Thursday, January 8, 2009

Colorado Sky

I took these pictures from left to right standing on my front porch.

The colors reflected off of the windows on the houses.

It was spectacular!

This is the top layer of a 5 lb box of chocolate.
These are some gooooood chocolates.
Somebody please come eat them.

I want to go camping.
Just so you know.

Now it is official. We have two kids in college. Chai Tea is all signed up, tuition is paid, and books have been bought. She works and pays for her own living expenses. We are just paying for school. I am now looking for 3,242 different ways to serve beans.


Gladys said...

Gorgeous pictures! We have been overcast for so long I forgot what that looks like!

BTW I have 5 kids in college. We can't afford beans we just eat rocks. :)

Flea said...

Oh ouch. I don't even want to think about the kids in college. Lalalalalala! I can't hear you!

Trisha said...

Lovely sky!

Yeah for the whole college thing. I know that you weren't feeling up to it but doesn't it all seem worth it now?

I hope you are feeling better!

Angela said...

Well we did have a box of cholocates given to us by neighbors. The other day I found that they had been opened up. Three were left!! Guess who?
"Randy,did you get into the chocolate?"..'what?"...ya,,it was him...

Angela said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous by the way!!

MaBunny said...

Lovely pictures!
Glad Chai Tea is all enrolled and ready to go!
Are you feeling any better?

Kathy said...

Life is good!
Gladys totally had me roflmao!
Yea to beautiful Colorado skies, yea to kids in college, yea to boxes of chocolate and hurray to have a teenage boy to practice your patience on.
Yes my friend, Life is good.

PS you are funny even wearing green! ;-)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, BEAUTIFUL pictures! LOL to Gladys' comment. "We can't afford beans, we just eat rocks." Too funny! Oh, and way to go Chai Tea!

Just Me said...

Way to go, Chai! Good luck!!!

Okay. Let me at that box of chocolates, and I can bet you a dollar I'll deftly find the coconut cream and the caramels.

The pictures are beautiful.

claudia said...

YAY! Chai Tea is going to college! YAY!
Here: Black Bean soup...a can of black beans, some chopped up onions, a spoonful of chopped up garlic, chicken broth if you want (or water). Delish! Heat up, serve with some tortilla chips (if you have extra $ in your budget) and a dollop of sour cream on top.
The sunset pictures are gorgeous! I love a good winter sunset out over the ocean here.

thislittlepiggy said...

What beautiful pic... Chocolate... Did someone say chocolate? Snorfle.