? It looked like regular shredded cheese until I melted it. Then it looked like plastic. And it tasted like plastic.

There's so many of you that want to be interviewed... I wanted to ask different questions of all of you but I might have to ask some the same... maybe come up with one unique question for each of you. I am still going to try to get to that today.


Elysa said...

Yeah...fat free cheese really only works "as is" like on a salad or sprinkled on a sandwich.

Now 2% works decently heated up.

But I got to tell you...if you can't come up with unique questions for EVERY SINGLE PERSON then I just don't know....

I mean REALLY, Kelly. Can't you do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE ALL OF THE TIME!?!?

Okay...for those of you who don't know me, that is a joke. Seriously.

I don't want to have to call you up and start singing "I'm just a girl who can't say no".

It's okay. Give us all the same questions...or don't! WOW! What a concept. Just decide you can't at all! And we'll still love you.


I mean it.

Flea said...

Ew. Whose idea was it to buy fat free cheese?

Mr. Macchiato said...

How 'bout I lock up your "crack pipe" until I get my table back?

Just Me said...

Fat free cheese is nasty. I've gone as far as reduced fat, but not fat free. Cabot makes a pretty good 50% reduced-fat cheddar. I've tried the 75% fat free. The taste is okay, but the texture is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Some things aren't meant to be fat free, and they include cheese (cream cheese as well), sour cream, and mayonnaise.

I am not hung up on whether my questions are custom tailored to me. Sometimes general-but-obscure questions are just plain fun. (i.e., Do you roll or crumple your TP?)

Laptop time around here is mega-precious now that The Oracle's desktop dropped dead. Now I have to share, and sharing my "crack" stinks.

Gladys said...

Random much?

Ok here we go. You must organize your crackpipe, um I mean computer time. You make a list and then check off each site you intended to look at only after you have done your research can you go play. Then tell your hubby, kids and the house they will just have to wait your busy on your crackpipe, um I mean computer.

Fat Free cheese. All cheese is fat free. It is free to have all the fat it wants.

Let your readers ask the questions.

There all your problems are solved.

Angela said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning. I LOVED the bar soap hair wash. I needed that girl! I FORCED myself to put some laundry away yesterday. It has been sitting in a basket for two days in my room, STARING at me. Got that done and was in bed by 6:30..yepper, that early. of those weeks.